Final warning……

Just a final reminder about a couple things….

pkThe PatchKats quilt design comes down December 1 so be sure to collect the installments if you are working on this project.  Make sure you opened and saved the files to your computer or printed them.  If you only saved the links, they will no longer work once I “unshare” the pattern.   The only way this pattern will be available after that is through purchase at EQ Boutique and you must have EQ to purchase/use it.  You’ve been warned …. multiple times …. so no whining when it’s gone. :-)  I’d love to see some new photos in the Flickr group if you’re working on this project (or any of my other designs) so be sure to upload them there.


Also, the deadline to get me your Socktoberfest Challenge Crocodylia sock photo is due by midnight CST on December 1.  I will be posting the photos and doing the random draw for the yarn winner Dec 2.  I believe I’ve received photos from four participants.

My sock is still lonely – its mate will not get finished before Dec. 1 :-(


A little of this and that…

I’ve been puttering again.  I told myself this morning I was going to do some cleaning around here and the morning is gone and I haven’t.  I was trying to figure out borders for a quilt but nothing I drew was working so I wandered off into other EQ files again.  So here’s just a little eye candy of what I was playing with today.

greensI like this one  – the movement across the quilt – tho I think I might try turning it on point to see how that looks with setting triangle around the edge.


The next one is part of a larger design that I separated out.  It has potential for showing off one way prints well in certain sections and actually I think it might make a neat Christmas Tree Skirt treesk (I have a feeling  my tree won’t have its new tree skirt this year since I have some other quilty and sewing things to finish first.)


Although I didn’t go wild buying yarn on Black Friday, I did decide to go back and order some yarn I was contemplating on Friday but talked myself out of that day.  It is perfect for a project I want to make when the pattern is released and I don’t have bulky yarn in the stash and since I did have to place an order for some fabrics (and had earned Loopy Rewards on my prior order so had $25 in rewards sitting there burning a hole in my account) I added in the yarn since it was still on sale.  The yarn is Malabrigo Mecca and the color is Solis – I plan to use it to make a cowl necked caplet – just a shoulder warmer that would be great around the house.  If my neck and shoulders are warm, the rest of me usually is – a Laura Aylor pattern that is still being tested but should be released soon.


The fabrics are for some pillowcases which will be a gift for a dog lover friend.  I like the fact that these prints are in sort of a weird color combination – makes them so fun. So I’ve added another sewing project to my list of things to get done before Christmas.

I went digging through one of the yarn baskets of projects in the works – trying to clean up things that were overflowing – and found this yarn in the bottom of the basket.

I was trying to decide what yarn I wanted to use on my loom next and I think this is it.

20151129_14The colors are great and a bit more rich/darker looking IRL.  It’s Meadowcroft Dyeworks  Rockshelter Sock and the color is Four-Twenty.  It feels nice and soft so I’ve bribed myself with first I can get this wound (so I can put away the yarn swift attached to the breakfast bar) and then I have to clean up the living room and kitchen and finish folding laundry before I can warp up the loom.

So off the computer, plug in a movie, and get to work winding yarn and cleaning.  Someone was very messy on this four-day weekend at home.

It’s nearly a sweater


Well I never did get those borders onto my quilt — tomorrow’s project I think.  But I did finish off the sleeve for my sweater and I did just finish setting in the sleeve cap area of both sleeves.  I kept telling myself I had to wait to eat dinner until I had both those sleeves sewn in — and I did — and it’s 8 p.m. and I’m hungry!  (Okay – I did have popcorn midafternoon while watching a movie so I’m not that hungry).  But my turkey sandwich is calling.

This evening I hope to get the neck band put on which is a little trickey because there are small gathers that go into the picking up of stitches on the neckband since the sweater is supposed to have a few drapey gathers there.  Hopefully I can get it to look right and I chose yarn with enough drape to it.

Notice the red clips — those quilt binding clips are perfect for lining up knitwear pieces while you are sewing them together.

Just some border measurements…..

I opened up EQ just to see what the measurements of the borders should be for the quilt I wanted to work on this afternoon.  I did that, but then was looking at a design I had originally drawn for Hoffman Fabrics.  They didn’t use that particular design but I still really like how the blocks play together.

