4/29/12 Stashbusting report

Not good – but I knew it wouldn’t be good since my fabric arrived for the Christmas Town Sampler BOM project – and of course I bought a bit more than I need so I’d have lots of choices.

I did use 1.5 yards from the stash for backing and binding on my Wacky Hearts wallhanging which is now completely done.  But the 12 yards I purchased offset that just a tad. LOL  I thought I’d end up in the red but I’m still 7 yards to the stashbusting good so I guess that’s something at least.    Updated — I forgot (until I just pulled the fabrics out of the dryer) – I’ve got some heart blocks cut today to be appliqued for another project so a whole nother 3/4 yards busted.  Heck, every little bit adds up. 🙂

The Wacky Hearts was also my April UFO project to finish so I now have two of the four UFOs completed so need to play catch up on the others.

100 Blocks – Balancing Act

UPDATED – okay this is getting really annoying.  WordPress keeps dropping out the photos.  So I’ll  try again.

Brandy shared the photo of a pillow she made using my Balancing Act block from the last issue of 100 Blocks.  It was a gift for a friend of hers who has lost her blonde cocker.  What a great idea!

Well just call me a ditz

After updating the Christmas Town Sampler BOM page, and putting all kinds of info about HOW I figured the yardage, I forgot to actually LIST the yardage you need.  Sheesh!  Good thing Judy is keeping tabs on me!  So I have edited that page again and added the border/background yardages for the larger size quilt and also the smaller size.

Update on BOM and other stuff

I just updated the Christmas Town Sampler – A Collaboration Among Friends page with yardage info and other important information  you need if you are planning to participate in this project — which we hope you are.

  If you plan to participate  – please read all info on that page.  I  tried to answer most anticipated questions so I don’t have to answer them repeatedly but may have missed something. However please check there first to see if the answer to your question has already been answered.  It also includes a short list of DO’s and DON’Ts to help things run more smoothly.

I’ve spent most of the day working on a pattern, updating computer stuff, etc.  No sewing, no quilting – how boring.

But at at least I got to sip my coffee out of the new 100 Blocks mug. 🙂

 and the giant button with the cover on it always makes me smile — tho no, I am not currently wearing the button. LOL  Hmmm… I also have to figure out tomorrow’s stashbusting report — it is not going to be good since I got the fabrics for the CTS BOM to add in.


Getting a second wind

I think it could be a bad thing to be getting a second wind and some energy to get something done at 10:30 pm!  I came home from work late and had a headache so I fell asleep watching the news.  Good thing – after an hour nap my headache was gone.  Bad news – it’s 10:30 and I’m wide awake and trying to figure out what to work on but think I need to go make a sandwich or something since I haven’t had dinner!

Lots to do this weekend – pattern to write and some other quilty stuff among them.  Don’t think I have to go anywhere this weekend so I’m hoping to get a lot accomplished.  One of the things on my list – finish weaving shut the toe of this sock!  That’s all that needs to be done and its been sitting on the table or about a week.  I still need to make the mate for it but am working on the second sock for a different pair at the moment.

this is another one made from the Tesserae pattern.


Where or where did my photo go?

I told you about a photo yesterday – it was there when I posted the blog post – but WordPress clearly was having a hissy fit and left it off the post.

So – let’s try again.

 Yes I see a photo so hopefully you will too. Spectra scarf with Poems sock yarn and I think the blue is Caper sock. I love the color combination and it’s actually an easy pattern to remember so I can just stitch away on it now that I’ve mastered picking up and knitting my wrapped stitches on the short rows (most of the problem was just me remember to pick them up).

I’ve been busy the past two days working on a new design for Hoffman Fabrics — crunch time since Market is fast approaching.  So busy in fact that I just remembered when I walked in the door, there was a box left by the postman.  Yesterday there was a box, which I thought was something else I ordered and when I went to open it …. surpise, the advance copies of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks that come out next month came sliding out of it.  Lots of fantastic blocks and extras of the issue for giveaways – how great is that! 🙂  Tonight’s box had a Quiltmaker label on it too and I think it’s the highly coveted 100 Block Coffee mug with all the blocks printed on it — they are so cute.   So enough typing – time to go check out that Box!   Remember, the 100 Blocks Blog tour is fast approaching!


Third Times a Charm?

Well I’m on to the third pair of yarns for the Spectra scarf.  The second combination — color changes were too abrupt – they need to blend more from one to the next.  So ripped that one back out and went back to the stash to see what I could find.  Poems sock yarn — long color changes blending from one to the other.  Yarn is a bit thicker than the Noro and not slubby — I think this combination is definitely a keeper.





Starting over

Well I decided not to knit farther on the Spectra scarf to see if I would like the colors better together once some of the other color changes came into play. I just wasn’t liking the Noro texture in there.  Those two yarns will probably be used together but for a different scarf with two stands at a time so they blend into each other and they’ll look much better because the thicker/thin nature of the Noro won’t matter.    I made some of those a couple christmases ago and loved the way they turned out blending a solidy looking and a multicolored sock yarn together.

Plus, a bit thicker yarn is better for the needle size I’m using on Spectra so I started over with some yarn from the stash

 I’m liking these together much better and the color changes will happen more quickly across the wedges.

I did head out to WI Craft Market this afternoon and found a new ball winder to replace the one that broke.

I ended up getting a Knit Picks ball winder — this one 

which I just had to go look up on line to figure out what the handle is for that was in my box.  Per the link I discovered it’s for those who perfer to hold the ballwinder when winding rather than clamping to a table.  DUH – perfect!! little did I know that when I chose it since there was no picture of it on the outside of the box .   Since I prefer to hold it rather than clamp it down, that will work exceedingly well now that I know where to look to attach the handle. LOL


4/22/12 Stash Report

Well seriously – this can’t be called a “Stashbusting” report because I’m clearly going in the wrong direction!  See yesterday’s post and you’ll understand why — fabrics were purchased for Christmas Town Sampler – A Collaboration Among Friends (Judy told me to shop!) so tho I haven’t tallied it all to the exact fat quarter, I’m pretty sure I’m in the red again. Even the yard and a half I used from the stash for the backing and binding of a wallhanging won’t alter that fact.  That’s just the way it goes some days.

Spent the morning kniting on the Spectra scarf but I’m thinking I may start over with some other yarn (since there’s plenty here to choose from) ;-).  I’m just not thrilled with the Noro I picked for the wedge colors – I’d like something a little bright and that changes color more often and I just realized one of the colors in the Noro is going to be way too close to the main color so when I get to that section, the wedge won’t really show.  But the biggest thing is the texture of the Noro – it’s slubby (or what I call slubby) with thicker and thinner places.  In some things I don’t mind that but in this I’m not real fond of the look.  So I may go back to the drawing board or I may knit a bit more till the colors start shifting more and see what I like – I’m undecided.