An even dozen…

That’s how many completed PatchKat  border blocks I have up on my design wall this afternoon

DSCN4158Also have the left side of the remaining ones done and on the design wall and have the other half in various stages of completion.

And check out who I spied outside my window yesterday afternoon — it’s take with the camera zoom and through my window and screen so it’s not a clear photo  – it actually looks like something printed on cross stitch fabric –  but….


yes! it is the first Robin of the season I’ve spied and he was one really fat one and very busy yanking worms up out of the yard.

I think he may be regretting being here today tho – I just opened the door to see what it was like outside and brrr – very crispy air in the 30s and chance of some mixed snow/freezing rain possible by morning.

Dinner has been ordered to be delivered – no cooking for me tonight – and I’ve got the binding stitched down on my challenge quilt and just have to whip stitch down the bottom of the handing sleeve and label.

On the Needles Report

I forgot about On the Needles yesterday.  Not much exciting to report – I’m finally on the sleeves of my CF Deep Winter KAL sweater but since the deadline for the KAL was this past week, I didn’t make it – which only means I’m not eligible for prizes.

DSCN4152It’s hard to tell but the sleeve is all two by two rib so it’s a bit slower going but certainly not hard.  It does make the sleeve look a bit skinny tho but it is very stretchy.  I’ll continue to work on these sleeves but it’s time for the Spring Cardipalooza KAL and that one I have a far better chance of getting done timely.  Plus, I really am tired of dark colors and heavy sweaters so knitting on something more spring like will at least make it seem like the season is coming sooner.  Plus, since I’ve got my Loopy Academy projects done, I’ll have a couple months at least where I’m not trying to get multiple things done by a deadline.   So winter sweaters to the back burner and bring on the spring ones.

I do have yarn ordered  for my Cardipalooza – I haven’t decided what sort of design I want to use yet.  I know I want 3/4 length sleeves and rounded neck rather than fee – either scoop or crew neck – but I’m trying to decide if I want a little lace on it or what.  So I’ve spent too much time searching Ravelry and adding patterns to my queue so I can go back and perhaps decide which bits or bobs I want to incorporate into my sweater from them.

Here’s some in the running:

Anthea  – I love the bobbles and bit of lace along the hem.  I would make longer and was debating if I really wanted those bobbles and lace going around my hips – may not be the most attractive placement but then my hips are what they are and I’m only looking to please myself – still debating and may need to swatch them with the yarn I’ve chosen to see if there’s enough stitch definition with it.

Cinnamon  I’ve loved this one since I first stumbled across it.

Madrigal  – Another pretty lace pattern

Sweet as Candy  — actually I’m leaning towards incorporating the lace pattern from this one and I love the little rolled collar on it.

But until I get around to swatching yarn, no decisions will be made.

What I do know is my cardipalooza sweater will be in one of two yarns – depending on how I like the swatches – both of which are much more pastel looking than I normally wear but time for a bit of a change.

berroccomaya-lagoonchainette-85pima-15babyalpaca-worstedOnce choice is Berroco Maya – I’ve been wanting to try a chainette constructed yarn and this one is 85% pima cotton and 15% baby alpaca.   The color is Lagoon.

My other choice is Lotus Yarns Autumn Wind which is 90% cotton and 10%cashmere.  The color is sky and is more blue than purple.lotusyarnssky 90cotton-10cashmereDK

As  for the state of the knitting stash – nothing new  finished and nothing new added….so far…..

Enough dreaming of new sweaters – I’ve got some sewing to get done!

PatchKats BOM

The March installment download is now available for download – click PatchKats quilt image in sidebar to get to project page.

Here’s what my finished Ribboned Heart blocks will look like.

DSCN4148 The colors aren’t quite true in the photo but pretty close.


DSCN4149And here’s all the rest of my border pieces.  There are lots of Stitch & Flip corners to add this month and my suggestion is to make sure to draw the diagonal lines on the back of those squares.  I sometimes get lazy and eyeball them instead of drawing the lines but they are never as accurate since when you stitch the diagonal lines, you really should be stitching a thread or so away from that diagonal line and not directly on it to account for the fabric taken up in the seam. It may seem like such a small amount  but it can really make a difference as to how your blocks turn out.

As you can see from my little piles of pieces, I have many seams to be pressing open before I go on to the next step so I’ll be heating up that iron soon.

