Hat Finished

Cast this Man Needs a Hat  pattern on right before dinner and finished it before going to bed.

Photos aren’t great – the camera was fogging up due to the humidity outside again.  I knit this all on the larger size needles  rather than making the ribbing a needle sized down – it would have been too tight.  I also added one extra 8 row repeat before starting the crown decreases but I don’t think it will totally cover the ears.  In looking at finished project photos it appears that is the style of this hat – the bottom of the ears stick out – but I’ll think about this project for a while and decide if I want to rip it back to the start of the decreases and add more length to it first.


Saturday July 23

It’s sort of a “meh” day here.  I can’t get settled on any one thing and keep hoping around to different tasks.  It’s getting some things done –  a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded, hand washed some stuff – but things would be much more productive if I finished one area and moved on to the next.  oh well.

The weather outside is horrid too.  I took the garbage out to the dumpsters and first then when I walked out the door my glasses steamed up so I couldn’t see.  It has been 3-4 days of hot (well Wisconsin’s version of hot – around 90 degrees).  I know many places get hotter but the humidity is the killer.  Right now it’s only 82 degrees but with 85% humidity it makes it feel like 93 degrees (at least according to my weatherman).  It’s like walking out into a sauna – and a very wet sauna since it’s started drizzling.

But, I think I need to go find a sewing or knitting project to work on (or clean the bedroom but you know I feel pretty “meh” about the cleaning.

I was hoping yesterday all those beads I ordered for my Loopy Mixer project (shown in last blog post) would be here so I could work on it this weekend.  No such luck but

peiaccording to the tracking they hit the Madison post office this morning and should be waiting for me at work on Monday.  In the meantime tho, I do have all the small  beads I ordered from TLE and as I want some strings of just those beads spaced out, I can start on that part maybe later tonight.

Since I have finished both my July Camp projects and also finished a Brickless for the Strickmich! Showdown on Ravelry – heck I had no knitting projects with deadlines until August 1 when we can start the last Camp project.  So…. I decided to start on Summer Camp.  It’s for the Summer of the Shawl KAL in Laura Aylor’s Rav group (she’s the pattern designer) and since I’m knitting it in Miss Babs Caroline yarn – colors are Joan of Arc and Ebony – I’m also making it for the Miss Babs Fall 2016 Shawl Along.


I cast it on Wednesday night and this is how far I’ve gotten.


This yarn feels so soft.  It’s a super easy

I’m also trying to figure out that to do with this yarn.20160723_7


This was in the last Camp Club Pirate Pack – it’s Dream in Color Classy (worsted weight) and the color is “Ahoy! Mates”.  It looks like it has gray in it on my computer screen but it’s all shades of purple – I had to take a photo fast (before the camera lens fogged over from the humidity outside) and couldn’t capture  the way it looks to the naked eye.

I’m leaning towards making a hat which will be used as a gift – just haven’t  decided which pattern ( oh yes – I spent a good part of the morning looking at hat patterns too).  I think I’ve decided on Man Needs Hat.  A bit of texture to keep it interesting but still a manly hat.




Beads beads and more beads

I’m looking forward to trying something a bit different for my Loopy July Mixer yarn project.  We need to make something using cotton yarn.  I searched through many many projects trying to figure out what to make in cotton yarn. There was no yardage requirement so it didn’t need to be a project of a certain size so there were many possibilities.  With working on Camp projects, I didn’t want a real large mixer project but was having a hard time trying to find something I wanted to make.

Then I came across some crocheted beaded necklaces. I haven’t crocheted in a long time because it bothers my wrists but these necklaces – my wrists should be able to handle that.

One of the patterns I was looking at on Ravelry is Crocheted Beaded Necklace. I like the way the strands are held together in the back.  I also like the look of the Bead Happy Necklace  by the same designer with a larger variety of bead types and sizes.  I plan to sort of combine those two looks.

The yarn I’ll be using is  Manos del Uruguay, Serena in Natural.  I was able to order several colors of small beads from TLE (lower right image of image below) and also plan to use some of the blue and gold stitch markers from TLE (upper right) to crochet into the necklace with the beads which I think will make it quite fun.   But, I also wanted larger beads and TLE doesn’t carry those so off to Etsy because you can find anything there.:-)

beads for july mixer

The rest of the beads and cultured seal glass pieces (sea glass is pictured with the shells in the photos) are all headed my way from Prince Edward Island.   Anxiously awaiting their arrival.

