And another snowy weekend

Last weekend was snowy and we’ve had snow the last 3 days.  Yesterday when I opened the door to look out it was very pretty – that wet heavy snow that coats all the trees.


It’s pretty much all melted off the trees by the end of the day yesterday but has left a nice coating of ice on the sidewalk outside my door.

This weekend has been cleaning (between coffee breaks that kept getting longer) but lots of stuff to straighten out, put away, etc.  Clutter everywhere I look that is not in its rightful home.  I need a couple trips to the dumpsters with recycling, boxes and stuff but after seeing the ice, will wait because I think it will melt off today and be safer to traverse another day.

The x-mas tree is still up but later today or in the evenings this week I’ll start taking off the ornaments and wrapping them up so by next weekend all the x-mas stuff should be put away.  I did really enjoy not decorating the tree until x-mas eve and then enjoying it for a month afterward (rather than how many people put it up a month before x-mas and take it down shortly after).

Hopping back and forth between several knitting projects – a linen stitch cowl in silky yarn, 20200122_3

I love this yarn  – its Hand Maiden Sea Silk and the colorway is Puffin.  This project will take a while but it’s an easy one to pick up and put down.

I started on a dish cloth in Teal Cascade Ultra Pima Fine.  I’ll be working on a group of these in different colors, each one in a different stitch pattern and picking stitches out of a book I have called 400 Knitting Stitches by Potter Craft.  This one is the Ridge Stitch.


Also working on the red hooded blanket but it just looks like a larger triangle of garter stitch than last time I took a photo.  And Monday a Flash Knit Along starts for the ESK Yarnathon – knitting a pair of mittens or mitts from Skeindeer Knits (lovely colorwork stuff).   Start Jan 27 and finish on Feb. 7 – I think I can do that with the pair of fingerless mitts in worsted weight I plan to make.

A snowy cold weekend

Burrr… it has been really cold the past four or five days – temps in single digits and wind chills below zero, along with the 5-6″ of new snow that arrived Friday night into Saturday.   I did venture out for breakfast with a friend this morning and that was enough out in the cold – I think it was 4 degrees at the time.  The rest of the day I’ve been puttering around with a few things and knitting.

Several of the linen stitch mug rugs I’ve been making from stash are now done.   The one I was turning into a button flap card pouch is still not dry from blocking, but here are the other things off the needs in the last couple of days.



The one above is one of my favorites — I used up the last little bit to make a fob to attach to my key chain.  This little “book bag” can hold several dollar coins – I like to keep them handy in case I loose a bus ticket.  It’s 2″ square.



The photo above is a close up of another of my favorite ones.  I made it as long as I could with the scraps I had left and it ended up just over 6″ x 11″ and fits on the table next to wear I knit nicely.  The table/cabinet has a wicker insert in the top and I keep losing pins or stitch markers in the wicker or getting them stuck there.  This will cover that entire area.

I did think about taking down the Christmas tree this weekend but never got around to it – perhaps next weekend instead.

I’m not looking forward to heading out to the bus stop for work tomorrow morning but at least the low temp for tonight is several degrees warmer than it was when I went out for breakfast this morning.  Good thing I’ve got all those wooly knits to pile on.

Seeing Red

It’s funny how some times it seems I’m stuck in a color rut.   There are many times when I would be working on a sewing project and the colors were the same as my current knitting project.   Right now that color rut seems to be red.   I’ve got the Guernsey Wrap that is bright red and I need to make a baby blanket and what color did I find for that – dark red.

Since I’m trying to work from stash this year (12 days into the new year and not a single yarn order has been placed – at this point last year three separate orders had been placed).   So I looked up what I had in worsted weight that was machine wash and dry since it’s for a baby and Cascade 220 Superwash was my choice and I knew where the red was so grabbed that.

I’m making theHooded Baby Wrap with Ears – looks like a teddy bear ears – but I’m going to make it a bit bigger than the pattern calls for. I’m also changing the pattern slightly to give it an edging – it’s knit on the diagonal and is a super easy beginner type project.

