State of…… confusion

It’s State of the Stash day (fabric) and I missed the What’s on the Needles/State of the knitting stash update on Friday because things are just in a state of confusion around here! :-)  Well not so much confusion as many deadlines and things all colliding at once which are keeping me busy.  So I’ll just bring all of it up to date here.

First – State of the Stash regarding the Fabric Stash:

I finished one of my Loopy Academy projects this weekend so I had new numbers to add into the stashbusting tally.

My Loopy academy placemats are complete – each one a little different and all quilted as you added each strip so quick and easy.DSCN4653  I don’t generally use placemats (that would entail actually eating at the table) so these may go in the gifting pile but I do love these fabrics – especially the deer print and the stripe.  I have enough left that I may be able to make a runner for the breakfast bar.

So adding in these fabrics used my fabric stash tally is:  98.5 yards sewn year to date; 61.5 yards purchased year to date so I am in the black having sewn more than purchased so far which means I’m 37 yards to the good.

As for the On the Needles report – I have something off the needles and completed


My Loopy Academy “texture” project baby sweater is done and found the buttons yesterday and added them.  It’s ready to send off to a sweet little girl to wear.

So adding in the yarn used…. drum roll please.. I am actually in the “black” for the moment having knit more than purchased this year…..

14,115 knit year to date

14,055 purchased year to date

Net year to date:  60 yards – I’ve knit 60 yards more than purchased.  It’s those little victories that matter. :-)

As for other things on the needles – my Socktoberfest Socks are coming along.

crocodiliasocksThe Crocodylia  socks – if you want to join in the Socktoberfest challenge (you have until the end of November to finish them) and win a hank of Wollmeise sock yarn – check out this blog post.

I’m about half way down the foot of the first sock.

I’m also working a bit here and there on my sweater made from my Loopy Legends Gannets yarn.  The sweater pattern is a Afterlight – I’m doing a CF version but there’s also a regular pattern version of it  Just a simple sweater to go with jeans but a lot of stockinette stitch so I’ve been working on it in between my Loopy Academy projects.

gannets sweaterNow that I’ve gotten some of the shaping decreases done on the back, it’s just starting to pool colors a bit differently so that could be interesting but I’m just going to let it pool the way it wants and not try to stop it.


I also came across this pattern recently and I think the little purses are so adorable.  They have a little steek in them so I think will be a good little pattern to venture into steeking before attempting something with more “steek” in it.   I think I need one to hold all my little stitch markers and maybe a second to use as a coin purse and I think I need one for a friend for Christmas — so I’d better get going on at least one. I’ve ordered the purse hardware which will take about 2 weeks to get here so I hope to have one finished by the time it arrives.  We’ll see since I’m still working on the other side of my circular knit pillow for Loopy Academy too.

And around all that I’m working on two new designs for Hoffman Fabrics and I need to complete a quilt block submission for consideration for an issue of 100 Blocks (which I finally decided on the design so just need to get it made).  Whew! no wonder I’ve barely turned on the computer all week.

Strippy Placements

One of Loopy Academy’s fabric requirements is a set of four placemats.  Mine are just random size strips, randomly arranged, stitched thru the batting and backing.   I made two more this afternoon to join the prior one I made.  So just one more to go to complete Placemats 101. :-)


Fabric Stash Report and other Sunday happenings

So far there aren’t much in the way of other Sunday happenings.  It’s a lovely day – 70’s sunny and a light breeze – perfect day to throw open the windows.

I do hope to get a bit of stitching done today on my Loopy Academy sewing projects – the placemats and I need to trace the embroidery design onto my backing fabric for the seasonal wall hanging so I can start hand embroidering that. But need to take care of some other chores first.

The Fabric Stashbusting report – well it took a step backwards due to adding in my fabrics purchased for the Loopy Academy projects.  But those fabrics will be used by the end of the semester so not concerned about it.  But at the moment – the numbers are as follows:

LAST UPDATED 9/27/15: 

  • Fabric purchased year to date:            61.50 yards
  • Fabric used year to date:                         95.5  yards
  • Net stash used:                                            34.0 yards
I made great progress on my Socktoberfest Crocodylia socks last night.  If you click on the Ravelry link to the pattern, you can see the texture on the designer’s photos.  Despite the fact that I can’t get a good photo of the texture (all due to my lack of camera skills), the Wollmeise really does make the texture of the stitches pop and for a change, the color is actually true in the photo.
20150927_10See yesterday’s blog post announcing this year’s Socktoberfest KAL info and play along in order to be eligible to win some Wollmeise. ;-)  You’ve got until the end of November to finish these socks.

