Electric Quilt 8

Since whenever I upgraded to Electric Quilt 8, I haven’t really had much time to play with it.  Whenever a program updates it takes a bit to figure out where that thing you want has gone now or what it is now called – it’s those little changes.  But I’ve done some playing with it today and once I get used to the new layouts, I’ll be just fine.

I’m trying to plan yet another wedding quilt. Don’t know that any of these will make the cut but I had fun playing with them.  From the simple:


To the not so simple – but I do really love this one and the sort of greyed tones of the fabrics.



I’ve got a couple other ones but I’ll save those for some other day.


Sunday Stuff – 4-15-18

This “Sunday Stuff” I could have done without but it could have been much worse.


What’s on the ground is mostly ice pellets – feels like walking on sand outside since it started as rain, then freezing rain/sleet coating things, and then frozen ice pellets so at least when it changed to pellets it wasn’t coating things –  the lights were flickering  every so often last night since it was so very windy.

This morning it is snowing – regular flakes – which hopefully will stop soon.  I have a sneaking suspicion that my boots are at work so it needs to stop snowing so everyone gets the sidewalks cleared up before I have to head to the bus tomorrow.

But in all that cold gloomy weather – I spied a bright spot

Here’s the progress so far on my CustomFit Burnish Cardigan – both fronts and the back.


And I’m partially done with Clue 3 to the MKAL – I’m starting a simple striped section so it will be great tv knitting but boy those rows are getting long.



A second sock


No I have not finished the second to the pair of Peacock pattern sock I am working on but I had started this pair a day or two after starting the Peacocks (which I left at work so needed to cast on these one day so I had some bus knitting!) 🙂

Anyway, this is the Evergreen Socks pattern – called that due to the lace design on the leg that looks like, what else?, evergreens.

I wasn’t paying attention the day I started these and grabbed larger needles than I would have normally used.  I didn’t notice that until I got to the heel.  I adjusted the decreases on the gusset a bit to make it down to a tighter fit around the foot.  The loose leg – that doesn’t bother me so much since I like them loose around my legs.  I was more concerned that I had used up too much yarn on the first sock but after weighing the sock and the left over yarn ball, I have plenty left for the second sock.


First I’m going to finish off the Peacock pattern pair tho, since that second sock is now at the heel turn, before starting the second sock to this pair.

Speaking of pretty yarn (well we weren’t but I’m always thinking about pretty yarn and pretty fabrics) – Madelinetosh is creating new colors and retiring other colors of yarn.  (The sock above is in South Pacific which is retired).  I fell in love with several new TML colors:


Tripwire (the two in the middle) I absolutely love and the one on the right which is very dark with very dark hints of other colors, is Bittersweet.     Esoteric – the color on the left just needed to come along – I don’t know if I will use them all together but that was my plan in ordering them.

Then there were the new Under The Sea colors and the SweetGeorgia sale so these arrived also.


The two on the left are April Under the Sea Colors and those will be used together for a future ESK QKAL  project that requires use of any of the ESK exclusive colors.

Last night I finished the back on the Burnish CF sweater.  So fronts and back are done and just a few rows of the first sleeve knit.  And today the next clue for the Impressionist MKAL came out so I’ve got that to work on as well.

Many yarny things going on here.  I saw this pattern today – its called a poncho but I don’t really think of this style top as one.  I have a store bought one similar shape that I love and this one with the lace, etc. – gorgeous in my opinion. I haven’t bought it yet but I love it and added bonus, I have the perfect yarn (or at least I think it’s the perfect yarn) in the stash just waiting for that perfect project.   But need to finish off a few other things first as usual.


Barn Dance Revisited



Some of you may remember the Barn Dance BOM I presented here on the blog back in 2016.  It was a simple quilt to piece and a great way to use up a wide variety of fabrics.  So many different style of fabrics would look good in this design.  (We won’t mention the state of finish/unfinish my own version is in.)   Mine is in batiks, I’ve seen versions in 30’s repros, civil war fabrics, stripes, and dots.

I’m very happy to now share with you this floral version made by Linda Minga which she calls Smell the Flowers.

Minaga - Smell The Flowers - Lg

The mix of florals and other fabrics make it such a fun, fresh looking quilt.  Seeing this has energized me to finish the quilting on my own…soon, very soon.

And check out this close up photo Linda sent of the quilting.

Minaga - Smell The Flowers - SmThe quilting is absolutely stunning.  Linda said the quilting was done by Dorie Hruskra at Forever Quilting.

