The Weekend!

Ah -it’s been a busy week so I’m so ready for the weekend.  Other than going out for breakfast and running a few errands tomorrow morning, my exciting plans — clean the bathroom and put up the new shower curtains and spread out the new rugs – the bathroom is getting a makeover.  Yes, an exciting life I lead.! LOL

There’s some sewing to be done, maybe a quilt or two to get layered.  The old shower curtain, one I made from fabric which has not faded through its various washing, but after 5 years or more I’m just tired of it,  will be recycled to a quilt backing — recycling at its best.

There’s a pair of socks I’m on the toe of the second sock so should get that finished tonight and then have to decided — start a new pair or pull one from the “in progress” basket — or both probably.  But for tonight – relaxation – find some dinner, put on my jammies, snuggle under a quilt and watch tv and knit.  Yes…. excitement is my middle name! :-)