Are you ready for some Socktoberfest Knitting?

It’s nearly October, which means Socktoberfest.   I haven’t started any new socks in quite a while (I haven’t finished any on the needles socks in quite a while — wait, I take that back — I did finish one pair over the summer).  But since I have my LA knitting projects under control, I will be needing a new “knitting on the bus” project.

So my goal will be to start and finish my socks by Thanksgiving – yes, – more than just the month of October to work on them. And as in past years of my Socktoberfest knitting, I invite you to knit along with me.   I was searching for a pattern on Ravelry that met a couple of criteria for my Socktoberfest knitting:  (1) I wanted a bit of texture in the sock but nothing that can’t be memorized — it’s hard to juggle reading a pattern on the bus; (2) I wanted a sock that could  easily be made in various sizes, especially if I was going to invite you to play along.  Too may socks are written for just an “average” woman’s feet.  Well my woman’s feet are large and wide and I don’t always feel like having to do too much math to figure out how to upsize the pattern so one with multiple sizes was what I was looking for; (3) top down (since that’s the way I like to make my socks) and (4) a free pattern if I was going to invite you along to play.

I found all those things in the Crocodylia Sock pattern by Heather Sebastin. No affiliation with the designer – the pattern just looked interesting and met the criteria I set for myself. I like the simple texture design, she tells you throughout the pattern how to upsize it from her standard size if needed so the math is made very easy for those who may not have “average” feet.  :-)   I decided I would pull out the top storage tub that I knew had sock yarn in it and it happened to be my tub of Wollmeise.  I was going to randomly grab a hank without looking but I knew I wanted to use a solid looking yarn for my pair ( and some of the solids were purchased for a striped sweater I wanted to make so I knew there were multiples of some colors and I didn’t want to split those groups up) so I dug out all the single colors not slated for the sweater project that were solid looking and my Crocodylia’s will be made In Wollmeise Pure and the color is Tollkirsche.  A dark brown with sort of a burgundy tinge to it — so they will be “chocolate-covered crocodylia”?


So the rules of my 2015 Socktoberfest KAL are pretty simple if you wish to play along.

(1) You need to make the Crocodylia socks.  If you don’t have a Ravelry account, they are free, you simply sign up and then you can access the pattern.

(2) pattern stitch must extend down the top of the foot of the sock but you can use a different heel stitch pattern if you like eye of partridge heels or some other stitch pattern for our heels) and the sock should have the same number of repeats of the texture pattern on the leg as called for in the pattern (so no making a short little footie or shorty ankle sock – you can make them longer if you like but not shorter).

(3) your sock can be started on or after today (9/26/15) and must be finished by  the end of November.  Since Thanksgiving is so close to the end of the month, we’ll just use November 30th as the date your socks must be done.  That gives us  over two months to knit the socks.  You must email me a photo of your finished pair of socks by Midnight CST on December 1.  I’ll create a blog post to show off all your socks.

And lastly (4) in order to be eligible for the prize, you must live in the US.  Oh, didn’t I say earlier there was going to be a giveaway prize?  Well there is and I’m sorry anyone overseas isn’t eligible to win but the cost of postage and the hassle of having to actually walk over to the post office (which in the beginning of December could very likely be a very cold walk and even a snowy one) are why only US residents are eligible for the random drawing.

Let’s see, the year we did the Opal socktoberfest  KAL the prize was Opal yarn; last year the prize was some Socks that Rock yarn, this year hmmmm… Wollmeise?  it’s a possibility but I’m not making any promises —  it will be fingering weight sock yarn from my favorite yarn shop tho,  so you can make yourself  another pair of socks.

So will anyone be knitting Crocodylias along with me?  And if so, what kind of yarn do you plan to use and what color?

