June Camp Sewing Project Complete

It’s finished! I just put the last stitches in the binding.

Allstar Cowgirl Roundup

Allstar Cowgirl Roundup quilt made for Camp Loopy June 2018

I really like how this one turned out and the sort of rounded diamond -looking path the darker stars and connecting squares make.    It was one of those designs I drew in EQ and knew I wanted to use two different star block designs but originally the design had the same background in all the darker pink blocks.  Which was fine but it wasn’t until I changed the fabric in the inner triangles around the paisley star center to that dark burgundy, and then colored in the sashing cornerstone top and bottom of applique area that I thought hmmm… what if I color in the corners that touch those sashing squares to make sort of a chain.  I love how easy it is to change up colors and recolor certain areas to get a totally different look in EQ.

I would have liked the quilt with the plainer background blocks just fine but this version with the secondary design really makes it pop…in my not so humble opinion. 🙂

Next month I won’t be working on a Camp quilting project (I have a large project with a lot of lace I’ll be knitting) but do hope to get some sewing done on the next wedding quilt in line to get finished.  I have to pull out the blocks and see if I have all of them made since I can’t remember where I left off.




Sunday Stitching, Knitting, and Chores

Laundry – yep I have to fit a few chores in today.   Actually last night I was doing the stitching.  I have just 2 feet or a bit more of binding to hand stitch down on my Camp Loopy June project.   I want to get that finished so I can get the final photo this week and get it uploaded before I forget and miss the deadline.

I also plan to spend a bit of time in the kitchen – making some cold pasta/tuna salad for lunch this week and also have some frozen peaches I need to use so peach crisp it will be.  Had a large box of sliced mushrooms that I needed to do something with (since I can’t remember what I original bought them to make) so cooked them up and will figure out what to do with them later.  Ah, the lightbulb has come on, those mushrooms may become a mushroom and cheese meatloaf roll.   Well that’s dinner sorted.

I did cast on another pair of fingerless mitts for one of my yarnathon  badges.  The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and in one of my favorite colors of that yarn, Wildflowers.


As I said before – these are the simplest mitts and great for a beginner knitter since it’s all garter stitch and a bit of seaming.  I’ve also just used a crochet hook on some of them to seam them with crochet slip stitch and/or single crochet.

When I was outside I snapped this shot of one of my plants that I’m amazed is still living.


I haven’t had to water it all since planting it a month or so ago.  I HAVE had to dump out the tray that goes under it at least every other day from all the rain we keep getting.  I’m surprised it hasn’t died from being too wet.   It’s leaves have definitely multiplied and it survived the storm that caused the rips and holes in some of the leaves.  Either the rain came down really hard or there was some hail mixed in one of the storms (or both) but it tore up some of the leaves one night.

On to the rest of my chores…..


And the 4th to bind…

I like this second version much better  and this is the one I’ll send off to my mug rug swap recipient.   I matched the thread color to the fabrics, used the large stockinette print on the front, the smaller stockinette print for the binding, and on the back – why purl print fabric of course!  What else would be on the reverse side of stockinette. 🙂



Now I have a choice of bindings to work on tonight or start the last pair of fingerless mitts I need for a project.


But, first, I didn’t realize it was nearly 8PM – no wonder I’m hungry since I haven’t had dinner.  Need to rectify that situation.


And a 3rd project to bind…

albeit a small one.   I need to make a mug rug for a swap so I was working on that today.  It’s for a Ravelry Group that is knitters who also quilt.  So thought it was a perfect opportunity to use some of the “knit stitch” and “purl stitch” print fabrics I had gotten and used some of my fabrics I had hand dyed myself.

Here’s the one that just needs the binding hand stitched to the back.


It turned out okay – but I remembered that while I like the idea of variegated threads, I don’t necessarily like the way the colors fade in and out of certain colored fabrics.

I’m going to make another one with different thread and see which I like better.


There you have it


All trimmed up, binding attached to front, just waiting for the hand stitching.  The next photo you see of this quilt will be when it’s all done.

I’ve got my eye on a brightly colored baby quilt sitting on the chair next – I have to check but I think the top is all done and I wasn’t going to add any borders to it – so think that will up next for quilting.

Quilting Finished….

Whew – it’s finally all quilted!   18 bobbins of thread wound (well actually 19 wound total but only 18 used). That’s a lot of thread.  I do have to say that this is probably the largest quilt I have quilted since getting my sewing machine with the larger harp space.


(Can’t believe I’ve had it now for 4 years but that’s what it says when I pulled this old photo of when I first got it.)  Even tho this quilt is approx. 98″ x 98″, I had plenty of room to maneuver.  Just those extra couple inches and large work quilting surface make such a huge difference compared to all the quilts I used to quilt on my regular machine.  A few quick snaps before my camera lens steamed up outside.  It’s a humid toasty day out there like stepping out into a sauna.   Now I’ve got binding to make.