My only challenge with these pieces – when I was working the other night I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my background fabric – it has a light dot print on it and I had to redo several pieces that I flipped the background wrong way around on.

Feel free to share photos of your fabric choices or blocks in progress for this project through the Justquiltin Flickr group.  The link to the Flickr group is also found in the sidebar of the blog.

Where have the last few days gone?

Well I know where – this cruddy cough / cold/ croup stuff has had me not doing much.  I was sick all weekend and worse on Mon and Tues so stayed home from work.  So much for being caught up on things before I took last Friday off.  Oh well  – it could be worse.

I did manage last weekend to get the rest of the quilting done on my Diamond Formation quilt and the binding is just waiting to be stitched down and the bottom of the hanging sleeve tacked down.  I need to get that finished off by the end of next week.

Other than that, I haven’t accomplished much.  My deep winter CustomFit KAL sweater did not get done by the end of the KAL but that’s okay.  I’m hoping that soon it would be to warm to wear it anyway – we’ve had some nice days but then temps drop again.  So it may  get set aside for a little while to work on something else because……

It’s CustomFit Cardipalooza time!   I’m thinking spring, I’m thinking cotton or at least cotton blend sweater, I’m thinking springy colored sweater rather than dark purple deep winter KAL sweater, I’m thinking three quarter length sleeves, I’m thinking crew neck, perhaps a bit of lace up the front or perhaps not… in other words, I’m thinking new sweater yarn is needed!  I’ve done so good only ordering for Loopy Academy so far but I really want a spring sweater so need to do some checking out of yarn.  There is an extra credit project you can do for Loopy Academy but I’m going to pass on that and concentrate on my sweater instead.

I do love Charlie’s Cardigan but I have some wooly yarn that I think I’ll use for that one at some point in the future.  So a bit of Ravelry searching is in order I think to decide what I might want to make.  Who knows – maybe I’ll even knit a pink sweater! Okay, the cold medicine has probably not made me go that crazy yet!  But maybe a pastel color….

Quilting quilting and more quilting

DSCN4144 It’s nearly 9 p.m. and I’ve been in the sewing room since about 9 a.m.!  I’ve been slowly quilting along on Diamond Formation.

My initial plan was to outline stitch the flying geese and do a bit of meandering where the figures are and the plain center fabric.  And after getting all that done, I decided that the background fabric on the flying geese should have a bit of stitch on them too so went back and filled in meandering around them.  The plain fabric around the very center flying geese has some stars quilted into them too.

Now I did get a break or two in there – finally ate some lunch about 2 p.m. and stuck one baking stone’s worth of cookies (about a dozen) in the oven and then realized I was out of powdered sugar to coat the cookies with when done so stuck the rest of the dough in the freezer.    All that is left to quilt is the final border which shouldn’t take long – but will wait until tomorrow.  Binding is cut and stitched together, it just needs to be pressed and I have to make a hanging sleeve yet (I hate making/adding hanging sleeves).

And that reminds me I brought home a wall hanging that had been hanging on the outside of a large cubicle wall at the office and was going to put it up in my living room.

DSCN3744I do love the fabrics in this one.  I had forgotten until I looked at it last night thinking dang I have to put a hanging sleeve on it, that Yes, I actually did plan ahead when I made that one and there is a hanging sleeve attached to it. So I was going to slide it on the hanging rod and decide which wall I wanted to put it up on but hmmm… although the hanging rod is sew on the top, no one stitched down the bottom edge.  Oops!  guess I’ll add that to my list  for one night this week to get that finished off.

Since lunch was at 2 p.m. that must be 9 p.m. is dinner time right?  I think a bowl of buttered popcorn and a swig off the cough medicine bottle – a well-rounded meal.

I’m hoping to bind off the neck edging on my vest tonight and start on the armhole edging.  I did finish off the second front of my purple sweater and cast on one of the sleeves.

On the Needles – Friday the 13th of March 2015

I just realized it’s “Friday the 13th”.  Maybe that’s why I seem doomed that every time I take a day off work I end  up not feeling well (no, it’s not cause I miss work that much!).  I started coughing Wednesday night a bit, last night more and yeah, while I don’t feel crappy I’ve definitely got some cough/throat thing going on — but then I’ve been lucky since any given day for the last couple weeks we’ve had multiple people out sick from the office.   But then perhaps if I get some ice cream when I go to the grocery store, it will cure me.  Well I can pretend!

