A bit of holiday embroidery

The Loopy Ewe had these great wooden buttons (I used the term “had” because I just went back and ordered the rest they had in stock of this particular style but they do have other styles still available here) to use as ornaments on embroidered trees and a plan was hatched to stitch up a few trees and frame them for some holiday gifts for a few people.


Here’s the first one I stitched up yesterday – very quick – still needs to be properly framed.  I used a card and a half of the buttons on this one since I wanted a ornament on every branch.  I think it turned out so cute.  I used pearl cotton to stitch it and it’s stitched on houndstooth check felted wool.  I have this print wool in several colors (bright pink, lime green and rust in addition to the blue) so they will sort of unorthodox holiday colors (which I like) and will be so cute.


On subsequent ones I’m going to add a few beads and other “findings” as ornaments among the wooden ones.   I’ve already discovered that metal ring stitch markers with the little beads on them will look like great ornaments and add a bit of  bling.  And I also plan to make a large framed version – maybe 14 x 16 as a gift for a person I was having a hard time figuring out what to make but this will be perfect.  So of course that’s why I had to order more of these buttons, plus some that are heart shaped, and some mittens and Christmas stockings.   I’m looking forward to working on the rest of these.

Progress has also been made on the striped sweater – the back is finished and I’ve got about 5″ done on the front.  It doesn’t look like much preblocking and laying on the floor so far but it’s going to be a pretty sweater.



Using EQ8 for Knitting…….

I’ve been playing in EQ a bit the last two days but not regarding a quilt design – it also works great for knitting stranded color work / fair isle patterns.

It started with this Knitspiration Hat pattern I came across on Ravelry.  It’s a very neat concept – especially if you are getting kids involved to design the colorwork section.  The designer used the pattern to make teachers gifts and her kids came up with the designs.

I set up the grid needed for the color work area and it’s much quicker painting in colors in EQ than using colored pencils and the paper grid provided in the pattern.

While two colored color work would be the easiest way to start – you know that I am an overachiever and couldn’t help adding in multiple colors.  Here’s just a couple ideas I came up with.

Design 1


Design 2


Design 3


I won’t get started on any hats for a while but I think this will be a really fun pattern with limitless possibilities.

More progress made on my striped sweater last night – I’m less than 5 rows away from starting the armhole shaping.

I didn’t get my banana bread made last weekend so the bananas are thawing and it will get made today.   In the meantime, laundry and a few other chores are getting done and I’m headed to the sewing room to get those sweater parts organized and off the floor now.

Oh and my Black Friday ESK sale yarns arrived.


December 1, 2018


Gosh, December 1 – where did November go?   Went out for breakfast with a friend on this gloomy, blustery (down right windy) day.  Going in and out of car/restaurant/craftshop/grocery store first it spit moisture on us, then it downright rained on us, then it snowed on us, then it rained on us again.  I’m glad to be back side not needing to venture out again this weekend.

First off on the knitting front – I finished off the test knit for Fogbound Knits (Laura Aylor designer).  This is the Snowbirds Cowl – I’ll let you know once the pattern is released.  I think it should be within the next week.    It’s a quick, easy knit and I love the bit of lace which is really easy to do.   The garter squishiness in a bulky yarn is also a big plus in my book.   And if you need  quick holiday gift – this one takes no time at all to knit.


I took the photo above this morning and now at lunch time with the rain we got, that hill behind the fence has no snow on it at all – not that there was much to start with.


I also started a new sweater a few days ago, despite the fact that I haven’t organized all those sweater pieces and figured out where I left off on them (see previous post).  I’m making a CustomFit version of Seguin.   My sweater will have the colors reversed (dark background/main color and lighter contrast color) due to the amount of yardage of each color I have in my stash — yes I’m using stash yarn! 🙂


I’m about half way to the armhole on the back of the sweater.  The stripes keep the plain stockinette more interesting to knit and it makes it really easy to count rows.

Also while out and about I picked up two different sets of buttons for some of the sweaters in progress.  I’m having the hardest time finding buttons for a lacy sweater I’m making.  It’s an odd shade of green.  I’ve ordered two different sets of green buttons – neither was the right shade.  I pulled some gold buttons out of the stash – not right.  Silver didn’t look right either.  Today I got some plain mother of pearl buttons and also some metal, sort of bronze but with a greenish cast to them, etched buttons.


I’m going to have to think on this a bit to decided if the metal buttons are too busy looking with the lace or if I want to use them.  I do love those buttons.

Twelve Sweaters in 2019 – crazy or not?

When it comes to crazy and knitting, you know friend Judy must be involved.  Her husband did declare us both crazy earlier this weekend – not for the first time either. 🙂

But in chatting with Judy about knitting plans, we both wanted to make/finish more sweaters and Judy came up with the 12 sweaters plan (which may require it’s own 12-step program before we’re done).    But a plan is always a good place to start.