I’m sure you will agree, the fabric choices, excellent piecing and stunning quilting all make this an absolutely gorgeous quilt.

Thank you Linda for sharing this with me and allowing me to share it on the blog.  And on this cold, dark, gray, raining/snowy morning where I am, it’s nice to see something that screams “SPRING!”

Impressionist MKAL – Clue 2


Just finished clue 2 for this shawl.  It’s a bad night photo of course and doesn’t really show off the lace well but it’s the best photo I could get tonight.  The photo is sideways – rather than top to bottom of shawl because sideways that lace section at the end looks like a pair of butterfly wings to me. Don’t now what it will be come with the next clue to be released this weekend but time will tell.

My bus ride knitting project has been the second sock to the one I recently finished.  I’m working my way down the heel flap so making progress.   And now that I’ve gotten the MKAL caught up, I’ll be working on my green sweater until the next clue.  Still slogging my way up the back on the sweater.

April 8, 2018

Goodness it’s been a busy week.   I’m not happy there’s been snow and winter temperatures are back but not totally unexpected either.  I am happy that the sun has been shining even tho that makes it look like it should be warmer outside than it is.  Those poor crocuses and tulips I had seen sprouting their heads up here and there may have gotten frozen off – time will tell. And I have finally seen some robins so maybe Spring is headed this way – not this week exactly but I can hope.


I did finish some of my cleaning I was working on last weekend (and some I didn’t finish).  If you scroll down that old green bookcase I was going to empty is now sitting outside along the side of my patio.  It actually is the perfect length to make my own little privacy wall along the side of my patio and I think I may fill it with pots of flowers come spring – or eventually it will end up on the curb – but it’s out of my living room , Granny’s treadle sewing cabinet (minus treadle machine) is now the tv stand, and I finally put all the thimble collection back into the little cubbies they go in (they’ve only been sitting in a box for a year or two or…. a long time).

New revolving bookcase is put together and I love it.  It’s the perfect size for the space I wanted to put it.  I sorted through all the books, DVD, VHS, magazines and have several boxes packed up to get rid of.


The Second Quarterly ESK KAL project is socks.  I just finished off my first sock yesterday – the pattern is called Peacock Socks and I like the texture in the pattern on the leg.


I changed the texture a bit on the top of the foot since texture inside my shoe sometimes bothers my foot.  I do love the way the yarn knit up.  Need to get the second sock cast on today – have I mentioned I’m totally loving doing magic loop socks now which I thought I’d never say.  it all finally clicked.


Clue 2 of the Impressionists MKAL was released yesterday so I finished up clue 1 last night and got a bit of a start into clue 2 which added in my third color.


Today’s task may be to tackle some stuff in the sewing room after my grocery delivery arrives which should be sometime in the next 45 minutes.  Or may be cleaning the bedroom – both rooms are in need so maybe I’ll just flip a coin….or knit until I decide……

Audra Shawl Test Knit Completed


Fresh off the blocking mats this morning.   This is my version of the Audra shawl pattern by Ambah O’Brien.  The pattern has not been released yet but I’ll let you know when it is available.   I totally enjoyed knitting this.  It’s a very relaxing knit and even if you’ve never knit any lace before, this would be a great beginner lace project I think.

I particularly love the garter striped sections which use a mohair yarn alternated with a fingering weight yarn.  The mohair makes it feel so soft and gives it a fuzzy halo.  And it makes it so light an airy.   I’m looking forward to wearing this tomorrow.

Somewhere I’ve got some bright multicolored mohair that I can envision in this pattern as a bright and fun version.

The ESK Yarnathon is on to the second Quarterly KAL which is socks.  I have three pairs planned and cast on the first pair at midnight.  I’m working on the heel flap.  I’m doing them magic loop method – now that I have finally mastered it – and realized I’m able to knit socks faster than with double points.  Plus the double points were starting to hurt my hands and the needles I’m using don’t seem to do that – must be the way I hold circular needles versus dpns that makes the difference.

In my cleaning I found a pair of fingerless gloves I had started and forgot about – had the project bag buried – so I think if I finish that pair I will have all 12 pairs of mitts done that I needed.   I also have a Loopy Knitting Challenge scarf to finish before the end of May.

Its a sunny Easter day here but like most Easters in Wisconsin, the sun is deceiving – I was surprised how cold it felt when I walked out the door but then realized it was only 25 degrees.


And around it goes

It’s the new bookshelf I’m talking about – it spins in circles.  I’m going to be moving this old, big ugly bookshelf out of my living room.