Quilting continues…

Here’s what I’ll be working on today – this heap of quilt.  Since I’m just meander quilting it, I just sort meander wherever I feel like – no true path in mind.


As I was pulling pins out of the areas that I have already quilted (no wonder I didn’t find many safety pins when I was working on  my Camp Loopy project – they were all in this quilt!) I’ve discovered I sort of have a path through the middle diagonally that I haven’t quilted yet and one corner area left to go I think.  Hopefully this afternoon I get the quilting finished.   Now to go wind a stack of bobbins.  It will be interesting to see how many bobbins worth of thread I really end up using.

Barn Dance Revisited

Lordy – this is the never-ending quilt.   Barn Dance was started back in 2016 as a wedding quilt for one of my niece’s.   This coming October will be the 2 yr anniversary and well they don’t have their quilt …yet…soon, very soon.   They knew they wouldn’t get it until after the wedding and they were selling their house, putting most of their stuff in storage, and moving into a small apartment while they decided where they wanted to build their new home.  Therefore, they really didn’t want the quilt until the new home was ready (one less thing to worry about in storage) so I got a reprieve.  But I really need to get it finished since those other darn nieces and nephews kept getting married quickly in succession.  There are three other wedding quilts to be made, only one of which is started (possibly 2 started if I can stand to part with the other one).

In any event, I was looking back at a prior post and at that point I had quilted 13 bobbins worth of thread into Barn Dance.  Today I finally pulled it out and added another three bobbins worth and I think it will take at least three more tomorrow but just maybe that will be enough to finish it off.  That’s a whole lot of thread and it’s just a large meander overall, nothing fancy.  No photos since it’s all in a heap right now.

But as I was working on it I remembered I had deactivated the download for the pattern on my blog because I needed to fix something.  So it is now fixed.  I actually took all the separate pdfs from the original quilt along format and joined them together into one pdf so there will just be one file to download now (instead of 5 or 6 separate ones) to get all the instructions.  Just go to the pdf files downloads list to get it.



Rumor has it there’s going to be a Barn Dance quilt hanging at Fall Quit Week in Paducah (not mine of course) which is very cool so if you are at Quilt week be sure to look for it.



A quilting day…

Today has been a quilting day – or at least this afternoon was – and I managed to get all the quilting finished on my June Camp Loopy project.


The binding is attached but still needs to be hand stitched.  I’m actually ahead of schedule since all that’s left is the binding — as long as I don’t procrastinate too long on getting it finished off.

Since I’m in quilting mode today (too hot and steamy outside to do much else and last night’s downpour of rain just made the weather even better for all the mosquitoes lurking outside my door) I’m going to see if I can find the thread I was using to quilt one of the wedding quilts that I really need to finish off.  I’m so behind schedule on those.

Camp Loopy – Store Week for July

Today the Camp Store week started and the challenge for July Camp Loopy was revealed.

Those cowboys and cowgirls faced many challenges in the Wild Wild West. Lasso up a pattern that will be a challenge for you in some way during the month of July. A few examples would include: a new technique, mixing different brands of color into one project, a new-to-you designer, a new shape or type of project, your own design elements added in to change something, etc. As always, we want to leave this open ended enough for you to find something fun to work on, but also provide a challenge for you to work with.

Sooo did the ideas I had for possible yarns/fabrics/patterns before the criteria was announced worked.  Yes and no.   Yes the yarn I fell in love with works and was ordered.



I hope the colors go together as well in real life.  I like that hint of gold in the multicolored yarn  and I love gold in general so the tonal one on the right is right up my alley.  The left is called Watershed and the right Caramel.

In keeping with the “new technique” and I don’t think I’ve made anything by this designer before either  – I plan to make Cozy Cottage Orchard.  It has a bit different construction – make long lace panel in the center and then pick up stitches and add garter border in the round.   I plan to use the Caramel for the lace and Watershed for the border, make it a bit longer since I plan to keep it for me, and maybe adjust the width of the border since it looks a bit wide to me.  But I have 1,640 yards of yarn so shouldn’t run out with any adjustments I want to make.  I’m just going to have to knit my little fingers off to finish it in a month – but there is a few vacation days in that time period and some visiting with family days where I should be able to get some knitting done when we’re just sitting around.

No, as far as the fabric choices.  I could have made them work but I was smart enough to decide July is sort of a busy month for me – family events, a bit of traveling – so I decided NOT to do a sewing project for July, especially since I’m knitting a big project in July.

I did make progress yesterday afternoon on my June quilting project tho.  Got it layered and have it about half quilted so that one is progressing nicely.