I’ve accomplished lots of knitting and finished items with the Yarnathon this year.  Not all of these were Yarnthon projects (there was Camp Loopy in there too), but most were.  I finished:

  • 12 pairs fingerless mitts
  • 8 shawls/wraps
  • 2 hats
  • 6 cowls
  • 3 pairs socks
  • 1 toddler sweater

But, I have a basket of sweaters in various stages of completion that are languishing and some new sweaters I want to make so I’ll be concentrating on them.   Judy listed a bunch of the sweater patterns she plans/wants to make.  Since I do most of my sweaters through the CustomFit program, they don’t have regular patterns I can link to so I dug my tub of sweater parts out of the closet and have now made a mess spreading them out on the sewing room floor to show you what’s in progress.


Yep – that’s 14 sweaters (although I think two of them are maybe vests but I can’t even remember) in various stages of completion.  And I think there is one missing but I didn’t want to make any more of a mess than I already did.    Some are summer/spring sweaters and some are fall/winter wooly sweaters and one is for my sister in non-wool yarn.

Judy would you please come organize this, bag each one up with the rest of it’s yarn, pattern, etc.?  Okay – guess I’ll have to do that myself.   So over the next week or so I’m going to try to organize this mess, gather back the supplies for each sweater which have gotten dumped in a couple of bags, get the pattern and figure out where I left off and what’s left to do for each and prioritize.  The limey green one at the top right is one of the ones I want to finish off first.  I also need to remember to take it with me somewhere to find some buttons.  I’ve ordered two different kinds and they are just not right.

There’s also one or two of those sweaters which might get ripped out to use the yarn for something else.  One is a top down sweater and I’m not loving it – I normally do bottom up in pieces for my sweaters – and I love the yarn so need to try it on and make a final decision about whether I like the way it will it and  to continue,  or just rip it back.

Hmmm I did just empty a shelving unit in the sewing room of all its fabrics/ projects, maybe I need to keep that shelving unit to stack the knitting works in progress on so they don’t get buried in the bottom of a box or bag and forgotten.

Time to go knit while contemplating the organizing and prioritizing of the knitting WIP.  I do know that at least one new sweater will make it on my must make list because this lovely combination of Yowza will be begging to be knit up once it arrives.


The state of the sewing room

For once – the sewing room is not a disaster area – only due to the fact that I have not been in here sewing since the whole new furnace installation / empty out sewing closet adventure.  Then there was the mouse – I don’t think I mentioned the mouse but when they had all the duct work opened up from where the old furnace was and where the new furnace was going I was looking at that thinking to myself  “I hope there’s no varmits living in there.”    But I kept hearing some odd little noises and one day realized there was a varmit living in my bathroom cabinet.    “Was” and “living” both used in past tense since he is no more.  But I finally after placing traps in various places, have not heard anything and have not seen anything or caught anything, so today I finally put everything back in the bathroom cabinet that I had cleaned out.

So now it’s on to the sewing room which currently looks like this

So now to finish filling up that closet, get my table back out into the room and pull out the quilt I want to layer.  But first off I need a cup of coffee and to decide if what is already in the closet is in the right place before putting more in.  I’d really like to be able to get rid of that shelving unit in the lower middle photo if I can get all that organized in the closet.  That shelving until has finished quilt tops, and various projects gathered together that are at the top of my list of “want to finish soonest”    (like the Christmas quilt that I will be shooting for next year to be on my bed since it won’t be making it this year).

This morning I did a quick swatch for a test knit I’ll be doing.  The yarn is Fibre Company Tundra and its so soft – it will make a very cozy cowl.


Saturday 11-24-18

I’m so confused as to what day it is – that having a day off, working yesterday thing is confusing me.  Saturday – must remember it’s Saturday.   It’s a drizzly, gray, cold, damp Saturday and I think there is some snow expected this weekend.   A good day to stay in side and knit of course! 🙂

I’ve tidied the kitchen, got some laundry going, waiting on my groceries to be delivered in the next half hour or so, and I just discovered some bananas in the freezer so have them thawing to make some banana bread later.  A marathon of old Sherlock Holmes movies is playing and once I get the bread mixed up and groceries put away, back to my knitting and movies.

I seem to be hopping back and forth between several knitting projects again.   I also finally got some photos of what the most recent projects are.


I don’t think I ever showed the final photo of this bonnet – adult bonnet – I’m going to have fun wearing this – it’s so warm.  I’m still debating on whether I add a tassel to the point.  It would be great for matching mother/daughter bonnets since it comes in many sizes.


This cowl was also recently finished.  I love the dark rich colors I his one – it’s a bit washed out in the photo but it’s very soft and warm.





Another cowl using two strands held together. Simple Simon I love the texture in this one.


Another simple squishy soft cowl in bulky yarn.  I’m following the stitch pattern from KISS Cowl Simply Grey altho I’m using smaller needles to make I a bit denser pattern.  This yarn is not quite so stripey looking in real life.


