Too Many Pieces

yes – that’s what I’ve got — too many pieces cut.  Perhaps I should have only been doing one thing rather than hopping back and forth between a couple.  I cut out the white background pieces I needed for a block – 4 each block.  Then I cut out the colored patches that were the same size – 4 per block BUT only one of each color for block.  But DUH I cut four each color per block.  So now I have a whole lot of extra pieces.  Not a huge deal since I already figured out how to use the extra pieces for a second charity quilt but duh – what was I thinking.

I’ve got three blocks sewn – one with each of the different fussy cut flowers I can get from the black fabric. I haven’t decided what fabric the small border around each block will get – probably just white – but these are really fast to sew up — and fast to cut too if you don’t cut three time as many as you need. :-)  That’s what I get for overbuying on the amount of fabric – if I had bought only the actual yardage I might have figured out something was wrong in the beginning but it will all work out in the end.

3/11/12 stashbusting report

I’m in the RED!  You can see why in yesterday’s post.  A trip to the quilt shop took me from 12.5 busted to negative 2.5 with that purchase of 15 yards.  The good thing – most of that fabric will get cut today and the rest is for a project I need to finish soon so they won’t linger around here.   I wasn’t going to add in the box of fabric I got from Hoffman Fabrics since I didn’t actually purchase it but since I’m more interested in the total tally of fabric I use in a year, I’ll have to add up what was in that box to add into the stashbusting.  Since it, too is already slated for a project, it won’t be in the stash long and is in the washer right now.

So now I just need to spend some quality time in my sewing room!

The yardage information for the National Quilt Day project collection is posted.  The info for that project is in the right sidebar under  Free Pattern PDFS.  Check back on NQD, March 17, to get instructions.

Check out my Dad’s artwork!  He sent me the photo below.  Mom and Dad make Ribbons for  There are different themes and they are fabric banners with ribbons to tie them to each other.They have been displayed all over the country and collections of them are in various locations nationally – presidents have received them and the Pope if I remember correctly, they were on display circling the Pentagon, and Lake Havasu City (where my parents live) has an event each year displaying them. They are made by people from all walks of life as well as school children and I’ve helped them make several of them.  Over the years, themes have ranged from peace, no nuclear war, children, what I would miss most in the world if t was gone, etc. — different awareness sort of themese.  I don’t know what saying will go on this one but my Dad sent me a photo of one he painted with fabric paints.

 Does it look familiar?  It’s the dog block I had in the last issue of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks.  I sent them a copy of the issue so they could see my design and he used the pattern to paint the dog.  How cool is that!



I started a new pair of socks last night — well actually two.  The first one I was just going to pick a pattern stitch (from a knitting pattern stitch book I loaded on my Nook yesterday) and adapt it to my plain jane sock pattern.  Well, the pattern texture shows up really well in their sample but it must be made on larger needs with heavier yarn because on small needles with sock yarn you simply couldn’t really see the texture – but of course it took me about 2″ of knitting before I realized I was wasting my time with that pattern so I ripped it all out.  So will go looking for a different stitch pattern to use and in the meantime started on these with some other yarn.

 It’s the Faceted Rib Sock pattern from the Little Book of Socks.The yarn is Adorn Sock from Three Irish Girls in Madigan colorway.  Lots of short color changes of pretty colors – despite the shadow on the yarn that doesn’t show them real well.

Now to go find some breakfast and then start cutting some fabric.