June 17, 2019

Today’s yarny photo is of the Fall Frolic I plan to add next to my weaving.  How sure how they will look together but time will tell.



The July projects for Camp Loopy were announced.  You can find all the info on the Loopy Ewe blog.    I decided I was not going to do the knitting camp for July but switch back to the sewing camp project for that month.  I know – sewing – my sewing machine is feeling sorely neglected!  I shall remedy that.


The theme for the July Camp sewing challenge is to incorporate all the colors of your country’s flag in a project.  So of course I need to use red, white and blue in my project.  I’m going to be making it from my stash of Loopy Ewe fabrics so need to so see what I can find.  I do have in mind a bag pattern that I previously about for some camp or challenge project but never made and I do have in mind a cute fabric that incorporates all the colors I need to use but (1) need to see how much of that fabric is left and (2) need to see if any of the other red/white/blue fabrics call out to me for a different project.    I need a new bag and who doesn’t need a summer bag with foxes in sailor suits on it?!

I’m thinking of using the McKenzie Bag pattern.  And the fabric is left over from a past Loopy Challenge project.


It’s the backing fabric I used on this 2016 Camp Loopy project.



Crabby McHappypants

I just love the name of the color of that yarn. 🙂  Here it is warped.


I started with 30 rows of the same warp and weft yarn but will be switching to the Fall Frolic for the weft and then put a border of 30 rows of Crabby McHappypants at the other.  Or at least that is my plan at the moment.








Sunny Saturday

It was a gorgeous morning around here. When I left to go out for breakfast blue skies, sunshine, light breeze and about 65 degrees.  When I got back a couple hours later it had warmed up to upper 70s – a prefect kind of day for me.  It’s clouding up and rain will be coming in but the morning was just lovely.

Breakfast out, a few errands run, a few chores done around the apartment – I’ve been keeping busy.  I was going to take my coffee outside and knit for a bit but the gnats have been horrible this week and there’s not enough of a breeze to keep them at bay.

Here’s my Temperature Tracker.  I knit on this most of this week when I had knitting time because I was way behind. I’m finally knitting in May temps and hope to get May finished this weekend.  I’m just a bit farther along than this photo which was taken before I picked it up to work on last night.


And I think I’ve made a decision about which yarn to put on the loom next.  There’s a couple different weaving techniques I want to try  – nothing too tricky because I really like just simple plain weaving – very meditative to do – but one of the things I want to try is line up the warp yarn so that it pools as it is warped.  I know that that particular yarn pools nicely when knit and with the way it is dyed, I should be able to line up the colors side by side in the warp.


The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sport and the colorway – well “Crabby Mchappypants” of course. 🙂  For the weft I’m going to use a similar yarn – same type and the color is  Fall Frolic.  The one on the right below.


I’m thinking it should make a lovely fallish scarf – or I may use the fabric to make a bag – I’ll have to wait and see.  The living room needs cleaning tho before I can pull the loom back out and make room to warp it.

Gumdrop Scarf

Finished twisting the fringe on this scarf last night.  Love how it turned out.


I’ve also been knitting on my Rose faded cardigan for Yarnathon 2nd quarter KAL – I’m on the last of the four quadrants but it looks the same as the other three so I haven’t taken a photo. 🙂   And I need to play catch up on my Temperature Tracker shawl – it’s fallen more than a month behind but now that I’ve finished up my June Loopy Ewe Camp project (except I need to add buttons and block) I can hopefully get caught up on the shawl.

Here’s Rosebud – my Camp project – completed except for buttons.  I cast on a few more stitches and added some length to make it a bit larger than the largest child size on the pattern (and to use up more of my yarn).


I decided to cut the fringe short (about 1″) on this weaving because it’s a table runner.  Twisting the fringe would have make it a bit bulky on the ends.  But the backordered fringe twister has arrived so I can try it out on my scarves.

More rhubarb

A friend at work brought be another huge bag of rhubarb so I’ve been busy baking this morning.20190602_5

First two loaves of rhubarb bread.  I followed this recipe.  I had never used this recipe before but it tastes good.  It says it makes two loaves and they are not very high loaves but the batter is so wet I was afraid to fill up one loaf pan with it.  Even in two loaf pans it look quite a bit longer to bake for me than the directions stated but I find that to be the case a lot with this type of bread.

It’s also supposed to have nuts in it (which I left out) and some streusel stuff on top but I used that large decorating sugar that doesn’t melt on top of mine which is why they have sparkly tops.  Since it’s so moist one of my loaves broke in half when dumping it out of the pan – could be because I haven’t had breakfast, had just refilled my coffee cup, and needed to taste test so it may have been a bit too warm yet to take out of the pan.  But when I make this again (which I will because the flavor is really good) I will just make it in a 9″ square pan and call it coffee cake.

There’s also another pan of ruby razz crunch in the oven right now.   The rest of the rhubarb will get chopped up and put in the freezer.   The stalks were so long that I had to stick the bag of them in my fridge kitty-korner – most of them were close to 2 feet long.

