In honor of my birthday, July 28, I’m again providing a new free pattern for your enjoyment.  This year’s pattern, available for a limited time (so be sure to download or save it now because you never know when it may disappear and no longer be available). 



Click HERE to get the pdf file of the pattern.

Please share a photo if you make this quilt – I’d love to see what you do with it.


42 comments on “Flitterin’

  1. Thank-you Denise it is not often that somebody else has a birthday and gives us a present. I hope you have a grand day…Happy Birthday… Terry R

  2. Happy Birthday, Denise! Let’s say you were born at …… 6:03 pm. Ok, now I use EQ7 faithfully! I began with verEQ4 and upgraded every time. What’s not to love about EQ?! Thanks for the free pattern file. I especially love the border.

  3. Happy Birthday, Denise. You are so creative with all your patterns. I will enjoy making this sometime in the future. I use EQ7 and love it. I used it to make my own Beginning Quilting book for the class that I teach in AZ. I would guess that you were born somewhere around 10 am. Thank you for the pattern.

  4. Happy Birthday to you and thank you for the pattern. I really like the border on this pattern. Hope you have a great day.

  5. Denise it is very beautiful and Happy Birthday to you… Thank you so much for sharing with us… I also love Butterflies

  6. Thanks so much for the flitterin’, flutterin’ butterfly…so pretty. I have EQ7 although my computer is giving me fits right now and I can’t work on it. My guess is 3:02 pm.

  7. Thank you for the pattern and also Happy Birthday. I love the crayon border on this page. It got me thinking that if it were made into a table runner it would be a wonderful teacher gift. Will it be available anytime soon? Keeping my fingers crossed that it will.

  8. Thank you and happy belated birthday. I do plan on making it but it will be awhile. I ONLY have 5 quilts (that I am working on, we won’t talk about the UFO’s) started plus 4 block of the months. Have a wonderful day!!

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