1414 Mystery Quilt Lane

1414 Mystery Quilt Lane

   Mystery revealed on Justquiltin Flickr group!  This pattern is no longer available.


92 comments on “1414 Mystery Quilt Lane

  1. Ho Ho ! , Love a Mystery. Usually do the Planet Patchwork one on New Years day but don’t know if they will be doing it this year–sooo this will do quite well. Thank You.!

  2. How fitting. A mystery quilt to start the mystery of what is to happen in the coming year. I’m sure if it is anything like your other designs it will be awesome. I’m looking forward to participating. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  3. Denise, your quilts are always so much fun! I can hardly wait and I’ll be ready to do some sewing for ME after all the Christmas presents I’ve been making for OTHERs

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  5. I am looking forward to an easy project for this time of year and a pattern for possible use for next year for 5 lap quilts for friends at Christmas time. I have tons of that kind of fabric and would love to whittle that down to a manageable size. Thanks Denise – your mysteries are always fun and so rewarding. Your generosity knows no bounds.

  6. Should the cuts for fabric 5 be that big? should they be 4.4 instead of 45? I am not cutting yet but in just looking it over they looked very big!!

      • It’s listed in the cutting info – all strips are cut WOF (width of fabric) from selvage edge to selvage edge. While most fabrics are between 40″ and 42″ wide, some fabrics have larger selvages so you don’t necessarily get as much “useable” fabric minus the selvage edge – that’s why I say my cutting measurements are based on at least 40″ of useable fabric (not including selvage).

  7. I have all my fabrics ready and then realized that I have a conflict with the new date. I will not be near a computer until the afternoon. Will the clues still be up? I have cut my fabrics in reds, whites and blues to make a quilt of valor and am very excited!!

  8. I have my fabrics cut, stacked and ready to sew on Saturday!! My first mystery with you and glad you had to move the date to mid-month! Will there be a place to post fabric choices and/or finished quilts?

    • Correct – you can’t print from the preview screen (or it won’t print correctly) because you haven’t really downloaded the file and truly opened it. Download the file first then print.

  9. I’m so excited this is my first quilt. I’m using navy, teal, green and white. Thanks so much for such easy to follow instrucins.

  10. This quilt turned out really pretty. I’ll need to go shopping for fabric. Thank you for sharing! It is really kind of you

  11. fabulous….love the design. The fussy cutting is just awesome for show-casing special prints.

    Thank you for this creation….hugs and stitches

  12. Just what I was looking for. I like to make baby quilts that are big enough for floor, car and Mom to wrap up in too. This will be just right for the baby due in July. Great Grand Baby. Probably butterflies because I do not know if a girl or a boy at this point.

  13. I didn’t get to work on “Just Down the Road from 1414 Mystery Quilt Lane” today but I peaked
    This is just what I’ve been looking for.
    A quick and easy quilt to make with my eight year old grand daughter
    I think we will have lots of fun working on this together.
    It will be her first quilt. I wonder if she will get the bug.
    Quick, help me hide my stach. LOL
    Thank you .

  14. I was able to keep up most of the day yesterday. But had to take several hours off to go watch grandsons play in 2 basketball games. I have enough blocks done to get a feel for what it is going to look like and had planned to finish Sunday afternoon…..but a nap was needed, some good football games on….so no progress yet today! I HOPE to work in it tomorrow and get a picture posted! Wish me luck! A VERY good pattern! Love it! Thank you for sharing….and I plan to participate whenever you have another mstery!

  15. I waited until I finished Clue #8 before looking at #9. Love the layout and my fabric choices turned out great. Thanks for the mystery, Denise. Love it!

  16. My sis and I did this with you on the 18th and both of us really love the pattern! Sis already got another one cut out and labeled. We will get the picture to you as soon as I can. Thanks again for a great weekend!

  17. All done and photo awaiting your approval. I probably should have used blue instead of green but done is done! Thanks, Denise!

  18. I finally have a finished 1414 Mystery Quilt Lane quilt. I’m pretty sure I finished the top in January of 2014. But it has been in a drawer waiting to be quilted all this time. I had it machine quilted a couple weeks ago and now it has binding and a label. This is going to be my year to finish UFOs.

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