In the meantime I knew I had some other small beads around here previously purchased from TLE or included in some of the rewards level goodies.  I found some of them but I think there may be some more lurking around here.  But there’s a couple different types of gold ones among them which may come in useful.



Although I’m not tracking what is coming in to the stash (thank goodness because I had an attack of yarn craziness this week and ordered yarn for two different Laura Aylor shawls I want to make, plus my Camp Loopy  supplies came in and my next Mixer project supplies are due to arrive Monday).  But I did make some projects in finishing projects in both knitting and quilting.  I’ve updated the finished projects pages for both knitting and sewing in my blog sidebar but here’s what was added:

Knitting – with the finish of my Camp Loopy Project 2 shawl, Upwards, in fingering weight(scroll down two posts on the blog and you can see the photos of it) and Brickless which I just took off the blocking mats this morning for the Strickmich Showdown, I’ve added 1360 yards of yarn knit between those two projects.  That brings my total finished knits to 8,215.  I need to pull out a WIP to work on for bus knitting while anxiously awaiting the start of the next Camp Loopy project OR I could start another project for the Strichmich Showdown OR the Miss Babs Fall Shawl Along OR yes I really should pull out a WIP instead of starting something new.:-)20160717_5

This is Brickless in Miss Babs Yowza.  The color is Funny Papers.  Brickless is a very long, but not very wide project.  And I knit mine until I was just about to run out of the 560 yard hank of Yowza – Whatta Skein.  Love those large hanks.  One end at the beginning and one end at the end to weave in and done.  This is about 16″ wide at it’s widest tip – it’s asymmetrical – and about 115″ long.  It will be great come winter – the long ends can be wrapped multiple times around for layered warmth on my neck and shoulders but won’t have the bulk that a rectangular scarf of the same length would have due to the shaping of this shawl.

On the quilting front – added 4.75 yards to the stitched up tally this week finishing my Camp Loopy 2 fabric project.  Total fabric sewn into totally finished projects so far 37.75 yards.


Camp Critters – Camp Loopy Project 2

Here’s my finished project.

There’s a strip of the very center leaf fabric down the back to make the backing wide enough.20160717_3


The pattern for Camp Critters is in the free PDF downloads.  Beginner friendly.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Are you tired of hearing about Camp Loopy Projects?  Well that’s my main focus in June, July and August each year so too bad if you are. :-)   Actually those three months may be my most productive for finishing things all year.  Can’t be  letting projects linger since there’s a one month deadline from start to finish.

I should have my June baby quilt photo to show you tomorrow.  I’ve just got one side of the binding to finish hand stitching.  According to the tracking my fabrics for the August project will arrive today. Much easier to plan and figure when they are all laid out in front of my but as I had previously mentioned, I was thinking of doing a Christmas Tree Skirt for – yes it’s shocking – for MYSELF!   I have made many over the past 30 years or so but never one for me.

So I did a bit of tweaking on the design I had shown earlier that I was contemplating using.  Added some more pieces to the blocks to use up more of all of my different fabrics I ordered.  I still need to do some finally figuring to make sure I don’t use too much of any one fabric since the majority of them are just fat quarters.  But here is my plan – which is shown in the fabrics I’ll be using – except I didn’t order cream background but I think I have something in the stash to use for that.

The  circle in the center is to indicate where the circle will be cut out for the Christmas tree pole to go through.  JuniperBerryChristmasTreeSkirt

Camp Loopy Upwards Shawl finished

Clearly I do better taking photos when I’m not supposed to be taking photos.  My June Camp Loopy project is finished, the Upwards Shawl.  You can find a link to the pattern and yarn on my project page on Ravelry.

The photo below was taken as I was trying to lay the shawl over some rocks and I accidentally clicked the button.  But, it’s a great close-up of the stitch pattern and is actually a true color of the yarn also.20160716_9

Now when I try to take the photos, I got not so great ones but it’s the best I can do today .


