Another Sweater Finished!

First of all I just realized it Valentine’s day.  Happy Valentine’s Day! Dang – I never even got my Wacky Heart’s wall hanging out this year to hang up.WackyHearts

Oh yes – I remember when that hill beyond the fence was lush and green like in the photo. LOL

Here’s what it looks like today – what you can’t really see is it is snowing huge fluffy flakes which are really blowing around since it’s really windy — brrr


But to keep me warm against that cold, another sweater has been added to the arsenal of warm clothes.



My Turks and Caicos CF sweater – made both for the CF Deep Winter KAL and also my January Mixer project at TLE using Wollmeise Pesto yarn that has been in the stash since 2013, is complete (tho it was still a bit damp I discovered when I tried it on so it’s back on the table to dry a bit more.

Wollmeise makes such lovely sweaters to wear.   This one – I’m not as thrilled with as some of the other sweaters I’ve made but that’s solely due to my choices.  This sweater has a squarish neckline which I’ve now decided I’m not fond of – so will make sure future sweaters don’t have that type.  I also used a heavier yarn and larger needles than what the original design as done in – which is so easy to do with CF – but I didn’t think that about the fact that it would mean the lace inset would cover a larger area and be more open than the original design — so this one is a bit obscene if I wouldn’t put a cami under it.  Also something to note for future sweaters.  But it will still be a fun sweater to wear and of course it’s green — I love all shades of green and hey  – I’m not Irish but I’ll have a great sweater to wear on St. Patty’s day.

Since I’ll have a new green sweater for St. Patty’s day, it only seems fitting that I should start a pink sweater on Valentine’s day, right?  (Okay I’m really just looking for a good excuse to cast on a new sweater today using this yarn).

20160213_9I was going to make a crew necked cardigan — sort of like the Charlie’s cardigan I finished — but I think with this one I may go more scooped necked and three quarter length sleeves.  But I shall “try” to resist a bit longer and continue on my slate sweater – where I’m not halfway between the armholes and the should edges on the back.  (Although another reason for starting a new sweater is when I get to the striped portion of the slate sweater, I’m not going to want to carry all those extra colors and knit it on the bus so I will need something else to work on ….yep, justification it’s best!) LOL

A Name Chosen

In case you hadn’t noticed – yesterday I gave the “not yet named” QAL project a name.  Thank you all for your name submissions.  

I chose the name suggested by Pat Anderson which was Points of View.   It seemed appropriate for several reasons, one of which is when it comes to naming quilts we all have our own “points of view”.  cropped-stars-sew.jpg

Some of you saw tulips in the design — I did not until several people gave some version of a name with the word tulip in it.  Different things jump out of a design to different people and the tulip look was not something I initially saw.   Some of you saw hearts or colors of the desert, some saw diamonds (I saw squares on point), some suggested names based on a certain colorway of fabrics I had used, etc.   Lots of great name suggestions and it’s all in your “point of view” as to what jumps out of a design at you when you look at it.

I’m hoping to get to figuring out yardage today – if my printer actually has ink in it so I can print out some pattern pages.  I don’t have a start time for this project set yet but remember the link in the sidebar will always contain the most up-to-date information.






Puttering away the day

Where did my day go?  I’ve have been puttering on several things but I can safely say I did not accomplish much at all. Not that I planned to do a lot today other than maybe knit and sew but I haven’t even done that yet. :-)

I did get my Turks and Caicos sweater soaked and it’s laying out on the blocking boards to dry.  I did tidy up a couple things and did some laundry but mostly I was looking on line at new dishes and other things.

The set of dishes I have – are ending up in the trash one by one.  I have to think that it’s a flaw in the design of the dishes – one by one they are splitting in half.  Every so often I pick one up and it has that strange feel – the feel I recognize as it having a crack in it somewhere and although it’s usually not showing on the front of the plate thru the glaze, I can see it on the back.   I bought a few plain white cheapy plates since I was running out and but those can’t be put in the microwave so it was time to start looking for something new.

