2017 – Tangled Strings – Knitting and Weaving Finishes


This is the page where all the knitting and weaving finishes for 2017 will be shown and running tally of yarn used versus purchased. (who am I kidding – it’s the beginning of March and thanks to a little bit of my tax refund going back into the yarn shop economy I don’t even want to tally up the yards in the red I would be.  Change of plan – just tracking what I knit!!! 🙂


Used Y-T-D: 26,402 yards (updated 12-31-17)

 Ravelry is my usual source for patterns so if you are looking for the name of the pattern for any of the projects below – hover over the image or click on it to open the photo and I will try to remember to list the pattern name so you can find it on Ravelry if you wish.