The following designs I did for Hoffman California Fabrics. Go to their website and click on their free patterns link to find them, along with many more free patterns by other designers. Also included are my versions of the quilts which I have stitched up so far — some from the original fabrics they were designed for and some from stash fabrics. Please note that some of these patterns have been removed from the Hoffman Fabrics website as the fabrics they were designed for are no longer current fabrics.   As I have time, I am adding the “retired” patterns to my blog for free download.



  1. I’m getting ready to do Autumn ripples only in queen size and I was wondering if you designed the block in EQ or was it in their library. I’m doing a visual search for it, but it’s taking forever. I need to know the yardage for the bigger size so when I do that, I put them in EQ7 and use that as a guide so I didn’t under buy the fabrics needed.


  2. I bought a couple antique blocks at an antique mall about 15 years ago and made this quilt, it is the same pattern as your autumn ripples but have never been able to find out the name of the original block pattern. Do you know what it is? Thanks.

    • Sorry I can’t. I only design patterns for them don’t know all the shops that carry them. I looked up the pattern because I wasn’t familiar with it and think the fabrics came out for either last Christmas’s season or the season before . If you search the web for the fabric line name on the pattern you can probably find stores that still carry it.

  3. is there a pattern still available for poinsettia trellis? all I am finding at Hoffman is a picture?? I love your version, I think it would be the perfect setting for some fabrics I have been collecting for one of my sons.

    • Hoffman Fabrics removes older patterns from time to time so if it’s no
      longer there, that is what happened. I have emailed them about posting the patterns no longer available on their website to my blog but will have to wait to hear back.

  4. Hello, Love your work. I tried to find your Bellisima pattern on the Hoffman site… I wonder if they took it down? I know they surely have to rotate. I wonder if they would let you put your own patterns here on your own page?

    • I just saw another name on the same pattern, or I believe it is the same pattern…called Sea Breeze Quilt Pattern…?

    • Yes they take older ones off their site as they add patterns for the newer fabric collections. I do have several of the older patterns that have been removed from the Hoffman site on by blog in the Free Pattern Pages. Belissima design is the same as Sea Breeze (just different fabric collection names) which is still up on their website.

  5. You and Judy are going to get me back into Counted Cross Stitch! I have resisted so far but it’s getting close to my giving in! Lolo I gave all my thread to my Great Granddaughter that is thirteen! It I still have my stretcher bars. I have tried to get rid of those for years but hubby says hang on to them! Lolo

    I really love the samplers, also you lone bunny!

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