Above is the whole thing – I made it larger and used just over 750 yards of yarn (600 was the requirement for this project), and it will be great to wear since those long ends will definitely keep it in place without one end falling down or shifting (a problem I have with most shawls/scarfs – they are just not long enough).  It’s asymmetrical and about 102″ long across the top edge. It’s knit on the bias from tip to tip so that makes it easy to just keep knitting until you want to stop.  Since it’s asymmetrical, you don’t need to know where your halfway point is.  I love patterns like that where you can make the most of your yarn.

The picture below is of the backside of it.20160716_7

My supplies for Camp Project 3 should arrive today so I have until August 1 to make my final decision on a pattern.  I’ve now changed my mind twice but I need to see the yarn I ordered in person alongside the yarn from my first Camp Pirate Pack to see if they will play nicely together.

Camp Loopy Projects 3

Today is the start of Camp Loopy shopping week and the announcement of what the challenge will be for August.

I had done some planning ahead of time – based on yarn yardage requirements and fabric yardage requirements for past Camp years’ project 3 and I was able to make those items work for the actual challenge requirements.


These are the fabrics I got for the fabric challenge.  The challenge is:

Theme: Faraway Lands. The challenge this month is to incorporate a different country into your project. You can do that by using a pattern by a designer who lives in a different country, or you can pick a pattern or block named for (or celebrating) something in a different country, or you can pick colors that remind you of a place in a different country. Your project must use a minimum of 4 yards in this single project.

I chose fabrics – a short stack and some other half yard cuts – of the Moda “Juniper Berry” fabric line and two Kona solids to go with them.  The fabric to the right of the short stack is my favorite print in the fabric line – you can’t see it in the image but there’s reindeer and squirrels among those trees.  You can see it up close here at The Loopy Ewe.   That print in the light background is included in the short stack so I got it on the dark brown background too.  It reminds me of a Scandinavian postcard a friend had sent me once.  And if that’s not enough to tie it to the challenge, Juniper Berries are commonly used in German cuisine (which reminds me of my trip to Germany at Christmas time) so you can always find a way to tie in a challenge if you try.:-)

I’ll be making a Christmas tree skirt, possibly  using my large wedge ruler which I haven’t done much with but have had for ages, and adding some prairie points around the edges perhaps.

Or I may revamp this design – which I like but for the fabrics I chose I need to add a few more piecing sections to some of the areas – since I wouldn’t be using any real big prints – and in order to mix in more of my fabrics.treeskirtpossible

I’ll tell you about my knitting Camp project another day since I keep changing my mind on what I want to make – but my yarn is ordered.:-)


Points of View

No I really have not forgotten about the Points of View QAL, I just haven’t had time to work on it.  While waiting for a load of laundry to finish, I was playing with the color placement a bit.   As I was moving things about in the sewing room yesterday, I uncovered a large fat quarter packet of fabrics — lovely fall colors from the Robert Kaufman Vincent Van Gogh blenders fabric line and various shades of each color – brown gold yellow green blue black.   So rather than playing with each block being the same fabrics as in the original coloring – I’m thinking about doing something like this.


Here’s a few more images but the only difference is the background colors.

I think I like these better and with a wide variety of FQs or scraps you could make it as scrappy as you like (you know I can only do a controlled scrappy so you wouldn’t be seeing anything much more “scrappy” than this from me.) :-)

I still haven’t decided when I’ll post this one but it will be sometime in the fall I think.

Knitting Chaos

I seriously need knitting intervention.  There are just so many pretty yarns but more importantly so many pretty patterns and ideas that I want to try.

I posted July 3 about wanting to make Pool & Conquer, a new Martina Behm (Strickmich!)pattern.  I knew that there was going to be a Wollmeise yarn update at the Loopy Ewe last  Monday so decided to wait and see if any new Wollmeise lace (what the pattern is written for although it tells you how to adapt to other yarn) in the update.  Indeed there was and this is the lovely color, Suzanne, for that project.  I definitely won’t be starting on that one until after Camp Loopy has finished and a few other things are done.  In the meantime I’m checking out the photos being posted in the  Strickmich! International Ravelry group as others start on their Pool & Conquer.20160709_10

I have been working away on my Camp Loopy project 2 shawl.  It’s probably 3/4s done or a little more.  I made it larger than the pattern since due to the shape of it and stitch pattern you can simply keep knitting until you want to stop.  I need to use at least 600 of my 800 yards for that challenge so will have to weight the yarn cake and see how much is left.