It was originally drawn for some possible Christmas fabrics – it has great spaces to show off some larger prints – but I wanted to see how it would look in other fabrics.

abitmoremodernI especially like the way the background (white) space comes together where the two blocks join and makes it look like  a white square on point around the block with the large print in the center.

I may have to go stash diving in the Christmas fabrics tho because I think I have some great larger prints in there that would work well for this.

Then I totally got sidetracked for a while – the hazard of opening up EQ.  I had previously been working on a quilt using the pickle dish block.  I so love the look of that block but don’t know that I’m wanting to make a lot of those blocks.  So I play with them in EQ and enjoy the look but have yet to make one.  However, if I did make one  I don’t think I’d want the traditional layout look (double wedding ring-ish) of those blocks so I was playing with a few different settings that created additional open space for quilting (and yes, more open space means having to piece less blocks so it’s a win-win situation right?) :-)  Here’s a series of the various layouts I was working on.

But I have to get back to those borders I originally looked up and get them on the quilt.



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Off the Loom – another self-striping yarn

Just finished cutting off the second scarf from the loom.   And that was partly  a bad thing since I wasn’t paying close enough attention and cut right through one of the ropes that holds one of the bars in place.  I can replace it but I just can’t believe I did that!  Forgot it was hidden among all the tie on ends of my yarn.  :-)

20151114_9As you may recall – this is the yarn I was using for both warp and weft.  It’s a self-striping yarn with long color changes so you get the effect of different striped warp yarns without actually having to use separate colored yarns.


And here it is finished.   The color of the yarn balls is the truest as to color.  The scarf on the hanger is showing up a bit darker than true and the one where is laying in folds is a bit lighter than true.  But no matter what shade of those colors it turned out, it looks quite good with my aqua colored polar fleece coat so I think I’ll keep this one for me…. maybe….

and now I can go add more yarn into my yarn used tally. ;-)



scarf2Now I have to go figure out what else is for dinner.  I went grocery shopping earlier today (the grocery store was nearly empty – the little mall across the street had its parking lot jammed – I did not venture near there) ;-)  I did a bad job of shopping since I forgot my list and got led astray by things that I know were not on my list.  I did buy a fresh turkey breast that was half the price today that it was yesterday.  So that has just come out of the oven and is resting a bit while I decide what else to make. I was just going to get a Cornish hen but the turkey was a better bargain and my favorite thing about a Thanksgiving meal is the leftover turkey sandwiches.  I detest deli sliced turkey – it’s not the same but will definitely be having my turkey sandwich tomorrow.

I’m greatly disappointed tho I forgot to get the cranberry sauce.  Oh well – I’ll have some  another day.  And I forgot the oil again — do you know that when there’s no oil in the house (other than a bit of olive oil) everything you want to make takes oil!   The muffins I was going to make yesterday morning for breakfast – no oil.  The pie crust I was going to make today – no oil.  Of course the bad part was I was also out of butter – I did remember to get that today.  Tomorrow I’ll just make the muffins with melted butter now that I have some and really I didn’t need pie so that’s okay.  But I think a bit of turkey, some left over acorn squash from yesterday and some stove top stuffing (since I didn’t pick up all the stuff needed to make the turkey dressing that is the norm in our family) and some fresh asparagus sounds very tasty.

On the Needles – November 27, 2015

Let’s start with off the needles first.   I spent the majority of the day in my jammies knitting yesterday.   I finally decided to finish off a long vest I had started last December. It only needed the side seams sewn and then icord applied to both armholes.  Icord is boring to do but I popped in an old favorite movie and kept at it and the vest is done.

DSCN4763Here’s the close up of the yarn — the true colors are slightly darker -the colors look more Easter Egg color in this photo and overall the colors loom more fallish – sort of an overall golden cast to them –  but it’s the best photo.  The vest refuses to photograph true to color.


CF Luau Vest – S 12-21-14 F 11-27-15

I love this yarn and it’s short little color changes and am glad I have some leftover I didn’t use for this vest – plus I also bought a couple hanks in fingering weight yarn too since I loved it so much.  Haven’t decided what I’ll do with that yet.  But the vest is finally done.

I’ve updated the Knitting the Stash page with photos too and updated the yardage used.

