Who knew toast and coffee could taste so good!

And why does it taste so good — I’ve been home sick with the flu – which has been going through the office rampantly – and have been sick since Tuesday evening.  Finally mid morning I today I decided I was feeling not horribly and the stomach pangs might just be cause I hadn’t eaten since Tues. night.  Yes, coffee and toast were excellent! LOL  I’m going to really live it up later eating high off the hog on some homemade turkey soup I pulled out of the freezer.  But I think I have survived – can’t remember the last time I was that sick.

So the last three days I’ve slept a lot – you don’t want any other details :-)  – and I did finish knitting a sock. I’m trying not to think about the work that probably has piled up on my desk – it will have to be tackled on Monday.

Here’s sock 1 of the 2nd pair of Tesserae socks.

Finally tonight I may do a bit of sewing — just the binding on my January UFO challenge — yes I’m way behind!  I was going to layer and start quilting the February UFO challenge — did I say I was way behind?? — in the evenings this week but obviously that did not happen.  And now it’s March and I just looked to see what number Judy picked to work on this month. #8 — thank you Judy!  It’s at least a smaller quilt to quilt so there’s hope I may catch up yet.

Here’s my # 8 to be completed this month.

  Just Butterflies.  It needs a final border before it can be quilted so I’ll have to do some searching in the stash.  These fabrics all came from a large fat quarter bundle so I don’t know if I’ve got any fabrics with the same style in the stash but will see what I can come up with.