Off the Needles

This week I managed to get two things off the needles.  Both are for Loopy Academy projects

20150926_8My cable project – the Burberry Inspired Cable Cowl .  It is definitely going to be warm come this winter in the Tundra yarn – makes it a bit heavy.   Eight stitch cables  which alternate across the cowl – one single one in the center and then several rows later, one on each edge of the cowl – make it a more drapey look rather than a distinct cable look but I love it. I used every bit of my two hanks of yarn and actually had to rip back one row I knit because I realized I had gone too far and need some yarn to kitchner it closed.  I pulled the kitchner stitches tight as I was going along so with the bit stitches (size 10 needles) I was able to sort of add some gathering into the kitchner seam which makes the seam even less obvious since it has some drape like the rest of the cowl rather than being the only straight area on the cowl.

I also have my textured project done except for the blocking – which I plan to do today – and I need to dig through the button bin to see if I have anything that will work on this baby sweater.

20150926_9  So just need to finish the second pillow design and my LA projects will be well in hand for the first semester.


Ripping and Sewing

The little baby sweater is just being difficult.  I had found a heart design I was going to put on it to meet the “texture” requirement for Loopy Academy.  I originally planned to put it on the front but it would have extended too far under the arm so I didn’t like that.  But heck – I’d put it on the back and just do a single little heart on the front.  Once I figured out I’d need to read the chart basically upside down and backwards – I got about two inches in and it was not really standing out like I wanted.  So why bother following the chart if it’s not really going to be apparent what it is.  So I ripped that back and came up with a new plan .

The plan is to space out lines of slipped stitches – changing the length of some of them – which will probably be used as flower stems when I get done — either crocheting little flower tops to go on them or finding buttons – I’m leaning towards the buttons so spent some time searching Etsy shops looking for buttons.  I haven’t found any I want for this sweater yet  but I came across a site with the most gorgeous Czech Glass Button shop so I’m trying to figure out what sweater of my own I need buttons for — they are all such lovely little works of art.

Among cleaning and baking and laundry, I did manage to get one of my placements made for Loopy Academy.

20150920_5I’m not following any pattern, just started in the center and added strips log cabin style.  There’s one fabric in the group that I didn’t use in this placemat – another large print like the trees in the center except it’s reindeer.  I plan to make them all a bit different – but all done with strips so they are quilted as I go along since I’m sewing the strips thru batting and backing when I add them.  I need to make at least four but will see how much of my fabrics are leftover and perhaps make more.

On the Needles report

I was too busy ripping out knitting to post the on the needles last night.

One of my Loopy Academy projects is a baby sweater for my Great Niece Eleanor.  I started on it Thursday? or maybe Wed night? anyway I didn’t notice there was a teeny, tiny knot in the yarn where the ends were tied back together.  I didn’t notice it until after about an inch along in stockinette stitch. It was on the backside but cotton yarn tends to show any irregularity and it made it look sort of like there was a missing stitch.  I knew it would bug me (and I wasn’t going to trust that tiny knot to not come undone at some point) so I ripped it back and reknit and now am back to about where I was before.

babysweaterI’m using the Pop Baby Cardigan for the main part of the sweater. This one is for my Loopy Academy “texture” project so since the bottom of the sweater is all just stockinette, I wanted to add some additional texture there.  I found the Be My Dischcloth pattern as I was searching for what to add.  I’m going to add the hearts on the lower right side of the sweater and then finish off the hem of the sweater and sleeves with some basket stitch or maybe see stitch.  I may also put a single heart on the ends of the sleeves.  Of course now I’m going to have to find some cute heart shaped buttons to use also.

LApillow Here’s one finished pillow top – my round pillow forms came this week and they are impressive.  First – they are much fatter width wise than I thought they would be.  and I like the “heft or feel” of them.  They are down pillows.  After I close in the center of this design I’ll probably add some crochet around the edges to make it a bit larger.  I’m sure it would block out a bit larger but since the blue yarn turned my fingers and wooden needle blueish, I’m afraid the color would bleed so don’t want to block it larger but crochet around the edges would be an easy way to get it to the size I want if it doesn’t stretch enough. Decided I am going to make it reversible with the other design on the other side so need to wait to until that design is done.

And hot off the needles  – Laura Aylor’s my First Point Of Libra Summer’s End MKAL shawl.  Love how it turned out (tho I hope I can block it a bit larger) and love the Black Trillium yarns – first time using them but I think another gradient set in a different color is in my not too distant future – so pretty.

lpl2Oh and I need to go add my yarn used to my yarn stash tally  — okay updated and even tho I added in the yarn used in this shawl – I had to add in the Loopy Academy yarn I purchased so I went a bit further in the hole but soon those LA projects will be finished….