Then there’s my CustomFit Cardipalooza sweater which didn’t get finished for that KAL but could possibly be finished for the Summer Sweater KAL  – if I get it seamed and the neckband and buttonbands put on.

It’s off the blocking mats tho and I love how the yarn feels after it has been blocked.  I especially like the little scallops the lace makes at the bottom of the sleeves – which are about 3/ length sleeves with a sort of bell-shaped bottom.


Then there’s the Bella Lino sweater I showed last week where I’m alternating three different colored yarns

DSCN5285It’s a little farther along than this photo from last time but I’m a bit concerned that I might have tweaked the measurements a bit too much for the A-line shape and it will be too big and baggy at the bottom.   So I came up with a brilliant plan (which some may think is just an excuse to cast on a new sweater).  I liked the fabric the green sweater above knit into so much and I have that yarn is a pretty blue also.  I have on my list of want to make sweaters the CustomFit Sanderling.   It’s simple and I’ll be able to make sure the A-line shaping is the way I want it much easier in one yarn.   I wouldn’t mind (well not too much) having to rip back the first sweater if I got the front done and decided it was too large and sloppy at the bottom – but since the first sweater changes yarn every since row to the next of the three colors I’m using, it would be a horrendous mess to rip back and rewind.  So that one will be set aside until I test out the other one to make sure all is well size-wise.tropicalsea_medium I love this tropical sea color.

And – yes another project is being worked on in between the rest.   See I told you there was knitting chaos going on here – I’m also working on a Brickless for a challenge.  I’m using Miss Babs Yowza yarn in Funny Papers.  This is a very simple pattern and you alternate sections of three different stitch patterns so it doesn’t get boring because you’re on to the next one.  Great bus knitting.

20160704_11This is Funny Papers – and this is how it looks in my Brickless so far.  Doesn’t look like much but it will be pretty when the sections are all blocked out.


Then there’s Laura Aylor’s Summer Shawl KAL and Miss Bab’s Rhinebeck sweater or shawl KAL — no I haven’t not joined them…yet… although depending on what the Camp Loopy project 3 requirements are, if what I have in mind works it will do double duty for the Summer Shawl KAL.:-)

Enough talking about projects – I’ve got things to do – cleaning, laundry, or ………..it’s a beautiful day outside and I did get  some new chairs for my patio which are oh so comfy because they are made for tall people and big behinds and I have the first one put together.   So nice to have a chair where I don’t feel like I’m sitting on the ground (of course my short friends might need a foot stool)😉   Ice tea, knitting, comfy chair outside listening to the birds…hmmmmmm… maybe I’ll go throw in a load of laundry and then go outside.


IT’S DONE!!!!!!!!!

Finally  – the last stitch has been put in the binding and this wedding quilt is done – only a year and a half AFTER the wedding.  I’ll be so glad to get this one set off — it sat in the corner languishing once the top was completed since I knew I wouldn’t get it quilted in time for the wedding – and then other projects got done before it since I wasn’t looking forward to pin basting it.  Finally I got it basted and half quilted and then it got set aside again.  I am very pleased with how it turned out and hope they like it.


It’s the first large quilt I’ve quilted since I had gotten my Brother Nouvelle 1550s with the larger harp space and large extended quilting bed and I can’t tell you how much easier it was to quilt a large quilt.  Well actually I CAN tell you — it was sooooo much easier.  It’s amazing what a different a few inches can make in being able to maneuver all that fabric.


The back even looks pretty cool since I used light blue and light tan thread so it shows up against the backing fabric.


All the fabrics except the taupe framing pieces and the background – which I bought new – came from the stash.  The two blocks on each side of the center of the quilt come from a panel fabric a quilting friend had sent me years ago. they were waiting for just the right project and this one was it.  There are two pagoda blocks like above and two Koi pond blocks like below.


I’m hoping to not repeat the year and a half delay in getting the next wedding quilt done.  The wedding is in October and I hope to have the top all put together in the next two weeks.

And my Cardipalooza sweater is drying on the blocking mats.  Got it pinned out last night.

The lace looks great blocked out (and the color is true in this photo for a change).