Friendship Chart – again


This chart was the one I was sending on to a new home in the drawing the Sunday before last.   The winner Jill, lives out of the United States and rather than waiting until Covid dwindles here so I feel safe going into the post office and filling out customs forms, she has graciously said I should just offer it as a giveaway to someone else.

So cajunbear2013, you are the next lucky winner if you are in the US (and I believe you are).  I have emailed privately to let you know.

Finished Box


I love how it turned out and will make a great gift.   I may need to order another box to have on hand for last minute (or a bit more than last minute) gift giving but this really didn’t take long to make.  The box is called a Cottage Garden Jewelry Round Box.  There are rectangular boxes too and I have seen them in black, white and a wood tone offered at various needle work shops.


Also – just a note re the cross stitch charts I’m sending on to new homes when I complete them.  I didn’t think about it before today, but I did edit my last post to add this note for the charts I offer to mail out from today’s date forward.

Sorry but the mailings of the free patterns, I’m going to have to limit from this one forward,  are only available to be mailed to US mailing addresses.  With Covid I am NOT going into the post office and I would need to do so with international mailings to add customs forms, etc.  Thanks for understanding.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

First, before I forget, Jill Roland McCaughey was picked by the RNG to be the recipient of the Friendship Tree chart so Jill, I replied to your comment to email me privately your mailing address.

Yesterday I started on this little design.  It’s from  Nov. ’20 issue of Punch Needle and Prim Stitcher magazine.   It will go in the top of a cute little round wooden black trinket box.    I’ve changed my version from the original a bit by leaving out two rows in the larger octagon shapes to make them a bit smaller to fit the size I needed and am doing the outer ring of smaller ones (black outlined ones in my version) a bit different – not filling them in entirely.  Only a couple more little ones to finish and I can pop this in the box.

I picked threads at random that I liked and after taking the picture below, added in a few more colors.




In the meantime between these projects, during my lunch hours I’ve been putting a few stitches into this – Raspberry Homecoming – one of the Amish/Quilt themed pieces that I had started close to 20 years ago and never finished in a series I was working on.  This is the photo of how far I was when it was put away all those years ago.  I don’t have an updated photo because I left this at work but there’s only a raspberry bush and the wording that will go at the bottom left to do.  Amazing how much progress you can make just stitching during lunches on one piece.

I’ve got another cross stitch chart to move on to a new home now that I’m done with it.


It’s the Mothers chart in the photo (you can see my version stitched by scrolling down a couple blog posts).  The chart also has designs for the two little hearts show on the cover (floss and fabric not included) 🙂

So if you are interested in stitching this chart, please leave a comment on this blog post and include the number 164 (which is the # on the chart) in your comment.  It was hard to tell in last week’s comments if someone was just commenting in general or if they were commenting because they wanted to be included in the drawing so only those comments that include 164 will be used for the random number generator next weekend.

Next up for me – checking to see if there is barbeque sauce here or if I need to make some.  There’s country style ribs on the menu for dinner tonight so I’d better get them going.

4-18-21  Edited to Add:    Sorry but the mailings of the free patterns I’m going to have to limit from this one forward  are only available to be mailed to US mailing addresses.  With Covid I am NOT going into the post office and I would need to do so with international mailings to add customs forms, etc.  Thanks for understanding.

Sit and Stitch Finish – 4-17-21

Sit and Stitch

I started this late last Saturday and put the final stitches of my initials and year into it this morning at 2:15 AM.  Finish in a week.  This was such a fun stitch to do I just couldn’t wait to work on it.  I love that row of houses.    I think I may actually have a frame that will fit this – at least I know I have one here where the coloring on it would be perfect – so hopefully it’s not too big.  Will have to check that out later.

So now while I’m doing other things I’ll have to decide what is next.   The first thing is I want to make an insert for a wooden trinket box I had previously gotten.  I had stitched one little design but it’s just not right for that box and I didn’t like my fabric choice.    And then the tough decision will be what fabric to use.