After looking at way too many dishes ( and finally after trying to decide between two set that have square plates and then luckily remembering before hitting that buy button that square dishes do not fit well in the dishwasher) I ended up going with what I was thinking about to start with – Fiesta ware.  On a cold winter’s day it’s hard to resist all those bright fun colors.   But I didn’t order complete sets  – for the time being I just ordered a few bowls and 6 or 8 (can’t remember the final tally) lunch plates since that’s the size I usually eat off of anyway.   I’ll pick up some dinner plates next time they are on sale at the store here.    I did also order a larger bowl and I think the other was called a hostess bowl – I just loved the design of that one – rather art deco looking –  and will probably leave it out on the breakfast bar more as a decorative item (fill it with M&Ms?)   Actually I can’t be trusted with M&Ms in the house so that won’t happen. ;-)   And in addition to dishes – why do I never have any spoons?  (I know why – I have a habit of not noticing they’ve dropped into the garbage disposal and they get a bit chewed up.)  I have wrecked more teaspoons that way.   So I’m replacing silverware too and will make a concerted effort not to grind it up.

And the best part – besides the fact that the dishes and silverware were all on sale was I had an additional coupon I could add, a President’s day extra sale coupon, and free shipping so saved a good sum of money.    That was my exciting day and now I’m going to  snuggle under a quilt and get some knitting done.


On the Needles – 2/13/16

May I first say BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!  It’s been a cold week waiting at the bus stop but I’m glad I’m not out there this am.  The temperature is somewhere below zero, it’s very windy, so the wind chill is….. well I don’t know what it is but they were predicting 20-30 below.  Nope I’m not venturing out today. This weekend is the annual Winter Festival – which always seems to fall on the coldest weekend of the year — great for helping the  ice and snow sculpture contests from dealing with melting issues — not so great for ski races or people standing around watching all the activities.  I will NOT be among them.

As for On and Off the Needles — I have another sweater completed – except for the blocking. Got my CF Turks and Caicos pullover seamed last weekend.  I seamed and added the neckline trim before blocking so it needs a good bath and blocking and then I’ll get a photo of it.

I had ordered yarn for my next CF but in the meantime couldn’t resist casting on a different sweater while awaiting arrival of that yarn – a CF version of Unbalanced.  The link is to my Rav page but you can find the link on that page to see what the  original Unbalanced sweater actually looks like.  Stripes on one side of front of the cardigan sweater and opposite sleeve.  This project I cast on last Saturday and it has been my bus knitting project.  I’m just a row away from starting the underarm bindoffs.


The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease – very inexpensive yarn (and even more so because I got it at a great sale price) and totally machine wash and dry.  When I machine washed and dried my swatch there was absolutely no gauge change in it.  This sweater also feels so light in weight compared to my Charlie’s Cardigan which was worsted wool – that is a heavy sweater. It’s looking gray in the photo but the swatch on my Rav page is the true color.

The new yarn arrived – Blue Moon Targhee Worsted in  Strawberry Rhubarb Pie colorway.

20160213_1Check out that hank of yarn and the ball it makes.  It’s sitting on a foot square cutting mat but doesn’t really capture the size of that ball of yarn.  I had to finish hand winding it because the over 600 yard hanks are way to big to entirely wind on my ball winder.  But I love the fact that there will be so few ends to weave in on my sweater. True color (always elusive in my photos) is a little darker than the swatch.


Here’s a close up of the design at the top of my swatch.


I’m going to make anther button front cardigan similar in style to my Charlie’s Cardigan but instead of the chevrons in the front of Charlie’s – each side of the button band will have this wandering vine and leaf section – this is just one repeat of the pattern (the top of the leaf on the lower left would repeat at the top of the vine on the left above it.  I need to generate my CF pattern for this sweater and then figure out how many repeats I need to get up to the neckline so I can end the design like I want.  I may also put several of these vines up the center of the back of the sweater.  The vine design is taken from a free scarf pattern on Ravelry called Daphne.

Off to soak and block my Turks and Caicos.



It’s a top

Block and rows are all sewn together.

20160207_3Now I just have to decide what, if any, borders I might want to add to it.  It will be a great little charity quilt and that peach color, which is a bit brighter IRL, made those blocks look a bit spring-like laying on my floor – despite the snow right outside the door.