Now it is Black Friday, and there are Black Friday sales at several online shops I shop at, but they are not enticing me as much as in the past.  I was waiting for Miss Babbs’ sale but it is not the same type of sale as she has had in the past so I didn’t need anything there afterall.  ESK – usual sale where you don’t know your percentage off until after you check out. Again, nothing really enticed me and I wasn’t buying yarn without a purpose.   But TLE was of course having a sale as well so I purposely didn’t buy some yarn I was looking at – which has a purpose – in the hopes that it might be on sale.  I wanted Cascade 220 yarn and TLE has all their worsted and heavier weight yarns on sale.    I’ve used Cascade 220 to make felted projects but I wanted to try a cardigan out of it.  I haven’t decided for sure which pattern but it’s between these three:

CF Charlie’s Cardigan or maybe Burnish  or Hemmingway

cascade - opalThe yarn color I chose is called Opal – it appears to be a sort of neutral tan color with just a hint towards the pinky/peach side.  I’m anxious to see how it looks in person but it appears to be a good neutral.

Ah – but I’ve digressed from “on and off the needles” to yarn buying (which has not yet been added into my yardage tally.

Anyway — on the needles at the moment – just a bit of sweater sleeve to finish – hopefully this afternoon.  But I decided I needed to cast on a smaller project and have been wanting to make the  Hurricane Ridge Cowl.  I had some longish color change yarn I wanted to try it with and found some leftovers from a shawl that would work with it.  Only problem was – I didn’t have the right size circular needles in the right lengths. So what to do – expect make do. I wanted just a single loop and not a real large one so I’m using the smaller needles and cast on the largest size.  I think it will turn out just the size I want but it’s much slower going on the smaller needles.  However – once you get a row or two in place, it’s a super simple project to knit without any markers.

20151127_3The bottom row is a provisional cast on because the cowl will be folded over and joined together with no right or wrong side.  It’s a very fun knit.  I think I may need to go searching this afternoon for a solid color to use with my leftover vest yarn and make one out of heavier yarn.

I’ve got maybe a half hour of weaving or less to go before my second scarf will be ready to come off the loom.  I think that will be this afternoon’s project to start with.

Socktoberfest Drawing

Don’t forget the upcoming drawing for the Wollmeise yarn – if you are playing along you won’t want to miss out.  Remember – in addition to the other criteria for the drawing that was previously posted on September 26,  #3 is a MUST and I’ve posted part of it below:

(3) ………..  You must email me a photo of your finished pair of socks by Midnight CST on December 1.  I’ll create a blog post to show off all your socks

In other words – if you don’t email the photo you can’t possibly win.  As always, my email address is at the top of my blog under my photo.  If you haven’t gotten an email back from me acknowledging receipt of your socks (ETA: – receipt of your socks photo  I meant to say – you don’t really need to send me your socks)  :-)  (I have only received two photos so far – a blue pair and a red pair) then I have not received your photo.   

As for my socks – well heck I’m not trying to win the Wollmeise and I’ve been engrossed with a sweater since the time change (time change made it too dark on the bus to work on my dark socks on dark needles) – but I do have them sitting out to get the second sock cast on this weekend.  So far – I’ve just got one lone sock.20151031_2_medium2

Happy Thanksgiving 2015


Hope you all have a safe and happy thanksgiving day.  One of these days I need to make this turkey wreath quilt design.   I’ve made just a single turkey – part of one of the past yearly projects where there was a different wall hanging each month – but I love hem in a wreath because until you look more closely you don’ realize they are all turkeys.   But that list of things I want to make is a long one, which I’m sure you can relate to if you are a quilter. :-)

This morning I spent a bit of time updating the “Retired Hoffman Patterns” page.  You will find a link to it at the top of the blog and also under the Pages section.  These are patterns I’ve designed for Hoffman California Fabrics that have been taken down from their website to make room for their current patterns.   There are several Christmas designs I’ve gotten emails about that people were looking for that were no longer available so if you were looking for Snow Globes, Snow Birds, Ornaments and Baubles, Presents and Pines – those holiday designs are now available along with 15+ other designs.

