I’ve call the cleaning quits for this weekend and pulled out my March UFO Challenge projects.  It just needs a final border and then to be quilted and at least it’s not a huge quilt so should take to long to quilt once I get it layered.  So found some fabric in the stash to use for the border.

I’ve also been pieced some of those many extra pieces I cut when I cut out the Five Square quilt.   I just have to cut a background square and the two sizes I cut make heart blocks.

 I think I will probably set them in vertical rows with setting triangles and then find a print to alternate between the heart rows but will wait and see how many hearts I end up with.

Janaury UFO Challenge Project and Stashbusting report

Stashbusting – one poor little yard of fabric used to cut some borders and that’s it for this week.  Now that the sewing room is once again clean and I can see my table, I’m going to get a couple projects layered so just maybe I can make a bit of a bigger move than one yard at a time.  So despite that 15 yard setback into the red two weeks ago, I’m  a whole whopping 5.5 yards in the black again.

Andl I’m only nearly three months behind on the UFO challenge.  My January project, Frozen Delights I actually did get quilted in January some time (or maybe early February) but it’s been siting waiting for me to hand stitch the binding. Part of the problem was I buried the quilt in my sewing room mess and just uncovered it yesterday.  So last night got the binding stitched down finally!

  Notice all that green behind the quilt.  I think last week you could have sat outside and watched those leaves pop out on the trees.

Below are a few other photos of how I quilted some of the blocks — they are all a bit different, quilted in threads to match their fabrics.

Back to the spring cleaning.  The bathrooom floor should be dry by now so I can finish off that room.