In addition to this sewing, I’ve gotten two large loaves and one small made of banana bread to take into the office tomorrow and did some cleaning. (Tho you’d never know I had the kitchen spotlesss since I currently have it messed up again with some dinner preparations).  I never really paid attention to what time I got up this a.m. but it seems like it was a day and a half ago.  I’m not complaining that time seems to be going by slowly by any means but it does seem like it is.

Think I’ve had enough sewing for today so knitting and finding a good movie to watch – the only way to spend a Sunday afternoon and evening – and I’ve got some country style pork ribs slow roasting in the oven for dinner.  I’ve been so hungry for those so am anxiously awaiting dinner!

February 7, 2016

My little featherweight, after hibernating in the sewing room for what seems a long time, finally got a bit of a work out yesterday.   I got all of one type of block for my quilt done.


There’s a pile of scraps left not quite wide enough to cut more block pieces but might work in a border so I’ve set those aside.    Hopefully I will get the alternating blocks cut and sewn today.  I can trip piece those more easily since they are out of regular yardage and not all those little layer cake strips so should go quickly.

I did cast on my Unbalanced sweater last night – more than one.  I had about an inch knit and realized in the very first row I must have set it down and then picked it back up and twisted one of the needles so there was a twist in the beginning row.  No one else would have noticed it but it bugged me and at the same time the lightbulb came on — why didn’t I use the tubular cast on since I like that so much better than long tail on sweaters.  All the more reason to start over, which I did, so nearly have the bottom ribbing done once again but I’m much happier with it.

February 6, 2016

So far its been a fairly productive day – although I’ve jumped around to several different things today.

It started last night – when I walked into my bedroom I had to move something on a shelf and what slid off the shelf but a plastic storage bag with some yarn in it — image that!   Actually I forgot I had put it there.  It was all for a sweater I had planned quite a while ago.  [I just searched on the blog because I can remember talking about the fact that it was such a great sale that I couldn’t pass it up (and I think friend Judy and I were chatting about it).  I got the yarn around February 7, 2014 so it has been hibernating in the stash for 2 years tomorrow!  Time to get it out into the light of day.]


And since I’m bored with the one sleeve I have left to knit for the sweater on the needles, and since I didn’t feel like seaming the other sweater I need to finish – what’s a girl to do but swatch for a new sweater.  Despite the fact that there’s some gorgeous yarn coming to make a second Charlie’s Cardigan style sweater, and despite the fact that it should arrive at the office Monday or Tuesday, and despite the fact that I’ll want to get started on that sweater right away, I still swatched last night, blocked it this morning (toss in the wash and the dryer) and I generated my new CF pattern so you know I’m going to cast that baby on tonight!  :-)


The color on top in the above photo and the swatch below (Stone) is going to be the main color of the sweater.


This one will be another cardigan but it will have stripes on one side in front and on the opposite sleeve and have a matching cowl.  I based it on the Unbalanced pattern.  So on my Ravelery page it’s called “Denise Unbalanced” — well that really says it all right?  LOL

Anyway, I’ll get a start on that later.

While waiting for my grocery delivery, I started sewing the Layer Cake strips together for my TLE January Mixer fabric project.

20160206_8It’s going to be scrappy – well controlled scrappy since it’s all one line of fabric.  Here is what one of the alternating blocks will look like.   I’ve got about 8 or 9 layers of block pieces stacked on top of each other so I can chain piece them.  The hardest part was mixing up all the various sections so each block looks  bit different.

Laundry has been done and I’ve got a fruit cocktail torte baking in the oven.  A bit of a coffee break and I’ll get a start on sewing those blocks together (and an all time classic horror flick – The Blob – is playing on tv. ) :-)

Off the Needles – 2-5-16

The first project finished in 2016 – my CF Charlie’s Cardigan.


The top photo is the true color which shows up better than the prior photo laying on my carpet where it sort of blended in.  Below is  a quick snap of it in the not so great bathroom light quickly taken by propping my camera on a stack of toilet paper to get the right height before leaving for work this a.m. LOL  I hate taking photos of myself.


It’s cozy and warm and a bit oversized so I can wear it as a jacket this spring.  But on the coldest days of the winter it’s loose enough that I can put another thinner sweater underneath if I need to.      I want to make a second one – tho I may inset a different lace pattern in the front – that has more tapered sleeves and takes just a bit of the ease out all over.  It’s Cascade 220 worsted weight in the color Opal.  This will see a lot of wear.