Yes it’s a disaster right now because I started pulling stuff off it and sorting through DVDs to get rid of most of them and also get rid of all the VHS tapes.   So a large box and reuseable grocery bag full of movies I’m getting rid of and another large grocery bag of DVDs to see if my parents and/or sister want to watch.  Also two bags of books I’m done with so cleared out a good bit so far.   The rest of what is on the shelves is quilt books/magazines to sort through and some of the DVDs I’m keeping. Of course I also need to clear out the corner in front of the shelf where I knocked stuff when I was “sorting” which is mostly knitting type stuff and the stuf below – mostly knitting stuff like little balls of yarn left over from past projects.

The books and DVDs I’m keeping will move to this new revolving bamboo bookcase which I just finished putting together.


Ignore the mess in that corner – I’m always very messy while “cleaning.”  The little cabinet next to it will get moved from that spot and get repainted once the weather gets nicer and the rest are all boxes to be broken down and recycled.  But the bookcase will go farther back into that corner which is just sort of a dead spot behind where the door opens.

My spring cleaning has started.  My first goal is to box up all the stuff to donate to St. Vinney’s or Easter Seals (someplace that will come pick it up) like books, dvds, vhs, some kitchen items I’m getting rid of and some clothes – and then I need to hire a junk removal place to come remove my couch and the chair from my living room.  Not that I’ve found anything to replace them yet but I’ve got my recliner so I have a place to sit in the meantime.  🙂

But for now, back to knitting on my test knit.  I’m on the last striped section so hope to finish it off in the next day or so.

Audra Test Knit

I have been so good about not starting new knitting projects – well at least for the past ten days anyway. 🙂  I’ve been knitting along on this test knit and making good progress.



I’m about half way through the third striped section and after I finish that section, there’s one more gray lace  section and then the final stripe section and edging. This is a very relaxing knit.  I can’t wait to see it blocked with the lace opened up because it is such a pretty design.   And I am absolutely loving the feel of the kidsilk striped with the fingering weight yarn – soft and airy but cozy.

I had previously mentioned wanting to make a Tuffet (footstool).  There’s lots of patterns/kits/dvds available for different shaped tuffets.  I have ordered the Not So Tuff Tuffet pattern designed by BouncingBobbins.com.   The Tuffet will be a birthday gift (now belated) for my sister who knows I plan to make one for her.   She asked for one to go with a pinkish chair she has in her home office.   Hmmm….. it will be interesting to see what I find in the stash in shades of pink and mauves (and whatever other colors to go with them) since you know I don’t  work a lot with pink.  I do want to use batiks tho so a more likely to have those colors in multicolored batiks than in any other fabrics.   I have to get a photo of the chair to see what it really looks like and also to figure out what sort/color of feet to get for the tuffet.

Knitting Notes – March 18, 2018

Progess on the test knit of the Audra shawl for Ambah since yesterday – finished off the first section and am just starting on the second section which is lace.   Very easy knit and I love the  feel of alternating the fingering yarn with the kidsilk haze – so light and airy but traps warmth.


I was also led astray with the help of friend Judy when she did a blog post about the Rose cardigan she wanted to make.   Granted, it does take much to lead me astray (I seem to do that all by myself sometimes) but I kept going back and looking at that pattern thinking it would be so nice to wrap up in.   My version won’t have as much ease in it as the original pattern shows  – lordy it takes enough yarn to make a cardigan in the first place but to add that much ease to a sweater in my size would just be a waste of good yarn.  It will still have ease – just not 18- 22″ of it. 🙂   So I got the pattern to see if it’s something I can easily adapt to how I want it and I think it is.  I’ve never made a sideways constructed garment before (other than a baby sweater) because I didn’t want to figure out how to add length to it.  This pattern I’ll need to add some length to but there is info in the pattern on where to do it and what it will affect later on.  Excellent!  Just what I need to know.   My plan is to make it using these colors.


Now I’m off to the kitchen – I made Raisin Bran Muffins this morning, and just stuck my bread I mixed up yesterday into the oven to bake.  I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out today – I’ve made this recipe several times and it rises a bit over night but this just didn’t seem to do that as much.  It’s a dense, crusty bread but there is such a thing as too dense.  Oh well – time will tell.

I’ve got a couple things I want to mix up for lunches this week and need to figure out what will be for dinner tonight – maybe some clam chowder or creamy asparagus soup to go with that crusty bread.