Stocking Cap completed

Last weekend I showed you the yarn I planned to use for the Twisted Stocking Cap and this weekend I can show you the finished cap.  This is a really easy pattern, was fun to knit, and bonus – if I decide to keep it for myself it actually fits me really nicely unlike most knit hats.

The Twisted Fringe still needs to be trimmed to the final length.  I added a bit more because well twisted fringe is fun and I had my fringe twister so it was much more quick to do than twisting it by hand without the gadget.  I love this yarn – it’s MadTosh Farm Twist – Farm Twist is such a lovely feeling DK weight and this color, Fragil, is so pretty.  I’d love to have a pullover sweater out of this particular colorway now that I see it knit up.  I think I have enough yarn leftover to make a pair of fingerless mitts.

Twisted Stocking Cap

Eat.Sleep.Knit is doing a Flash KAL for stocking caps.  Originally I wasn’t going to do it but decided a stocking cap would be a great holiday gift for a friend who spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter.    I decided to make the Twisted Stocking Cap – put my fringe twister to work for the tassels but I plan to add more because well… more is always better for fringes, tassels, pompoms, etc.

I went stash diving and found some Farm Twist (Farm Twist yarn for a twisted stocking cap – seems meant to be) in a color called Fragile.  Drips and drabs of colors on a white background.


I spent all yesterday until early evening cleaning out bins and containers of knitting projects.  Much sorting, untangling, separating into piles of places to where they need to go.  Ripped out a few projects I just don’t want to continue, reclaimed needles and stitch markers that were spread throughout all those containers.  I also went through the “finished projects” to see what I want to sell, give away or keep.   I’ve got some buttons to sew on some kids’ sweaters and sewed a few pom poms on some little kids hats.  Progress was made but I still don’t have all the clutter cleared away – but I’m happy with the stuff I got organized.

One of the projects that I found in the drawer was a cowl – Harmonize – that I had all the color work finished on and just needed to do the dark teal section  at the top on.  So last night I finished knitting that and here it is fresh off the needles.  It definitely needs some blocking but I’ll save that for a day when I have a couple things to block.


The yarn is Western Sky Knits DK and it is so plumpy and thick feeling.  I love it.




Mac ‘n Cheese yarn

Another yarn package has arrived from the Madelinetosh’s big sale.   And they finally announced this week that Madelinetosh has been purchased by Jimmy Bean Wool.  So for those who feared MadTosh was totally going away, I’m sure they are happy.

I’ve ordered from Jimmy Bean in the past but not crazy about them due to my own personal experiences – for one I hate having to search their website for anything.  To me it’s just not as user friendly as other places I shop on line.  And if I ordered 10 hanks of something, don’t send me 7 and tell me sorry your inventory was wrong.  Absolutely not acceptable. They are also not as speedy to ship as my other two favorite shops.   I haven’t ordered anything from them in years due to those problems so don’t know if any of that has changed.  They do have some good sale prices on some things from time to time.  But I like the better rewards programs, faster shipping, customer servicer  and reliability of Eat.Sleep.Knit and The Loopy Ewe much better.  And of course I’m well stocked on MadTosh yarn now.  🙂  or will be when my final two orders arrive.  I just got notice that one has shipped and just waiting on one other order to ship.

But I digress…. here is the yarn that arrived – Mac ‘n Cheese – I think you can tell where it got that name.


When I first opened this package indoors/bad lighting – it looked super duper orange.    In natural lighting – it’s lighter orange but still orangier than I thought it would be based on this photo below on the website and some of the yellow has almost a touch greenish tinge.      mac_n_cheese_small2That’s the chance you take with hand dyed yarn but if I decide I don’t like it I can likely destash it to someone else.    I need to unwind a hank or two and see how it looks spread out.    I do wish it looked more like the website image tho then there would be no question about loving it.


