The tooth

Well there was good news and bad news — well really not horrible bad news unless you really are a chicken about all dental procedures (which I am).  I have gotten better — root canals and crowns – not a huge deal.  And I’m sure my dentist and the endodontist would be glad to know I no longer bite or kick or scream (my dentist when I was young was not so lucky).   My dentist thought the problem tooth, which has a crown and had a root canal with a post in it, may have had the root split.  In that case there’s no recourse but to extract the tooth.  That does not have to happen. The endodontist said the crown is sitting well, post and root canal are good BUT there may be a smidge of root at the very bottom yet.  So that means a little oral surgery to take care of that and put a tiny filling in the end of the root.  Lucky me – he said I’m among the 4% of people that it (a tiny bit of root at the end) causes a problem for.  Really, I do not wish to be in that elite group! LOL  But oral surgery means the medical insurance will pick it up and that covers things way better than the dental insurance so guess I’m not too upset that that’s the route I need to go.

I am very glad they don’t have to pull out that tooth!!! so that was very good news indeed.  The penicillin is taking care of the inflamation/infection so nothing hurts and the swelling is gone.  So I’ll finish off the prescription and then contemplate scheduling the next procedure.

In the meantime I arrived a half hour early due to the bus schedule and actually got in to see the Dr. a half hour early so was walking back out at the time my appointment should have started.  How rare is that!  Downside, I had just missed the buses that run on the half hour so was forced to stand in the sun on a near 80 degree day (yes 80 degree – or maybe 77 –on March 15 in Wisconsin).  Had my knitting in my bag so I stood and knit on my sock for 15-20 minutes until the next bus. Course the fact that I had on a black sweater and black pants and there are no leaves on our trees to make shade made it a bit of a warm wait but I’m NOT complaining.  It’s so wierd to walk out and not need a coat.  So since the dentist was far closer to home than to work I told the bosses I wouldn’t be back today.  Now I think I may just have to drag the footstool outside so I can take down those icicle holiday lights and drag the patio table outside.

Or be a sluggard and wait until the weekend to do that and sit and sew instead…… I’m leaning towards the sewing! :-)