From time to time, block of the month projects are offered here on my blog.  They do not always start in January, and they do not always continue for a full year – some are shorter.  There’s always an announcement on the blog when  new one is starting but be sure to check back from time to time to see what’s offered. 

On all block of the month projects, the patterns are posted the first Saturday of the month and remain available for download ONLY until the next month’s block is posted.  At that time the prior block is removed and is no longer available.

Please do not ask for a block or prior project to be emailed to you individually if you have missed it.  I’m sure you can appreciate all the time involved in writing up a pattern and keeping it updated as needed.  Responding to individual email request for it after the fact is far too time consuming – I’ve got my own quilting to do. 🙂

All projects are my original designs and you may do as you wish with your finished project – keep it, gift it, donate it or sell it.  But do credit the design to me and direct anyone else who wants the pattern to my blog to get their own copy.   Pattern instructions should not be copied, emailed or distributed in any way.   If you make a project form one of my designs, I’d love to have a photo to share on the blog.

Thank you!



  1. Thank you for making these BOM series available I totally understand the dial-up situation as that is all we have as well. I am going to make the Grandmothers Hankie Quilt most likely for my Mom If possible can I have a site up date reminder so I dont miss one or do you do that If not I understand and will mark it on my calendar anyway

    • I generally try to remember to add a post when a new block is added so if you subscribed to the blog then you should get it. But best to keep it on your calendar to in case I forget to add the extra post.

  2. I would love to participate in the BOM for 2011. Is there anything special that I need to do in order to get each pattern?

    Thanks Zelda

  3. I love to quilt and this site is just great!! I look forward to receiving patterns, notes, etc. whenever they are available.

    • You can join in at any point but you’ll have to find a different design from another source to fill in for the past blocks that are no longer available.

  4. Although it is almost May and a late start , I would very much like to join in the BOM 2011. I understand that the earlier blocks are no longer available and I accept that. Your creativity and energy are inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tengo el programa EQ6 instalado en mi ordenador….pero no se trabajar con el porque está todo escrito en ingles…. y yo soy española…. que pena,…. alguna persona me puede ayudar?
    espero vuestra respuesta

    • Jan – you can subscribe to the blog itself if you like – there’s a button for that. The BOM you just have to remember to download the patterns each month before the new one replaces the old.

    • Shirley – the current BOM started in January so we are mid way through. All you need to do is remember to come back each month to download the newest block pattern when it becomes available so you get it before the newer one replaces it – there’s no sign up. Glad you enjoy reading and the eye candy. 🙂

    • Carolyn – there is no mailing list. As indicated in the BOM info you need to make sure you come back each month, and go to all four blogs each month, to get the complete quilt design.

  6. Thanks so much for your generousity…I like to do cute little patterns for my daughter’s office and she is a great bird feeder…thanks so much..Karen

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