While I try very hard to make sure there are no corrections to patterns after they are posted, it happens.  Any changes to the patterns will be noted here so you may want to check this page before starting a project to make sure there are not changes noted.  If you find something you think is in error when making one of my designs, please email me at

PATCHKATS BOM 2015 – correction to the April installment — second page cutting instructions for Black Kats and Patched Kats — when you cut piece [M] for both styles of Kats, you need to cut TWO rather than just one 4.5″ x 2.0″ piece.

Also a background cutting correction:






Added 3/23/13:  Stitchin With Justquiltin March 2013 project –:

“Stitch B3/D3 4-patch block to eachside of E2/C2 section.  Make 1.”    should read “Make 10.”  It does not affect anything else — you have already cut enough pieces to make 10, it was just a typo.

ALSO:For fabric D – the D2 squares – it says  to cut 32  2.5″ x 25″ squares — these are 2.5″ x 2.5″ squares and you actually need to cut 36.

It doesn’t change the number of fabric strips you need to cut. You can cut an extra one if you want to get those last four pieces but what I did was cut the last four pieces from one of the D3 strips — there will be leftovers from the step that D3 is used in so just cut four squares from one of those strips.


Added 3/4/2011 – February Year of Wallhangings – That Wacky Thing Called Love:  Under step 2 of the  Border Heart Blocks, piece 2B should be piece 1B instead.


Updated 12/20/11 — the November Granny’s Hankie installment has an error in it on the light squares for the corner blocks of the borders.     Four light 5.5″ squares rather than light 4.5″squares to add to the four corner blocks in order for the intersection to meet properly. 


Updated 8/12/12:  CTS Sampler – August “The Business District” blocks.  You need to make a total of 12 (not 8 as stated in the instructions) blocks.

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