Here’s my start from yesterday.


Lovely squishy garter stitch.  The color in the top photo is true.  Very much a tv watching sort of knit since you do the same thing every row.  I was very lazy yesterday afternoon and evening – started a free trial of Masterpiece and spent it knitting and watching Masterpiece shows.  A bit disappointed with the Masterpiece channel – not much I really want to watch – granted I have seen a lot of them – but there were two or three series that looked really interesting but they are in foreign languages so that was disappointing.  I’ll cancel before the free trial expires but I did see a couple good shows.


I’m being a bit more productive today – doing some chores before I go make a big bowl of popcorn for lunch and do some more knitting.  I want to finish this mug rug today — which I decided last night will not be a mug rug after all but I will fold it in half, put a zipper in the top and sew the sides to make a zippered coin purse.


This brilliant idea came to me after digging for something in my bag/purse and coming up with a handful of loose change that had collected in the bottom.  I may need to turn more mug rugs into purse accessories – sunglass case and other goodies.

We did not get much from the second wave of the winter storm yesterday – only a dusting of snow compared to 6″ they thought we might get – I’ll take 3″ total over 12″ total any day but dang when I opened the door to look out that wind is cold.  I think winter has finally arrived to stay.

Snow fall

I was very pleased this morning when I looked out the door to see that we did NOT get the 7″ to 12″ of snow that was predicted for last night.   It was sleeting like crazy as I got off the bus and the sidewalks were slippery but made it safely home – despite the 15 or so wooden steps and metal railing I have to go down being covered with a coating of ice.  The apt. snow removal guys have already been thru and it looks like there may be about 1/2″ of ice under the snow but with the snow on top at least it won’t be so slippery and only about  2″ or maybe 3″ at most of snow.  Of course there is more snow coming today so who knows how much we’ll end up with.  I have nowhere I need to be this weekend so will stay safe and snug inside.

I’ve been busy knitting on some small projects.  I love the look of linen stitch – its the knit version of looking like weaving and some yarns are so pretty in it.  I really love the look of single plies rather than plied yarns.   One of the first mug rugs I was making I decided to turn into a little envelope type pouch for holding the ID card, insurance card, bus tickets I carry with me all the time.  I improvised a front flap with a button hole in it.  It needs to be blocked and then side sews sewn and button added but here it is folded the way it will look.


I also finished one mug rug and am about 3/4 of the way thru a second.  These make great little gifts, with or without a matching coffee mug.  I definitely need to keep the one I’m still working on since it matches my favorite pottery mug so well.



And I got one chart repeat done on my Guernsey Wrap.


January 5, 2020

Spent a few days visiting with my parents and my sister and her family.  Lots of fun, good food, card playing (we are a card playing family whenever we gather), trip to a museum – it was a great visit.  There are usually deer that you can see from my parents condo patio window and while they were a bit shy this time one finally did make an appearance.  And the ride to and from we saw several eagles and a whole lot of hawks hanging out in tree tops.  The snow that had delayed my Dad in picking me up was nearly all melted by the time we got back to Iowa.  It was just a weird weather day.

I also got lots of knitting done – finished the second front I was working on, cast on a sleeve and finished that, and cast on the back while I was there.


The new Yarnathon at Eat.Sleep.Knit (ESK)  has started and there are some projects I will be working on for that along with other non-ESK projects.    You get assigned to a team and this year I’m in the Fiber Fawns.      The picture of the fawn is actually a pillow in my living room.ddd

It’s so cute.  And I think this fabric I recently bought from The Loopy Ewe fabric close out sale may need to be made into a project bag for some knitting.


So all the new badges and KALs have been posted for the Yarnathon and the Mini-Mouse (make a project under 50 yards) is back and I’m working on another mug rug with some left over yarn which will be for that.