This evening I may start seaming on my Turks and Caicos pullover.  I usually block my sweaters first because I like how the front edges stop curling when I pick up stitches for a button band.  But since it’s a pullover, I won’t have that issue.  Once I get it seamed, I just need to pick up the neckband and it has just 4 or 5 rows of garter stitch for the edging so just maybe I’ll get it finished off this weekend.

Of course there are plenty of  other things to knit on – my TLE February Mixer project is the Twilight Cowl.   Here’s a photo I took of it earlier this week.  I started it on the first and I may get this finished this weekend as well.


The beads look sort of orange I the photo due to the flash but they are really dark brown and match the yarn perfectly.  After that beaded section you knit about 6″ of stockinette before starting the reverse image of the beads on the opposite side.  This has been my bus knitting a couple days this week after I got past the beads and I think I may only have 2 or 3 rounds left to knit before starting the beads.

Somehow I plan to get some quilting in this weekend too and do some cleaning (tho if it comes to a choice between the two I don’t think the quilting will be the one neglected).  And I placed my grocery order today for Hy-Vee to deliver tomorrow morning … have I mentioned before how much I love that delivery service. Not having to go to the grocery store every time myself -it’s heaven! I’d rather do any cleaning task around here than go grocery shopping – delivery has made me so happy.  So time to do a bit of tidying up around here and toss in some laundry (to leave me more time to play tomorrow!)



January 31, 2016

Darn it’s damp and dreary and cold outside this last day of January.  I may just have to go back something since having the oven on warms my kitchen/living room up nicely. There’s some  bananas that need to be made into somethin or maybe some homemade English muffin bread.  I’ll contemplate that over brunch (one I figure out what I’m going to eat for that but the coffee is just not enough this a.m.).  :-)

I very nearly have a completed sweater!  I was up into the week hours of the morning and then some seaming my Charlie’s Cardigan and have the neckline edging added.  I just need to go wind another hank of yarn so I can work on the buttonbands today.

20160131_4 And I found the buttons I had bought so I’ll be all set.  Just maybe I’ll have a new sweater to wear tomorrow.

And for those of you who are observant you may have noticed the new button on the right side bar of the blog that looks like this

stars - sew

This is the design I’ll be presenting for the first 2016 QAL.  Click on the button in the sidebar if you want to leave a name suggestion for this design – and see what I said about potential names and leave your suggested name on that page rather than this blog post so they are all in one place.   Additional information can also be found by clicking that button and will be updated with additional info as it becomes available, including start date and yardage, etc.

Hope some of you will be joining me in quilting along on this project.


A quilty plan

Enough cleaning for one day – I can see the sewing room table, and have room to work on it once again, and pretty much all of the floor is clear and the various little piles of fabric put back on the shelves and scraps which were tossed everywhere have had one final toss into the bin.  Tomorrow I just might be able to get in there an finish some machine quilting on a quilt I’ve been working on (or ignoring – depending on how you look at it) forever!

There was a bit of EQ playing last weekend and last night and I think I’ve finally come up with a new quilt design for the blog and my TQP friends.  At the moment I can’t decide if it will be a quilt along or a mystery so I’m not going to show you that design yet.  I still need to decide if I’m going to add any borders on it.

But I also wanted to draw up a quicky quilt design that I plan to use for a layer cake and some additional yardage of a fabric line I’ve got in the stash.  I need to do some figuring and see how the size pieces I’ve drawn work out but I think this design will work with the layer cake and yardage I have.  It’s just randomly colored in  –  not all blocks (the ones with the most pieces to them) will have the same fabrics in them in the same places but they will be same sort of color family since I’m using a Layer Cake.  But I want something where I don’t waste the layer cake pieces by cutting them in odd shapes.

frontporchpress.Or maybe this….


But I’ll wait until tomorrow to start actually laying out fabrics and seeing how things will work out.   I am hoping to get a bit of stitching done on this tomorrow tho but time to go make some dinner.

Home made pizza is on the menu along with an evening snuggled under a quilt (it’s damp out today and is making it feel colder than it really is)  watching movies and finishing off my sweater sleeve.