Happy Easter 2019


Happy Easter.  It’s a lovely spring day here – sun is shining, it’s in the 60’s and I actually have the door cracked open to let the fresh air in.   Went out to breakfast with a friend, a quick stop at the grocery store and now to figure out what to work on for the rest of the day.    There was a rabbit outside my door this morning in the trees – I looked about to see if he had left me any easter eggs but alas – no eggs in sight.

Yesterday I added the button bands, and seamed this little hoodie.    I just have to pull out the button tin and see if I have any buttons that will work for it.

I also have started to play catch-up on my Temperature Tracker project.  I had done several days in March previously but then forgot to put in the color band that denotes the end of each month.  I knew it would but me so I ripped it back to add that and and then it sat while I worked on my fade sweater, some socks, the hoodie above, another sweater — yes many projects in the works — but here’s where it’s at right now.


The wide bands of  white specky yarn denote the end of the month so at the top by the needles I am just a couple of rows into March.

In the process of ripping back tho, I was able to measure the piece of yarn that I knit for each day (2 rows of high temp color per day) and for each day I now know that I need 9 yards.   With a bit of figuring that means when this project is done it will have over 4,300 yards in it!

I wasn’t going to make myself anything special for an Easter meal today but since we stopped at the grocery store after breakfast, I was able to find a not too huge piece of spiral cut ham and decided to get it so I think baked ham, baked potato and fresh asparagus will be my dinner tonight.  Actually I really wanted the ham for all the things I can do with the leftovers – I see a ham/fresh asparagus quiche in my not too distant future and I’ve been very hungry for homemade split pea soup so will have the ham bone for that, and of course I do like ham sandwiches….hmmmm maybe I should have bought a bigger piece!


Tidying up

I am so not tidy.  Things just seem to get cluttered up very easily around here and the worst part is I can’t blame it on anyone else but me! 🙂  Since it’s a rainy/drippy day here it’s a good day to do some cleaning.

I have a  counter area that runs along the side of my kitchen.  Between it and the breakfast bar – everything that doesn’t get put back where it belongs seems to get dumped or shoved onto one of those surfaces.  I couldn’t stand it anymore and have spent part of today cleaning out those areas (okay amidst many coffee breaks and watching a movie because I hate this kind of cleaning.)   Old mail, bills, health info, – all that stuff to sort thru to see what I really need to keep – those little booklets you get with new coffee makers and other cookware, plastic grocery bags, paper bags, some food boxes flattened but not put in the recycling – that side counter was just full of crap.  So I’ve sorted it all – making a bag of old bills and other stuff that I need to take to work to dump in our big shredder – put away the health info/ product warranty stuff to where I actually keep all that stuff, tossed out a bunch of stuff I don’t know why I was keeping, and put everything back in it’s rightful place.  I didn’t take a before photo – that would have been very embarrassing but I did take this after one so I remember how nice it is when everything is cleaned up.  And in the process found two gift cards I had forgotten about.


I have most of the breakfast bar cleaned up but there’s two containers – basket sort of things – that contain more paperwork I need to sort thru and I’m just not feeling this project anymore so I may save that to sort through tomorrow night since I’ve got more laundry to finish and I just might do a bit of baking this afternoon – or maybe just find a good movie and go knit.

This is the project I started on yesterday.  One of the ESK badges is called High Turnover.  It’s for starting a project the same day as you get new yarn you ordered.   I wanted to knit Wend – a simple summery top and I had some Winning yarn in my stash (which is silk/linen/flax blend – very light an perfect for a summery top. But I had that yarn in my stash because I ended up hating one of the colors I bought so that original project never got made.  But I could use the other color and get one new color to work for Wend.

So when my new color arrived yesterday (Heritage – it’s the coral color) I just had to cast on for this project to get the High Turnover badge, right?!   The brownish color is called Raggedy Man and I’m a big fax of coral shades and brown shades used together.