June 1 also started Camp Loopy and my project is moving right along.  It’s Rosebud and I’m making a few adjustments – cast on about 10 stitches more to increase the size a bit since it only went up to 18 mos., will add a bit of length.

camp start

The four button holes are finished and it’s joined into one under the cap sleeves so great progress was made in the wee hours of yesterday morning after a midnight cast on.

I’ve also added in the third color on my three color lace shawl.  So far there are over 500 stitches on the needles.


Gumdrop Mountain Scarf

I was going to put the loom away but then decided to quickly warp up some more yarn so it’s ready to go when I want to work on it.  The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targhee Worsted and the colorway is Gumdrop Mountain.  It’s going to make a very bright scarf.


















First step of warp is done – I’ll save the rest for later.  Don’t know where the afternoon has gone, I need to figure out what I’m going to make for dinner.


Felted Runner

My felted table runner experiment is completed.

20190309_1You may remember I started knitting a large rectangle that I planned to try to turn into a table runner / breakfast bar runner.  I had no idea how it would work because I had only felted bags and some slippers before.   Would the long rectangle edges fold over onto themselves in the washer and actually felt together?   That was my worry but I didn’t think so because I had felted bags before knit n the round and they didn’t felt together.  How much would this yarn shrink up in felting, would it felt well, would it felt evenly.  I didn’t know the answers to these questions but then that’s what experimenting is all about.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished knit rectangle because I was too excited to get it felted.  It measured 16″ wide by 30″ long when I took it off the needles.

The yarn felted extremely easily.  I put it on the shortest hot wash, cold rinse cycle (no detergent) and tossed it in the dryer when it was done. Below it is out of the dryer.  The edges are a bit stretched/wobbly.  It would be because I had pulled it up by the side out of the hot water to check how it was felting several times.  Or it could be that the edges just felt differently than the middle.  I knew I would have to trim the edges off anyway to get a straight rectangle.


20190601_9Next I took the steam iron to it pulling on it a bit to try to steam the edges a bit flatter. It helped a bit.  The got out the rotary cutter and trimmed the edges straight.

These are the trimmings.

In the end it measured 10″ x 24-1/4″.  It will be a pretty and useful item on my breakfast bar.



Rainy Memorial Day

There was sun this morning – I know I put my sunglasses on when I took the garbage and recycling to the dumpsters and walked down to get the mail.  But that was at 8AM and by 10:30 or so the rain had started again.   So all the boxes and other cardboard/paper recycling I cleaned out of the sewing room is now hanging out by my door since it didn’t make it outside this morning.  One of these days the rain will stop again….. allegedly……

but the last of the laundry is drying, I found the rest of the warmer weather clothes I had packed away, and I found the box of Swiffer duster replacement things so I can do tackle the last of the dust in the bedroom and sewing room.  But first…….


time for a coffee break and to taste test this – one of my most favorite desserts – ruby razz crunch.   It has the topping crumbs as a crust on the bottom too so double goodness and it’s still warm so time to go fill my coffee cup.  One of my co-workers supplied the rhubarb from his garden and well rhubarb, raspberries, crunchy crisp stuff – oh yeah, definitely a favorite.

Last night I made more progress on the scarf I’m weaving.  I definitely need to work on not beating the yarn into submission – I beat too densely which can make finished items stiff and the colored specks not show thru as much but I’ll work on that aspect on the next project.   I ran out of my dark purple yarn and wanted to  make it a bit longer so pulled the leftover warp yarn and will weave a section at one end of the scarf with that.  Asymetrical is good in my book and I like how it looks where the warp and weft are the same.


I already have some yarn picked out for the next weaving project.

Cleaning weekend

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning is going on here on this 3-day weekend.  Yesterday I tackled the bedroom.  Cleaning out the closet and all the stuff that had migrated into that room and just got left there.  I have bags of stuff to toss, bags of stuff to Good Will – but it looks so much better and I just need to do a final dusting.   Groceries were delivered and put away and the cabinets below the bathroom sink were cleaned out and reorganized – a very productive, although not very exciting, day.   But it was a good day to be inside doing that kind of stuff since we went from 50s one day to 80, humid and still thunderstorms moving through the next. I was surprised when I opened the door yesterday morning how humid it was.  AND the evil purple flowers have burst out on the hillside out side my door.


They look pretty but too perfumey for me.  The poor birdhouse – I didn’t get out there to tip it straight and the birds have already moved in so I guess they don’t mind living at an angle.

Last night after dinner I decided to warp up my loom.


And decided to weave just a bit on this project last night – weaving is addictive.  Plain weave just goes so quickly. Because I used the multicolored yarn above for the weft and am weaving the warp with a dark purple – the overall look is purple with specks of color showing thru.


I was only going to weave and inch or two but got about a foot of it done before going to bed.


Time to refill the coffee cup and venture into the sewing room for today’s cleaning adventures.   Wish me luck – it’s a disaster in there – and while doing that I have to figure out what I want to make with some rhubarb that a coworker brought me.  I love rhubarb but I haven’t decided what it wants to be yet.