Not a good day

The day started with an emergency trip to the dentist.  That is NEVER a good way to start the day.  Sore tooth and swollen cheek.  The culprit I think is a tooth I had a root canal and crown down on about 14 months ago.  My dentist, who I really like, got me in right away and is just down the block from work.  The verdict – undecided at this moment.  I need to go back to the endodontist who did the root canal later this week but odds are (and they are not in my favor) that the root cracked which means the tooth will need to be pulled.  Dang dang dang – I was thinking much worse things since I’ve invested at least $1,000 over and above the dental insurance (but thank goodness for dental insurance) of my own money in that root canal and crown probably just to have it pulled. Drat!  On the upside – pencillin is working, swelling is going down and tooth doesn’t hurt.  I have hopes, even if it’s just a long shot, that there’s just some infection and it’s not really the tooth but I’m not holding my breath.  I can hope for another two days tho until I have to go find out what the final verdict is.  Oh well – it will be whatever it will be.

I’ve had a false start or two on the latest socks.  The faceted pattern I was going to use made the socks thicker than I really like with all the slipped stitches and also would make it less stretchy so I decided after knitting a couple inches that I didn’t like it and ripped it back out.  So now the bright multicolored yarn will be just a plain jane sock.

  So I’ve gotten a couple inches done on it now.  It will definitely be a wild pair of socks.

The I came across the Silver Bells pattern on Ravelry – sort of a lacy look.  I started those in Valley Yarns Kangaroo Dyer and the color is Gerber Daisy – a fuschia and orange combination.  I haven’t used this yarn before but it’s knitting up nicely.  It’s 70%wool 25% nylon and feels a bit more “wooly” than some yarns I use.  This will be my pair to work on at home since I keep getting lost in the pattern only due to my own inattention.  The plain socks will be my socks to work on during the bus ride since I don’t have to really pay attention to those.

One good thing about the start to today — it’s WARM!  It’s currently still 67 degrees and tomorrow upper 70s — very wierd indeed but I’m certainly not complaining since it could easily be snow instead at this time of year.  I guess it will be nice enough this weekend that I should take the holiday lights down – I haven’t been lighting them but they’re still hanging out there. LOL  I may even drag the patio table back outside in the hopes there will be no more snow to cover it!