I cross stitched in the late ’80s early ’90s when I set it aside due to some eye issues and quilting having taken over my life.  Then during the pandemic, when supplies were hard to find of course, I came back to it and oh the difference 20 years can make in the choices of fabrics and flosses and charts!   There will also be separate pages for subsequent years because I have been severely bitten by the cross stitch bug again.

-This is the place to find photos of all my finishes for  2021.    The first group of photos are my fully finished items – framed or finished into some other sort of final project.   There are 39 finished projects – the pencil box is counted as one even tho there are four little stitches attached to it and the sleds are counted individually.  There are also six Amish-themed projects among this first group that were stitched in the late 90’s early 2000 that I either reframed or finally did the framing on and maybe put just a few finishing stitches in but those were pretty much all stitched and just awaiting fully finishing.     Below this first group is the group of stitches I’ve done in 2021 that are not yet fully finished – mostly smalls but a few larger ones I need to frame yet.

So final statistics for 2021 —      

  • 39 Fully finished projects
  • 6 Amish-themed projects framed/reframed
  • 26 additional stitches (mostly smaller ones) that need to be fully finished.

That is a heck of a lot of stitching! and I enjoyed it immensely!




coverlet berry tray


Below are all the projects that I finished the stitching on  in 2021 but still need to fully finish – 26 projects in all.