This is the Chrysanthemum colorway yarn I’ve used in several projects and I love it in everyone I’ve made and it’s knitting up so pretty in this linen stitch mug rug.

And one project I’ve been wanting to make, the Guernsey Wrap which is a great textured wrap/scarf.   The year-long KAL project is called “choose your own stitches” and the gist of it is to knit a project using many different stitch patterns.  I went stash diving for this yearn – Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rustic – and the color is Hot Rod Red.  I bought it back in 2015 so it’s time it became something lovely.


This yarn has great stitch definition and will show all the different textured stitches well.  And all the stitch patterns are just various combinations of knit and purl stitches so not a difficult knit at all.

Happy New Year’s Eve

2019 seems to have flown by quickly in some respects and in others, no so much.

I woke up this morning to this – the first snow we’ve had in quite a while.


It’s messing with my traveling plans.  Dad was coming to pick me up for a visit and had started out early this morning (before daylight) only to have to turn back around since the Iowa roads were very snow covered and slippery.     He waited a couple hours and was trying it again now that plows etc had been out.  Here the snow is very wet.  I cleared a path to the parking lot and on the stairs in anticipation of his arrival and it was already melting and just wet where I had shoveled by the time I turned around to come back in.  Of course 15 minutes later the guys came thru with the snowblowers to clear the sidewalks.  That figures!  So we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I’ll find a movie to watch and do some knitting.  I’ve got the first sleeve of my sweater (3/4 sleeves) just about to the armhole shaping.

Last night I finally framed the last two little Christmas trees I had stitched.



2019 Knitting Finishes

20191229_9Rats! I had a separate page link set up in the header of the blog where I was posting photos of all my finished knitting projects for 2019.  As I was updating and adding two missing projects I accidentally deleted all the photos.  I’m not going to go back and take the time to pull new photos so I have changed the link at the top of the blog to the new page that I will use for all 2020 finishes – all knitting, weaving and quilting finishes.

So I’ll just give the recap here of my 2019 projects.    According to Ravelry, I used 21,757 yards in my 32 projects completed in 2019.  That’s a lot of yardage – even I was surprised at that  but I had a lot more knitting time in 2019 – not something that will be repeated in 2020 – and the yardage of several sweaters that had previously been started are included in that tally.   I have actually knit more than that because it does not count all the works in progress – like my temperature tracker which is over 3,000 yards right now  but not yet finished.    Thirty-two finished projects/ 21,757 yards – I’m really happy with that.

The  yardage broke down into these types of projects:

  • Sweaters for me – 5
  • Baby/toddler sweaters – 4
  • Scarfs – 3
  • Shawls – 3
  • Cowls – 6
  • Hat – 1
  • Mittens – 1 pr
  • Misc: 2 dishcloths, one mug rug, one elephant stuffie, one felted table runner
  • Woven scarfs/runners:  4

There is a yarn order that will be coming – my last hurrah for 2019 – from the Miss Babs Gratitude sale that is currently running.  I had to get just a bit before the year was out of my favorite two bases – Yowza and 3-ply Yummy and I decided to try a different base called Madison – heck I live in Madison so it just seemed like something I should try.   It’s an Aran weight yarn.  The other item I ordered in the sale is a leather ruler bracelet that I have been eyeing for quite a while but finally ordered one.  It’s a leather strip that wraps twice around your wrist like a bracelet but it had measurements all along it so you have a ruler at the ready – I got a red one.

2020 will definitely be knitting and weaving from the stash – yes I’ve said that before but more important than how many yards I’ve knit will be how few yards I’ve purchased.  I do have credits earned sitting in my account at two of the stores I shop at but I will save those for a special treat.    I need to buy spend money on new furniture –  something I hate shopping for but is a must on my list – and my lovely stash yarn deserves to see the light of day.

My first projects I hope to finish in 2020 are my Primavera Cardi – which I had to rip one front back on Christmas day because I had cast on too many stitches and didn’t notice until a good way in; my temp tracker project; and a pair of socks I have one the needles.