This month’s installment of PatchKats has been posted.  If you are making the smaller design without the final hearts and ribbon border, then this month’s installment will finish off your top.  However, if you are making the full design (I love that heart and ribbon border but I’m a bit biased) then you have one more month to go.  There’s just a couple filler blocks and corner blocks for that heart and ribbon border that we didn’t make in in the very beginning so we will make those in October and the get the full design finished off then.

patchkats final

Fabric Stash Report

The fabric stash numbers took a bit of a hit since I added in all the fabrics for my Loopy Academy projects this week.  So eight yards of fabric have been added in.

fabupdae But still have 43 yards less in the stash than I started the year with so that’s progress in my book – along with the fact that I’ve obviously been sewing a bit more this year since I have sewn up 95.5 yards so far.  I was hoping to double that  by the end of the year but don’t know if that will happen.


20150913_1Here’s my Loopy Academy supplies.   The two fabrics at the bottom of the right hand stack (the pale one which is a very light aqua print and the one that looks solid) were actually bought to be used for the drawstring bag Academy requirement.  But they go so well with the rest of the fabrics that I may add some of them into my placemats.

The black and tan stuff at the top of the photo is for the Winer Wonderland wall hanging – I’m going to add to it to make it larger but first I need to get the design transferred over to the fabric so I can start doing the embroidery.  Here’s a closer view of the stitchery design.


WI Quilt Expo and On the Needles Report

Okay – first as promised last night, I finally took the photos of my knitting project.   My sweater from my Loopy Legend yarn is moving along slowly since I’ve been working on Loopy Academy projects.  I’ve got about 4-5″ of the back done but it’s not that exciting to look at so didn’t take a photo.

I am very excited about my Loopy Academy pillow project.

20150912_7I’ve got nine of the thirteen “petals” done — but clearly was falling asleep last night as I worked on that las petal because I can see where I need to fix something so will have to rip part of that one back.     Originally I was going to put this design on one side of my pillow and a second design on the back.  I’m actually how thinking I may make two separate pillows but I have to see what my yardage is after finishing one pillow top.  I am really enjoying knitting this – quick short rows of intarsia which is really easy to do.    I haven’t worked any more on the cowl from the last photo I had posted of that since if I wasn’t working on this pillow, I was working on the final clues of the Summer’s End MKAL.   I’ve just got the final clue to complete and then I’ll post a photo of that.

A couple hours of this a.m. were spent having breakfast with a friend and then we went to the WI Quilt Expo. Lots of great quilts of all kinds.  The best of show winner was absolutely stunning and phenomenal quilting.  So after a stroll through the quilts and a stop to get a large soda that cost more than a 12-pack of soda (my one complaint about the venue has always been the cost of getting a soda and I forgot to stick my water bottle in my bag) — but then after a resting of the feet and a bit of people watching, I took a quilt walk up and down the vendor rows.  Having just had to move all that fabric around in my sewing room due to the water heater leakage, I really was not looking to buy fabric. ;-)  And actually only bought one thing — well two packages of the same thing but in different colors.

SILLaser cut fusible snowflakes.  They are batik fabrics.

Finally, after all the tree skirts I have made for friends and family over the years, I’m going to make one for me.  It will be very simple (after all it’s under the tree so not a lot of it will show) so I will either get just one pretty batik fabric to put these on or maybe do some simple piecing and then put them on.  In any event – they were my splurge at the quilt expo.

It actually feels like a fall day here — it had been upper 80s and very humid last week and today – it probably is in the mid 60s right now but it was in the 50s when I left the house this morning and breezy and sunny and a gorgeous blue sky with fluffy clouds floating along.  My perfect fall day (and of course everyone who was complaining how hot and sticky it was last week is complaining how cold it is today — go figure).  I would be so happy if it would stay like this for the next three months – I love fall.

Okay – enough rambling – a load of laundry to start, and I think I’ll go rest my weary walking feet (those cement floor exhibit halls are so hard on the feet and knees) and do a little bit of knitting before I go finish the rest of the cleaning I wanted to do today.