My fabric choices have expanded this week.  I finally got an order I had placed last January which I had given up as never going to receive.  My card hadn’t been charged for it and the two emails I sent earlier this month asking if the Etsy seller had any idea when it might shipped went unanswered.  Okay – that got that seller struck from my list of people to order from again – but it was a nice surprise to finally get it.   Recently I received a 35-year longevity bonus from the law firm where I work.   Well I had to spend a little bit of that on some additional fabric I wanted and perhaps a bunch of charts so that’s why the decision is even harder – too many choices. of what to start next.  Here’s a shot of some of the fabrics – most are only 8″ x 10″ pieces.  I love that size to see if I like the colors and they are perfect for small pieces and they come with the edges serged which is so nice.  The colors are all just slightly darker than showing in the photo.  And my long awaited 3 large sleds also arrived.


That orange on top is a perfect pumpkin color (and I just happen to have the perfect pattern (s) to use on that).  But my favorite color is that red – so gorgeous.   I’m envisioning that for Christmas and Valentine designs.  For instance a heart shaped pin pillow with a doily type all white design stitched on it.  I think that would be so lovely.

Oh yes, and a new table for next to my stitching/knitting chair will be arriving next week.  I’ve been looking for months for something to put there trying to decide did I want drawers or not, how big to fit in the space where I want to put it (rather than the large plastic tub with lid that is currently sitting there) LOL  and finally decided on one.  So I’m done shopping for the time being and the rest of that bonus money will hit the bank until such time as I feel safe walking into a furniture store.  I’ve needed a new couch or loveseat forever but hate furniture shopping so never got around to it before Covid and well, it’s definitely not happened during the last year.  Or maybe just a large chair (like one of those oversized ones) with a big ottoman.  I just need to get rid of that big uncomfortable couch and get something else. Someday I may walk into a store again to actually look at furniture just not yet………..but the real excitement  was I was able to get my first Covid shot this week at work.  Home Health came in and did a clinic in our office which was so nice and convenient.  They will be back in a few weeks to give the second doses.

Decidedly Spring Sunday – April 11, 2021

I opened the door this morning to see what it was like outside and it confirmed that Spring has arrived in Wisconsin for sure.  There was a gentle rain all night which looks like it has stopped at least for the moment, everything is green green green – that bright spring green of new leaves on all the shrubs and trees and weeds on the hill outside my house – just warm enough for me to leave the door cracked open for a little bit and let in some of that fresh air.  Ahhhhhhhh. All this week I have been surprised when I opened the door and saw little green leaves — it was a LONG winter.

I stayed up until nearly 3AM cross stitching and finally made myself go to bed even tho I wasn’t really feeling tired although I think I fell asleep very quickly (since I don’t remember, I must have).   I worked on one project (which I don’t have a photo of) and then decided to start on Sit and Stitch (I showed a photo of the design in yesterday’s post).  So here’s my start.


The peachy/coral color, ecru for the houses, and green vine were all substituted colors since I didn’t have the called for.  I also made one change to the pattern.  Of the three diamond designs on the basket, the one on  the left was one stitch farther away from the center diamond than the one on the right.  I looked at a close up of the chart image and it appears it is intended to be off kilter as the model is stitched that way, but I centered/spaced them evenly on mine – it would have driven me crazy that they were off.

Also, I’ve decided that if I have cross stitch patterns to give away (because I have finished stitching on them), I will include them in my Sunday posts.  There of course won’t be one every Sunday but that’s the day of the week I will include them and I will generate the winner and post that info in the following Sunday’s post.  The winner will then need to email me privately (my email is under my photo on the blog) with their mailing address. 

So here is today’s pattern I have finished stitching and will send on to another stitcher to stitch.  You can see my stitched version in one of yesterday’s posts.


