2016 In Fabric

fabricMy  sewing/quilting – anything fabric  – plans for 2016 – to work my way through some of those quilts that have been waiting to be quilted for … well some for many many years. I’ll also be going through the top boxes and donating the ones that I don’t want to finish myself because I simply don’t care for them any more.  So a bit of a tidy up of things as I work my way through them.  Will I buy new fabric – I’m sure I will in some cases but I have several projects I want to work on where I already have the fabrics here and waiting.   My main goal will be “finishing” as opposed to “starting.”  And if a lot of stash gets used along the way, that’s just a bonus.  I also would love to get all the Christmas quilts I’ve been working on for years for the family done this year but that may be to big a goal… we’ll see.

Mostly this is the page where I’ll be posting all the photos of my finished projects for 2016.