Anyway – it’s On the Needles Day and I have a new finished project – started Wednesday night and bound off this morning while sipping my coffee and hanging out in my jammies – a perfect Friday morning off (despite that cough).

Marshmallow Fluff pattern was my Loopy Academy Semester 2 Slip Stitch project.

marshmallowfluffslipstitchproject Since I was using bulky yarn (not as heavy as the yarn in the pattern), I used smaller needles and cast on more stitches.  It’s a very quick and easy knit.  My version of it is called Tundra Cowl since I used The Fibre Company’s Tundra yarn — which I love.  This color is Glacier.  It feels wonderful and I’m debating getting more for a sweater/jacket I want to make.  I have just enough left to do some swatching to see if it will work (or more importantly just how many hanks of yarn I need since it doesn’t take long to knit through  a hank of bulky yarn).   I generally wouldn’t wear bulky yarn sweaters but I may make an exception since I like this one so much.

So the Stash Knitting page has been updated to add in this yarn and then I added it to the knit tally also.  So to date, 5176 yards knit;  a mere 1620 added to the stash (which has all be knit since it was for loopy academy projects), and seven completed projects to date.  I’m hoping to add my vest to that finished list by next week.

Think Spring!



You can check out all the spring designs here - which includes

Miss Daisy’s Garden – over $3.00 off the normal purchase price.  Later this year I hope to get started on some of these blocks -after the Dog Pound Pals and Knitter’s Gifts are done — well maybe I’d better shoot for January 2016 to start this project! :-)



Giving the Kats equal time

Well I just posted about the dogs and so as not to discriminate (but in real life I do love dogs best – don’t tell the Kats that they make me sneeze and itch!) I got my order of fabric for my PatchKats quilt.   Are you joining in? Have your fabrics chosen?  Click the PatchKats quilt image in the right sidebar of the blog to get to all the information for this project.

DSCN4131 The nice and neatly folded stacks are what came in the new order from The Loopy Ewe and the messy pile to the right are fabrics I pulled from the stash – some Henry Glass ones I love, left overs from the Moda Challenge quilt, and a few others that will all be mixed together in this quilt. The two prints on the left (same print, different background) I love, and they may be sashing or they may be used for some other project – sort of a positive/negative thing.  Will have to see how things proceed.


I have a few more fat quarters in the stash to pull as possible Kat fabrics.  And even with those new fabrics – my fabric stashbusting is still in the black. Whew! :-)

I did get my Diamond Formation challenge quilt layered and have nearly all the flying geese on one half the quilt outline quilted so there was some progress on that on Sunday. Maybe tomorrow night I’ll get back to it.  But tonight I’m busy knitting on my Luau Vest.  I had the neck/front edge trim nearly done and realized I’d picked up too many stitches and it would be wavy so ripped it all out.  Looks good second time around and I ‘m about at the point where I need to decide how many buttons so I can get the button holes placed.

Dog Pound Pals

santapawsReminder to all the participants of the Dog Pound Pals BOM – that page will be removed April 1 so make sure if you haven’t finished that you have downloaded and saved all the information you need from that page.  Please add your photos to the Flickr group so we can see your quilts when they are done.  Mine – well I’ve had a few other projects take center stage but they are still looking down at me from the design wall begging for their other dog friends to be completed.  Soon puppies, soon…..


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State of the Stash – Fabric Stash – 3/8/15

I did have an addition to the fabric used column yesterday — adding in the fabric used for the Because of the Brave Moda Challenge quilt top I showed yesterday will now bring my totals to:

Fabric purchased year to date:             9.0 yards (Kona fqs)

  • Fabric used year to date:                         31  yards
  • Net stash used:                                             22.0 yards

That’s a really good start to the year for me.

You can see the rest of the totals I’m tracking (new started projects versus UFOs completed, etc) at the State of the Fabric Stash page by clicking the button in the sidebar for that page.  If you click on the quilt images there they will enlarge.

My numbers above will take a step backwards next week though.


These fabrics should be arriving on Monday.  They will be joining some fabrics I’ve pulled from the stash and will be used for my PatchKats quilt.

Remember – the PatchKats project starts the weekend after next on National Quilting Day so gather your fabrics.  All info (yardage) can be found by clicking the image of the PatchKats quilt in the right sidebar of my blog.