So I swatched – the swatch above is before I blocked it.  This yarn tends to bloom a bit when it’s thrown in the dryer for a little while and blocking did even out the stitches.  So last night I started on the sweater.  It’s made in four separate sections, two fronts and two backs, and then seamed.  I’m contemplating reversing the colors on two sections — so one half of the front would be Heritage with Raggedy Man stripes and the other side would be Raggedy Man with Heritage stripes — but I haven’t decided for sure if I’ll do that or not.  This will be a great bus knitting project since it’s basically all stockinette with very little shaping so I can knit long sections without having to refer to a pattern.


I also like the lower edging on this project – it’s not ribbing – which has a tendency to flip up with some yarns on me. It’s basically short of triangles of garter and stockinette – very unusual and doesn’t look like it will flip – I’ll have to see if I can get a better photo of the edging later.

I’m also on the second section of my Fade sweater – which is coming along nicely.  This is the right front section.


Fade KAL Project

I’m making Andrea Mowry’s Rose cardigan for my second quarter ESK Fade KAL project and it’s going very quickly.  The pattern is very well written with separate tables for each size that show row by row if you are increasing on one end, or making a cable, or increasing at the other end — tables make it so easy.  It’s basically made in four quadrants — right front, left front, right back and left back.

I generally don’t like doing cables but their is a cable that runs along the sleeve that I don’t mind doing at all.  You can really see the cable in my photos because it wanted to curl over at that edge. The sweater is knit starting at the sleeve end and knit sideways – reverse garter stitch is the “public” side of the sweater.

I’ve got one quadrant done since starting April 1.


So the left edge in the photo above, the live stitches are on waste yarn – that’s where the center back seam will join the other back quadrant.  There is also a long ribbed cuff that will get added to the end of the sleeve once the sleeves have been seamed.

The second photo shows the colors more true.  I’m really enjoying working on this.



Wisconsin Red Sweater

Living in Wisconsin, home of the Wisconsin Badgers where the colors are Red and white, I seldom had anything red to wear when there was a casual day/Badger Day wear declared at the office.   Red is just not a color I wear a lot but now I can wear this sweater which is finally FINISHED!!! and I wore it today.


This sweater has been a long time in getting finished – mostly because I loved on to other projects and it got forgotten.  The timeline of this sweater – I bought the yarn in 2013 from The Loopy Ewe.  It’s Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton in Poppy Red – and it is a very bright red.

The sweater didn’t get started until May of 2015 (so nearly four years from start to finish – sheesh!).   I used Amy Herzog’s CustomFit program to generate this pattern  using these parameters.



Things I learned and things I’d change if I made this again:

  • I don’t like seaming with cotton yarn – it doesn’t slide easily
  • I chose “relaxed fit” rather than “average” in CustomFit and it’s got a bit more ease than needed so I will choose average on next sweater.  I also need to go back and look to see which measurement set I used.  This pattern might have been generated before I redid my measurements.
  • Pima Cotton can make for a “heavy” sweater.  Not too warm but just hangs heavier than wool.  It’s not a bad thing but something I need to remember depending on the style of sweater I am knitting.
  • I would also change the scoop neck depth – I chose 7″ below shoulder and I would probably go 5″ to raise it up a bit especially if in cotton which may stretch a bit.
  • Cotton yarn does give great stitch definition to the lace section.
  • This is the first sweater I added grosgrain ribbon to the back of just the side of the button band where the buttons are sewn.  It gives it enough body sewing the button through the ribbing  that I don’t need to sew a backer button to the shank buttons to stabilize them (I hate having to add backer buttons).

Now – maybe I’ll get that green sweater finished off before the end of the month .

Ribbed and Re-ribbed

I got the seaming all done yesterday afternoon and starting on the neckline ribbing.  It was almost done when I decided it was very floppy looking – yep I had picked up the wrong needle size.  Ripped it back out and redid it with the correct needle.  So now just to the two front bands left to do – note to self – use the correct needle this time! 🙂

I did find that seaming a sweater with pima cotton yarn – not so fun. It doesn’t slide like wool does so you have to tighten up your stitches more as you go along, rather than what I usually do – seam a couple inches and then pull it to tighten them all in place.