And I finished one stock and started the next and am moving along on these.  These will be a Christmas present.  It’s got a simple texture down the leg and top of foot that keeps it a bit more interesting than plain jane socks.  The pattern is Oh Hello Sock pattern.  I may need to make a pair of these for myself too.

Yesterday there might have been a few black Friday sales on yarn….. I might have purchased several sets of mini hanks in a variety of colors along with two neutral colors to use with them.  Aren’t these pretty – each hank has only 105 yards on it – great way to get lots of different colors for colorwork or the many patterns written for Advent (using 24 or 25 colors and knitting a section/color each day from Dec. 1 thru Christmas).


Now to go tidy yarn back up – I dumped two tubs of yarn on my bed looking for a specific yarn I wanted to do a test knit of a cowl.  Found the yarn not in either of those tubs of course but on top of the third one I looked in.  Isn’t that the way it always goes.


Happy Thanksgiving

The remainder of my Thanksgiving Day will be spent knitting and watching movies.  A very relaxing day – after starting out with my new furnace not kicking on again this morning.   Sigh….but it is now working again and they will need to come back to figure out why it keeps doing this but for now, I’m toasty warm.

I have several projects on the knitting needles, some off but I haven’t gotten things blocked and am too lazy to go take photos today.  But I did take a photo of this yarn that I will be using to cast on a new cowl.

simple simon

Yes – that’s a bit of snow above the yarn.  We had snow earlier in the week but it’s mostly melted except for where there’s shade.  It did flurry on and off all day yesterday but didn’t amount to anything.

The pattern I’m going to use is Simple Simon Cowl which is a free pattern on Ravelry.  I love the simple texture bands.  I’m hoping to get it started and finished today.  The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and I’m going to make mine combining a worsted weight with a fingering weight.  I want a bit heavier/larger cowl and I want the fingering weight (which is the top hank) to blend and pull out the purples that are in the bottom hank.  I think they’ll look good together.   Time will tell.

Several Finishes

I finished off several projects yesterday.  The shawl shown in the previous blog post is now finished except for blocking.  I forgot this pattern uses the “reverse” stockinette side as the “right side” of the shawl – it blends the colors more.  I like both sides and when I was taking photos took them of the stockinette side (wrong side per way pattern is written).  Once I get it blocked, I’ll take some photos of the other side.  This will be very warm to wrap around my shoulders/neck over winter coat since it’s knit in bulky yarn.

I also finished of a pair of socks that had been lingering.    These are now ready to wear.  I had to start wearing my wooly socks early this week – first snowfall arrived although you can see in the photos above taken this morning, that it has melted away although the temps are around freezing.


I cast this cowl on Friday morning before getting on the bus to go to work (I needed a new project for bus knitting) and then finished it off yesterday.  This is the bulky yarn I had originally planned to include in the shawl above but took out of the mix.  This cowl, although I changed things a bit, is based on the Across the Heath cowl pattern (on Ravelry).  I’ve made several and love how they look in bulky variegated yarns.


I also cast on last night for a turban-type cap which has an interesting construction so wil see how that goes but I love this blue yarn.


Time to switch loads of laundry and I found some bananas in the freezer yesterday when I was cleaning it out so I’m contemplating making some banana bread.


ASAP is the Madelintosh yarn I showed yesterday  looking like this.


And as of this morning it looks like this.  The pattern is called Never Fading and with this super bulky yarn it knits up so quickly – of course larger needles help too.  It was supposed to be knit on size 11 but I only had straight needles in that size, so I pulled out my 10.875 (7.5mm) which surely is close enough.  Now I’m just hoping those circular needles are long enough to hold all the stitches.   With this pattern the “purl” side is the “right” side.  The colors fade into each other — I’ve just started my third color in the photo below – color order is right to left in photo above.


But I also like the “wrong” side of this pattern – the stockinette size which shows more clearly where the alternating stripes are where you transition from one color to the next.   reverse size

And I like all those fat stitches that show up on the reverse side all lined up so nice and neatly – this yearn has great stitch definition.

Knitting starts and finishes


That Autumn Harvest Jacket I cast on last weekend — it’s finished.




It was a quick and easy knit. The buttons are only temporary until I find the ones I really want to use (I had to have buttons on it tho to earn the Yarnathon badges it qualifies for)  What I really want is some toggle type buttons but I don’t want just light or dark wood ones, I want ones that are colored – some color that will go well with the sweater – so I shall continue my search until I find what I want.

I’m been working on this second sock the last two days and have made progress.  Added the heel flap, turned the heel and just have a row or two left on the gusset decreases before I’m on the straight-away of the foot.

how-do-you-polish-rust socks

I’d love to get this finished by the end of the weekend but then there is this yarn that I just finished winding the last couple hanks of:


It is going to be a bulky little shawl to wrap around the top of my winter sweater and it should knit up quickly in the Madtosh ASAP yarn and large needles.