Coming soon to EQ Boutique

the Dog Pound Pals I finally got the last of the dogs drawn.  It will just be a Block Collection of the dog applique blocks (not the full quilt patterns shown below).  These dogs just make me smile.

I don’t always stitch up the designs I do for EQ Boutique – simply not enough time to do them all – but I’ve got a stack of potential fabrics I’ve been gathering to make all of these dogs.  A couple may look familiar – three of them are from Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – well actually four but in that project one of the dogs was sleeping with his head sticking out of the covers and I turned him around and gave him a full head for this block (not half hidden by the quilt) and one of them is from the last Quiltmaker 100 blocks issue.  The rest are all new ones.

I also finally came up with a name for this design which is slated for EQ Boutique too but I want to stitch this one up first so they can photograph the actual finished quilt image for the advertising.

  Sometimes names are easy to come up with – sometimes not but after stareing at this one for a while I finally came up with Madison Square Gardens.   Now how did I come up with that — well first, the fabric line it is colored in with is from Hoffman California Fabrics and it is called “Madison.”  I just love this “blush” colorway so  Hoffman is generously sending me the fabrics to stitch it up in — thank you Sandy & Hoffman Fabrics! :-)  And then I kept thinking “Square” when looking at the center part of the design (and hey I work on the Capitol Square in Madison) so that finally got me to Madison Square Gardens.  I can’t wait to get started stitching on this one.