I restarted the front I had to rip back for the Primavera Cardi

Here it is a few inches past where I had to rip back

20191228_3 but I made great progress on it last night and today and am halfway through the armhole area.

Merry Christmas

A friend sent me this wonderful Christmas tree pop up card – it’s just lovely.


Today has been a quiet day – too quiet – I dozed off during a holiday moving I was watching so now I have to go back and watch the last half of it I missed!  I think I might have stayed up too late last night knitting.

Today I pulled out a sweater that I had previously started.  I really want to cast on a new one but told myself I should finish this one first.  Well so far I’m going backwards becuase when I pulled this out to figure out where I left off, I realized I had messed up.  Luckily where I left off was where I was supposed to put a stitch marker in for some shaping so knit so many stitches, place marker, knit so many more stitches.  Hmmmm…..I had extra stitches on my needle.  Rats!  I had cast on 10 more stitches for this side of the sweater than the other side.


So all of this has been ripped out and I have restarted…. with the CORRECT number of stitches this time.  This sweater is worsted weight yarn and US9 needles so it shouldn’t take to long to get back where I started.    I’m just glad I hadn’t knit more before discovering the error.




The stockings were hung….

on the bookshelf of course!  I have no fireplace. 🙂  The tree is finally decorated and that side of the room put back in order and it looks very festive.

I spent a large part of the late afternoon unwrapping all of these – the part I dislike about decorating the tree is the unwrapping/wrapping of all the ornaments.


and then these – the very old ornaments from my great grandmother (the ones on the left side of the red lid full and the ones from the trees I remember when I was little.


My two patio chairs (which are quite comfy because they are made for tall people and we’re a family of tall people) have been decorated with some appliqued wall hangings that I pulled out of the closet and I think they go quite well with the wall hanging on the wall.


Now to go make myself a sandwich – I’ve been too busy decorating and then getting the tubs and containers out of the living room (my poor sewing room – everything got shoved in there rather than back in the closet but it’s only temporary.)  Then to find a good holiday movie to watch.

While I was decorating I watched  Santa and Pete – which has James Earl Jones in it as the grandpa – a very good family holiday movie.  I may have to pull out some DVD favorites – Christmas in Connecticut, White Christmas or Beyond Christmas.

Merry Christmas!




Trees and more trees

Goodness – this month has flown by and I’ve been busy trying to get stuff finished off.  The Yarnathon is ending – submissions have to be in Dec. 25 so I was finishing off the last projects I planned to submit.  Didn’t earn all the badges or get to the highest level this year but that’s okay because I did the ones that interested me and I have some great knit projects from them.

Last weekend I decided I needed to make a space in the living room for my Christmas tree. I had bought a revolving book case that takes up the space where the tree used to go so decided to drag an overstuff chair into my sewing room to make space.  Let’s just say that didn’t go smoothly because of all the doorways in the area where I needed to move it – had to get it turned on the correct side to angle it it (did it wrong the first time); needed to unscrew the legs (didn’t until after 2nd try); took of three legs- got interrupted by phone call – didn’t notice until wedge in door that I forgot to remove the fourth leg.   Many swear words and laughing at myself later – got it turned correctly and in the room.  WHEW.   Yesterday I finally dragged out the big Christmas tub and last night put together (slid the 3 sections in place) and fluffed.  I haven’t gotten it decorated yet; I may save that until X-mas eve afternoon.  But I love my skinny tree (ignore the mess).


I’ve been busy stitching trees too — both large trees are now finished except for the framing.  The one with the wooden decorations will not stay in the frame it is pictured in – I found a much nicer one so need to redo that.


This is the one with some bling!


The red and blue square ornaments are glass knitting stitch markers. They work perfect.

I also just finished off this mini one – to go in 4″x6″ frame.  Now off to stitch another one which will be on pink houndstooth wool background.    I may add some little glass seed beads to the one below yet.