Now back to my cleaning that kitchen and perhaps making a cake.

It’s done! Brick #2


This pile of stitching and fabrics  – which I showed you earlier this afternoon –  has now become a fully finished brick, ready for gifting.

This one (the second time I’ve done one of these finishes) was so much quicker than the first time.  Practice makes perfect.  Oh, but I just remembered there was some hand dyed ribbon I might want to add to it if it is the right color – will have to check on that but I may just leave it as it is.


Okay I just noticed in the photo above  that the buttons in the center of the flowers look like they have faces on them!!!

It’s a four hole button and I stitched thru them like a cross stitch (in an “x”) but because of how the light is on it in the photo they look like somewhat frowny flowers.  So funny.


April 10, 2021 – lots of stitchin’ stuff


First, before I forget to announce it – the Farmhouse Christmas Block 1 that I had purchased a duplicate of, random generator of the 3 people interested in receiving that picked Dotti so I have emailed her that she has won it.  Congratulations.  There will likely also be future give aways of patterns I have finished stitching.  Some of them will be given to a friend, but the ones taht are not her style or she already has I will offer up here since I have no need to keep a pattern after I have already stitched it so stay tuned.



Second – exciting news! Some of you may remember my hunt for the large Foxwood Crossing sleds, similar to the smaller and medium size (but way cuter! – as you can see from the only one I was able to get that that time) to put perforated paper cross stitch on and will be using for holiday gifts.  Due to supply issues they went out of stock about Christmas and likely wouldn’t be restocked until April.  I had an order I placed end of January for two of them which has been waiting for them to come back in stock.  There was one or two other items I had in that same order but told the shop owner I wasn’t in a hurry for those so just ship it all when the sleds came in.   She called me this week to let me know she was shipping it out!  Hurrah!  I will have to get back to sled stitching in between other projects.

Speaking of projects I just put the final stitches in this one this morning.  It’s Handtuch Sampler by Threadwork Primitives.  I stitched it on 16 count Picture This Plus Aida in the color Fog which I think I got at 123Stitch. It has just a bit of sort of tea dyed mottling which I love.  I used Weeks Dye Works in Oscar, which was called for in the pattern, but replaced the other two called (which I didn’t have) with Blue Jeans (Weeks) and Rose Garden (Gentle Art).


I absolutely love everything about this little sampler.  It was a delight to stitch.  I made a couple changes by design and a couple by accident (darn that counting!) but it’s all good.  This is a small sampler – it will fit in a 9″ x 11″ frame (which I have just ordered today after checking my framing supply to make sure there was nothing that size).


The frame arrived for this one.  Love it.  I think this will be the first one I work on later this month to actually get it in the frame and fully finished.


In that frame order was also the frame for Dog Rules for People.   I love this frame too with the two-tone back and brown.   It’s funny because I took this one outside to try to get a true color photo of it.  The fabric is printed with sort of a hand dyed look and some little darker splotch places that weren’t really showing up on indoor photos.  Indoors, it looks dark tan shades, and much to my surprise (and I love it even more) outside in daylight it has a very slight pinkish cast which shows up a bit in these photos.




I still need to add year and initials to this one before it can be framed.

And this is what I plan to work on this afternoon – the cube finish for this.  I fought my way thru the sewing room to the fabric shelves and I knew I wanted to use purple fabric to go along with the shades of purple in the words.  Batik fabrics are my all time favorites and that darker piece is just the perfect size for the foam brick I am using and there happened to be a jelly roll sitting on the shelf with purples and I stole the lighter strip from there.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to show you a finish of this.




sit snf dyiy vh










And since I finished Handtuch Sampler, I need a new project and think I will do this one – Sit and Stitch – which was a recent release from Little House Needleworks.    I’ve already pulled my fabric (and ordered a frame for this one too since it will take the same size as Handtuch) and will have to pull threads.  I doubt I have all the Classic Colorworks ones called for so will just substitute.   I love the little row of houses and the Dr. Seuss-like rhyme just makes me smile.