20191027_6Now for the funny thing (okay it totally strikes me as funny when I look at it in its current stage of completion)  I’ve been working on.  In the last post I had shown a  Winter Folk Friend I had started on.    I have now finished the body section, seamed up the back seam and just need to get some stuffing before I can stuff, close the final seam and then add the stitching thru the stuffed body that will make his legs and arms and neck and waist more apparent.   20191102_4

But right now well it looks like a wooly condom!  LOL   I worked on the cape that he wears last weekend and just have part of the hood to finish off on that. It will need a bit of a steam block to keep the bottom edge of the cape from rolling and even out the colorwork just a bit.



Knitting and Pastry

Well it doesn’t show up real well but I think you can see that I used my embossing rolling pin that has a knitting pattern on it for the top of this pie crust.  I should have taken the photo before cutting slits all over the top but didn’t think about it. Don’t know if it will show up more or less once it’s baked but I’ll know it’s there.  It was my first time trying it on pie crust – I think I can press it a bit harder next time to make the marks a bit deeper but I needed to get this in the oven since I’m starving and it will take a while to bake.


This is the perfect chilly fall day meal — Cornish pasty.  So simple and easy to make (since I cheated and didn’t make my own pie crust this time).  My mouth is watering already and I’ll have lots of leftovers.  Yum.

As I was looking for some scraps of yarn for a project I found this in the left over yarn bag (it’s a big bag – one of those plastic zip type bags that you get bedsets in – comforters, etc.)  I finally just dumped it out on the sewing table because I was making a mess digging through it.


This was a crocheted flower pattern I had made – gosh 4 or more years ago that I was going to use in the center of a round knit pillow.  I decided in the end not to attach it and it got tossed in the scrap bag.  On The Loopy Ewe Ravelry board we have been taking about knitting stuffies – pumpkins and gourds and acorns.  I love acorn designed things.  I have lots of Christmas ornaments that are acorns and lots of fabric with acorn prints so I thought I might knit a few acorns (when I have time – right!?)  But wouldn’t this make the most perfect acorn cap!  I set it aside so I can turn this into an acorn.   I already know what yarn I want for the bottom of the acorn (and actually know where it is), but that will wait for another day.

I’ve been working on my temperature tracker – I’m working on the month of September so not horribly far behind but I want to get a bit closer to caught up to date.  But this afternoon I’ve been sidetracked but a cute little stuffie project that I might make a couple of to use as holiday gifts.

The pattern is Winter Folk Friends by Esther Braithwaite.  My photo of the pattern is a bit blurry but you can see photos at the Ravelry link – along with the back of the capes they are wearing with stranded colorwork. 20191027_6 So cute and easy to adapt to different weight yarns.  I found worsted weight scraps to make my first one.  You can also make them in the round or knit flat.  I’m knitting mine flat.

Here’s a photo for a little while ago.


That’s brown boots on the bottom, white trim at top of boots, dark blue pants, brown belt, light blue shirt.   Since this photo I’ve gotten through the face section and am working on the top of the head.   There’s not a bit of stuffing to be had around here so I’ll have to order some.  It doesn’t look like much at the moment but I can’t wait to see it transform with a little bit of seaming and stitching to denote body parts.

Fabric Sale!

My public service announcement for this weekend!    The Loopy Ewe – where you know I order yarn and fabric, will be closing out their fabrics to contrate on growing the yarn side of their shop – going back to their roots.   Not that I need more yarn (yes I know overstatement) but I’m looking forward to seeing what new dyers/yarns they bring in with the expansion.   In the meantime, all fabrics in the shop are on sale!

I’ve gotten lots of great fabric from them over the last 7 years since they added fabric into the shop.  So check it out to see what’s left – you might find some excellent deals.    I maintained some control and only ordered two pieces of fabric.    I got a piece of  108″ wide backing  (there’s an add’l 5% off if you take “end of bolt” – which I did on this piece).   All sales info is on TLE blog here.   And also a 57″ mandala print.  I don’t know if I’ll just quilt the mandala as is for a large wallhanging or use it as the center of a large bed quilt and add things around it but it looks really pretty.

This is the wide backing – Grunge Dots

and a large image of the Mandala print.

The edges are cut off in the image but you get the idea.

