NQD 2012 Five Square Quilt

 Five Square instructions will be posted in honor of National Quilting Day 2012.  Check back on this page that day to get the instructions.  This should be a pretty quick and easy project to make.

The yardage estimates from EQ are linked below.  I will be posting an abbreviated version of the instructions meaning they will not be step by step telling you how many strips of what size to cut and then subcut into pieces.  The cutting and sewing instructions will be given to make one block.  You will need to multiply out how many pieces to cut depending on if you make your quilt the size shown or make a larger or smaller project — of course you will need to adjust your yardage accordingly.  The width and lenght of each border/sashing section will also be given for the quilt in the size shown, which measures  65″ x 80″ wiithout the binding.  Binding and backing yardage are NOT included in the printouts.

There is a difference between the light colored quilt and the other two darker ones in that the center square fabric is repeated in some of the borders/block sashing in the lighter version so two different yardage charts are below.

I hope you’ll come back on March 17 to celebrate National Quilting Day but stitching up this project!


Right click on the link below you want, save it to your computer, and then open it from the saved version on your computer.




Here’s the fabrics I’ll be using for mine.  The large floral will be fussy cut for the center square of the 5 Square.  If you want to fussy cut a design for that center square, it will need to fit into a FINISHED 6″ square.

10 comments on “NQD 2012 Five Square Quilt

  1. Thanks, Denise!! Love it!! I don’t know how you do all that you do! You make me tired just reading about it all!!! 🙂

  2. Once again, absolutely beautiful!

    I won’t be getting to this pattern today or for a few weeks as I’m prepping for a new job out of state…SO much to pack and the DH doesn’t quite see the value of packing my sewing machine, fabric & what-nots that I need for quilting…a.k.a. sanity. Such a silly boy!

  3. Lovely patterns as Quilts I will have to see what I have in my stash and get busy, thank you for this information. HUGS Jeanne

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