It started raining a little while ago – which we really need – so all those little leaves that popped out in the last couple days on the trees should love that and it makes for a cozy day of movie watching and stitching.   Speaking of movies, I recently watched The Magic of Belle Isle which was really good.  It’s an old one, from about 10 years ago I think; I had never heard of it but totally enjoyed it, especially since I do love a good Morgan Freeman movie.

Sunday April 4, 2021

It’s a lovely sunny warm day here – I just took a stroll outside and was surprised how warm it really was – almost 70 degrees.  The reason for going out – allegedly an Amazon delivery was made in the last half hour (I got the delivery email) and it never fails that when they don’t show a photo of the package sitting out side my door in the delivery email, that means they did NOT deliver it to MY door.  Apparently the Sunday driver has issues because I think this has happened on Sunday’s before.  So took some trash out and then checked the doors of my neighbors in my building and located it.  I always feel like a thief taking a box off someone else’s door stoop even if it is my name and address on it. 🙂

Happy Easter!  Here’s my little Easter display on my breakfast bar.


You will notice it is devoid of all the little pin keep pillows I’ve been cross stitching.

Yep – I didn’t get the sewing table cleaned off this week so didn’t want to make even more mess in there pushing things aside to be able to sew (plus I have some really pretty additional ribbons and rick rack trims I want to use on them that were delayed in shipping) so next year I’ll have them out – or give some of them as Easter gifts.

I did come across in my cleaning the little turquoise frame and stuck the bunny in the sweater in that temporarily but he won’t stay in that frame.


In my cleaning I also came across the reproduction vintage Easter postcards I had previously gotten – hmmm those were supposed to have been mailed before Easter — again, I’ll be prepared for next year.   I got  two of this one so I could keep one of them – it’s my favorite.  I love the design, the colors used in it and it’s all embossed so has great texture all over it.

My favorite thing in this display tho is Bunny Boy.   I think I’ve shown him before but he’s a vintage porcelain thimble holder.  It’s a little boy in his  knickers, knee socks and jacket and his bunny ears hat.  it doesn’t show up in my photo but there’s a bunny face on the part of the hat on top of his head too.   He has a basket strapped to his back for holding a thimble.


I decided on a new stitching project last night so set aside my Farmhouse Christmas for now.    It’s a small sampler stitched with just three colors and I love all the motifs in it and how they are short of spaced out.


Much like knitting where I always want to “knit one more row” or quilting where you want to make “just one more block,” these letters were so addictive in the alphabet and I wanted to stitch just one more letter…..and of course finished them all last night (or actually the wee hours of the morning – I have to stop staying up that late now that my vacation week is ending!)  This morning I stitched a bit on a couple of motifs.  I changed two of the colors.  It was supposed to be done all in Weeks Dye Works but of the three colors called for the only one I had in the stash was Oscar.  I love Oscar – it is one of my favorite shades of greenish sort of goldish color – and in some letters it looks more green and in other letters it looks more gold.  The other colors were supposed to be a darker green and a red but I changed the dark green to  Weeks Blue Jeans and the red to Gentle Arts Rose Garden.  The fabric I’m stitching on is 16 count Fog which has a very slight mottled tea dyed look to it so it’s not stark white.


Time to finish making the rest of what I want for my Easter dinner later.  I boiled the little red potatoes which should be cool enough to cut and finish making the German Potato Salad and I need to decide between Watergate Salad or Ambrosia – or a sort of combination of the two and get that mixed up.