October 17 – interruptions

Doesn’t everyone know I’m on vacation! LOL  First I knew I had to get up and get dressed and not lounge about in my jammies because building maintenance was coming round to switch out the furnace filters today.  I was hoping they would be here early and get it over with and by 9:30 or so they were here and gone.  Of course a couple hours before that there was all kinds of ruckus outside – electric company pulling new underground lines to the power box  not far from my door.  Don’t know how they drove their big cherry picker back there but they did.   I’m very glad I was puttering around and didn’t manage to get the apple pie in the oven  early this morning because all of a sudden everything went dark.  I walked outside and asked how long the power would be out – oh an hour or maybe 1-1/2 hrs.     Crikes! I had just hit the button on the coffee maker and it had not made any coffee yet.  It could have been worse – the power was restored within an hour and it forced me to clean up some paperwork that I had sitting in the sewing room and trash/store it where it belonged – and clean up a few other things I had been procrastinating on (which reminds me I need to go turn the washer back on).

Anyway – not the way I wanted my day to start but now that I’ve had coffee, all is good and I may make the pie after I’ve had lunch.


This arrived earlier this week – the first order I placed during MadTosh’s  huge sale.  The color is Malmo and the base is Farm Twist – which is DK weight.  I really want to swatch for a new sweater but I’m forcing myself to finish one on the needles before I even swatch because if I swatch, I know myself  – I will just cast on another one. 🙂

I worked a bit last night on my Luftig.  It’s coming along and today I decided to spread it across some longer cable needles so that I could try it on to make sure I had picked the right rate of increase for the body.  I’ve never made a top down, in the round, saddle shoulder sweater but similar to the CustomFit program I use when making pieced sweaters, the patterns by this designer are written so you can use any yarn/gauge.


It looks like a boxy blob here – but then it is basically a loose fitting tee – and it looks like it’s going to be just right.  Now to knit another 6 to 8″ of stockinette to get it the length I want after I switch it all back to one needle.


October 13, 2019

20191007_2It feels like fall has finally arrived.   The beginning of the week it was 70 and yesterday the high was 48.  I do love fall days with crispy cool air – it was just a bit too windy yesterday and sprinkles moving through to be out enjoying the day.  It isn’t supposed to get above 50 all this coming week so cooler temps are here to stay.   I’ve got the next week off work so will be  busy with various projects around the apartment – one of which will be to pack away the summery clothes and pull out all the knitwear.

Speaking of temps and knitwear – I’ve been trying to get caught up on my temperature tracker project.  I was woefully behind.  When I posted my last photo on Oct. 5, I had just knit the first 12 days of July.  Here’s where I’m at now.

20191013_5Last night I finished off the last of July, wound all the yarn for August I need into a ball and have a few days of August done.  It’s a good thing the temps are changing because I’m running low on The Fox (the rusty orange color) and Oak (the green that sort of alternates a lot with the orange) since most of the temps those colors are used for are between 81 and 90 and  July and August didn’t have a huge variety of temps.

I’m hoping by the end of the week to have this caught up to day but who knows what other projects I may get sidetracked with.

I also am working on a little mug rug in linen stitch.  I love the way it’s turning out in this variegated yarn.


But the project for today is cleaning out and reorganizing some of the kitchen cabinets. I just stuck my head out the door and it is still really windy and 38 degrees – yep – fall has arrived!  I just hope it doesn’t go straight to winter.


Chunky Monkey Badge Projects

My Chunky Monkey Badge projects for Eat.Sleep.Knit are done.   They were fun to make but I am so not a large needle/hook person.    But I have two fun scarfs to show for it.  My hands will thank me never to knit with 19mm sticks again – especially the crocheting – that really made my hands sore so they are recuperating by working on ‘normal’ projects.   The crochet hook has already been passed on to a friend and the needles offered up on the ESK Rav site to send on to someone else wanting to get their chunky monkey badge.

Here’s the scarf I made.  I got a bit carried away was I was crocheting and not paying attention to how long it was getting.  But I love the way it looks and you can always wrap it more than one around the neck….or 3 times or 4….