In pulling images from my blog media library for these designs – I had forgotten that I have a Presents and Pines quilt in the works and if I remember right, I think the individual blocks are all made.  Here’s a photo I found from an old design wall post.  I think there are more blocks than this completed but I just might need to pull that one out this weekend.


No turkey and fixin’s for me today.  I didn’t plan ahead well and there was no way I was going to a grocery store on my way home last night.  But  my untraditional meal will be shrimp something – haven’t decided what yet but I love shrimp and there’s a big bag of them in my freezer, acorn squash (another favorite) .  I took off work on Friday so I’ve got a 4-day weekend. :-)  I figure it will be safe to go grocery shopping tomorrow (if the weather cooperates) since all the people who are out shopping will be at the other stores for Black Friday and not at the grocery store.  So I may just pick up stuff to make my turkey or Cornish hen or whatever feast later this weekend as I am hungry for some homemade stuffing for sure.

As for today – it’s past lunch time, I think I’ll go get dressed :-)  It’s damp and cold here – the snow has all melted because it’s raining but it’s a dreary and dark day.  So I think I’ll spend it watching movies and knitting today – I’ve got just a few inches of sleeve cap to finish on my sweater and  I started on a new cowl last night which I’ll show you tomorrow done in two different yarns.    And I’ve been musing on what quilting projects may be in store for next year on the blog…. BOM, mystery, periodic QALs….many possibilities but it’s time to start plotting and planning.  Speaking of which – remember PatchKats BOM comes down from the blog next month so if you haven’t collected all the pieces – do it now before it’s too late.

And in the meantime – please pass the pie…..



Sewing progress – 11/21/2105

20151121_3 Well there were many things I thought I might do today but I got a bit sidetracked when I realized I had two quilt patterns I needed to finish writing up and send off.  Those are done and I did get to the item at the top of my list to do today.  I wanted to get the blocks sashed and rows together on this quilt and I did.

I need to put one final row of the gray sashing all the way around.  Originally it was going to have the cornerstones in the outer sash where the blocks meet but since my next border is going to be a black print (at least that’s the plan at the moment) I don’t think I want the black cornerstones around the outside.  Hopefully I’ll get the borders on this tomorrow.


Winter has arrived – I’d better knit faster….

20151121_1I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie and finally at about 3 a.m. decided I should got to bed.  I took a peek outside to see what was going on and yes indeed, our first snowfall of the season was occurring.

I always take a photo of my birdhouse so I can tell how much snow as falled as it’s piled up on the birdhouse’s flat roof.

Then about 7:30 or 8:ooa.m. this morning – it looked like this in the light of day

20151121_2It’s a fluffy but rather wet snow so it has all the tree limbs coated.  I love the little woods outside my door when it snows like this — so pretty with all the limbs covered in snow.


And despite the fact that it’s supposed to be only about 26 degrees outside – I was outside filling up my two birdfeeders in my sweater and jeans and no coat and it didn’t fee bad at all.

I don’t think the snow will stick around too long — it’s still falling — because I think the temps will be too warm.  But I guess the snow season has officially started even if I have still not had to turn on my furnace.   I did remember to bring my snowboots home with me yesterday from my locker at work where they were hiding.  May need to find where the mittens got put.

And to my what’s on the needles report – which since I’m always late should be the “what’s on the needles the day after everyone else reports in “….

I’m closing in on getting the second sleeve finished for my pooling sweater.

20151121_10They both will have some interesting pooling on them.  I’m hoping to get the sleeve on the right finished off in the next day or two.

I also was digging through a large knitting basket of works in progress and pulled out my vest.   It only needs the edging on the armholes added and the side seams sewn.  I my have to see if I can’t get that one finished off too.

20151121_12 I have a note pinned to it (I finally got smart) because I took the circular needle from it to use on another project so will have to go see if that needle has been freed up or if it’s still in some other project.

This vest just does not want to photograph properly – it is such pretty yarn.  You can see a photo of the yarn in hanks here which is a bit better tho the colors are a bit darker yet.   I love the colors in this yarn so much that when I bought the dk for my vest, I also got a couple hanks in fingering weight but haven’t decided if I’ll make socks or something else or maybe use it on the loom.

The current scarf on the loom is coming along nicely two but that will have to wait until later for me to get back at it — I’ve got a quilt top I need to get together after I clear my table off a bit.