Sunny Saturday – April 3

Just a quick post as I wait for something to finish cooking.  It’s 3:30 pm and I haven’t had breakfast (but lots of coffee), I haven’t had lunch  – no wonder I’m hungry.  I was going to make bacon and eggs and toast some of that good bread I was given yesterday and then thought – oh as long as I’m making real bacon (not the precooked kind I usually get), I should make extra so I can make some German Potato Salad to go with my Easter meal tomorrow.   So waiting on a big pan of bacon to finish cooking.   I was lazy this morning (after staying up extremely late cross stitching yesterday) so didn’t get moving very early – watched a movie and drank my coffee before going back to cleaning.   It’s a surprise when I walk in the bathroom and don’t see the sink counters cluttered with stuff (as they have been for a couple weeks).   I even have some new artwork to hang on the walls in there to bright it up.

But here’s a quick pic of the Farmhouse Christmas block I was stitching on last night – lots of white in this block but I love that roof which has 3 colors in it.  I think I have finally decided what my next project will be so I can pull threads for that and get started on it later today.  Oh and it’s a beautiful day here!! Sun is shining, it’s nearly 60 degrees and supposed to warm up even more.


Farmhouse Christmas Progress 4-2-21

I’ve been just moving right along on Farmhouse Christmas. I can’t decide what project I want to start next, so I’ve been working on Farmhouse for the past 4 days or so. The block I planned to work on during April, Little Red Barn, was finished on March 31.

This is Block 1 (remember I’m sort of reversing the placement order in my project from the one where all blocks are shown together).   I love this barn.

Remember when I was trying to order the hand-dyed floss kits for this pattern and ordered two of them from two different places?  Well once of those places it came with the pattern included for just this block so I have a duplicate pattern for this one.  If you are interested in stitching the duplicate pattern yourself (not to get it and give it away without stitching it please), then leave a comment on this post stating some thing so I know that you are interested in receiving it and if there’s more than one person interested, I’ll do the random number generator to pick the person I will mail it to.  The block can be finished as a little ornament or a pillow/pinkeep or anything else you can think of.

Then since I couldn’t decide what project to kit up next and start, I decided to move on to another Farmhouse block – Block 8, Farm Folk.   And it was a quick stitch and is finished.  Aren’t they cute.


And since I still couldn’t decide what new project to stitch I started the next block but only made a little progress on that one – Cock-a-doodle-do – which I love because it has a gingham check look roof and a weather vane with a rooster on the top but only a fence and a few stubby tree trunks and two very tall tree trunks are done on that block as you can see in the overall photo.  I am so enjoying this stitch.four

But I’ll set this one aside for a while and kit up a new project later today.  Busy today cleaning bathroom – it smells very lemony in here today like Mr. Clean has exploded all over my house but that’s a good smell.  Nearly all scented things bother me but lemony clean smelling things don’t.   The last two days I’ve also been packing away winter coats (why do I have so many winter jackets??? – oh yeah I live in Wisconsin and we wear them for many months and I have fall, winter, cold winter, deep free winter – coats for all kinds of winter) – anyway putting everything in space bags  as I was cleaning out the closet and gathering mittens and scarfs etc from all the places they were stashed so they get put away with the coats.   Also washing quilts and other bedding – spring cleaning is in high gear.

But coffee break time since a friend called a short time ago to ask if she could stop by (she was near my apartment as she had been out hiking today) and drop off my Easter Basket.  Heck Yes! I didn’t know I was getting an Easter Basket.  So we sat outside in chatted a few minutes.  Well it was more a brown paper grocery bag but filled with oh so yummy treats from our favorite German bakery we used to go to back in the days when we went out to breakfast on the weekends and then ran other errands.  But she brought all my favorites – a chocolate covered coconut macaroon which is like 4″ across and thick – that will be eaten first once the fresh pot of coffee is done.  A Crispie (we used to call them Elephant Ears ), a huge cinnamon roll, and a loaf of sourdough rye and one of Bavarian Harvest Rye – she knows I love rye bread.   I had forgotten to put bread in my grocery order yesterday so a very timely delivery too.  Yummmmmmmm.    Now to go eat my treat and wait for the bathroom floor to dry after it’s scrubbing.