It ended up being 120″ long minus the fringe.  Due to it being hand dyed yarn, one hank has a bit more gold to it and the other more purples but the colors are all so pretty.  It’s just 6 double crochets to a row and boy do double crochets eat up super bulky yarn.

I’m also working on the neck band to my Rose fade sweater.  I can’t get a good photo of this yarn color to show the cables more that go up the center of the band but here’s the best I can do


This band is rather boring knitting but I really want to get this sweater finished soon so I shall carry on. 20191006_11

October 5, 2019

Things have been rather boring around here – and it seems like it’s been raining every day.  I heard thunderstorms one of the many nights last week it rained and woke up to see the city streets had flooded up to the bottom of car doors unfortunately parked on them overnight.  I knew it was raining but I didn’t realize how much.  About mid week the temps switched to fall – upper 50s and 60s – the type of weather I like if it were sunny and not windy as heck.  Next week should be nicer – no rain after today (yes it’s raining right now) until Thursday.

We did have a tailgate party luncheon (Wisconsin Badgers have home game today) at work on Friday so beer soaked brats and lots of other good potluck food.  We have some excellent cooks in our office.

And of course there was a huge Madelinetosh yarn sale – did I say huge – and it would have been wrong to pass up a $25+ hank of yarn on sale for $7.50 so I have been busy plotting which sweater patterns I want to make with what I ordered.

In the mean time I’ve been working on my Luftig specky sweater

20190717_4 and I’ve been working on my Temperature Tracker shawl which I am woefully behind on.  Last weekend I finally finished up all the month of June and this week (my bus riding knitting) I managed to get the first 12 days of July done.  That ball of yarn contains all the colors for the month of July so when that’s done I can wind the colors for August.

20191005_16One Since we’re now in the 4th Quarter of the ESK Yarnathon – new badges were released and one of them is Chunky Monkey.  Knit or crochet something using a 19mm needle.  I had seen a simple scarf pattern using that size needle so decided I’d try it.  Talk about huge needles!  You definitely get a work out of your whole arm when knitting with these.  But the upside – using Super Bulky yarn held double and these needles mean you can complete a project is record time.


I  used every inch of those two hanks to knit the scarf and found another hank a friend had gifted me from ESK in the same color so decided to add the tassels   at the end – super bulky yarn (this is Malabrigo Rasta in Piedras colorway) makes the greatest tassels and pom poms.

Here’s  bad night time shot that shows the size of the needles


The scarf won’t block the cold winter wind but it’s a fun and different fashion accessory.

Of course that led me to remembering that I also had the giaganto crochet hook too in this size.  I don’t remember why I bought it – I think at one time I was going to use it to hook rag baskets or rugs – but last night I started a crocheted scarf out of the same color yarn.  This is 6 double crochet stitches wide – boy it eats up a lot of yarn making a double crochet with Size S crochet hook.  This is one hank (90 yards) of Rasta – I need to wind the other hank to finish it off.   So that’s what’s been going on here.



Sweater progress

I haven’t been doing anything too exciting other than knitting.  The week was really humid so no being outside more than necessary, or raining.    The humidity is abating with this latest thunderstorm and them temps are suppose in the 70s so there’s hope for improvement.

In the meantime, its a dark, dreary, damp (wet) morning.  A friend gave me some Macs and Cortlands from her trip to the apple orchard yesterday so I may have to bake something apple-y.  I’ve been hungry for cold tuna pasta salad so may need to mix up a bowl of that so I have it for lunches this week.  Otherwise a few loads of laundry between knitting.

The start of the sweater projects I showed last week – well here’s the update – the front piece was finished yesterday.  I need to wind more yarn today so I can cast on the other front.


That’s the right front.  It has 5 stitches of stockinette which will be along where the button band is added, then 20 stitches of reverse stockinette, and the rest stockinette.  It also has twisted rib ribbing which makes the ribs stand out a bit more distinctly.

I’m glad I alternated hanks every two rows – it blended things overall since one was darker and one lighter.    In a close up you can see all the colors that are really in there compared to this shot a bit farther away.


The sweater from Denise’s Snowy Day yarn also got about 3″ added to it last night.