It’s a sock

Finished off the sock I was working on the bus ride to work.  I knew I only had a few rows left so took the needle and kitchnered the toe before arriving at work.  I love bus knitting time.  On the way home I cast on the second sock.


Eat.Sleep.Knits’s Second Quarterly KAL starts April 1 so I’ve got my yarn all lined up and ready to go.  The 2nd quarter is “Fade” projects which are knit fading from one color into the next.  I’ll be making Rose by Andrea Mowry.  I swatched and got perfect gauge and the decided to add five colors into my fade instead of the four as written in the pattern.

These are the colors I’ll be using although they are in reverse order.


The sweater is knit sideways, starting at the bottom of the sleeve and working towards the center back.  Basically making all four pieces the same (with just a bit different shaping on the neck edges between from and back.  I’ve never knit a sideways sweater – because I always use CustomFit for my sweaters – but this is an oversized sweater and I’ve figured out how much length I need to add to it (or so I hope) and a few other adjustments I want to make, and am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Today it is sweater seaming day – I decided to seam my red sweater first.  I started this sweater back in 2015 for a CustomFit KAL and it has languished.  Finally finished off the rest of the pieces and just found where I had stashed the extra yarn so seaming and edgings are on this afternoon/evenings agenda.  Plus I bought those pretty buttons so want to get this finished by the end of the weekend?  or at least by the end of next week.  It’s a 3/4 length pima cotton cardigan so perfect to begin wearing soon.


Knit All The Things 2019




You will notice “Knit All The Things 2019” listed above in header bar.  If you click on that it will take you to the page where I’m keeping track of all the knit items finished in 2019.  So far since January 1, eight items finished and 3,396 yards knit.

If you hover your cursor over the images on that page, it will show you the name of the specific pattern, which can all be found on Ravelry unless otherwise noted.

Today’s plan is to do some final organizing (or finally get back to organizing) in the sewing room – it’s still kind of a mess since putting in the new yarn storage cubbies – so I can get to a bit of sewing soon.


Creekside Shawl Finished

Off the blocking mats and looking lovely, warm and cozy.  The Creekside Shawl is a gift for a good friend at work who is retiring at the end of this coming week.  She has always loved and admired all my knit projects, and owns a couple of other items I’ve made, so she will love this gift and is a total knit-worthy friend.

The bright sunshine today (I am not complaining!) is washing out the color.  It looks more blue in the other photos but is actually a lovely purple with grayish undertones.


This photo above almost exactly the true color of the yarn but I had to Photoshop it to get it to look right and I’m not going to bother to do that to the other photos below.  I used 10.75 needles rather than 10.5 since all my 10.5s were in use and ended up using 550 yards of Madelinetosh Home, a bulky yarn, and the color is Curiosity.   It turned out so soft and drapey after blocking.



Final Wee Wrap Photo

I forgot to post what the Wee Wrap looked like after it was off the blocking mats (with this plastic bag stuffed hood).


It turned out adorable and I’m definitely planning to use this lace pattern in something for me – maybe an adult sized version of this without the hood or on the front of a sweater –  because it’s such a fun lace to knit and easy to do.



Cherry Swirl Shawl

I call this shawl Cherry Swirl – due to the yarn colors.  It turned out so pretty in the Knit Circus gradient yarn.  The colorway is called Kid In a Candy Store.  I used almost two full balls of yarn.

I used the first ball of yarn from the outside which was the lightest color (shawl is worked top down) and then when I got to the end of the first ball (the darkest red area), I started the second ball from the center so I could continue with the darkest red working out to the lighter colors at the end of the lacy edging.  The edging was fun to knit; I’ve never knit an open edge like that.

The final shawl I had completed that needed blocking is in the sink in a colander draining off some of the water.  It’s a bulky yarn so that one is going to take a while to dry, even with the fan on it.  But that’s the last project for the time being that needs to be blocked.