Poinsettia Starburst

  This pattern is no longer available for free download.

Updated Nov. 8, 2011 — it is now available for purchase at EQ Boutique!


32 comments on “Poinsettia Starburst

      • Denise – I would like to purchase this pattern, as posted, but am unable to do so through the listed webpage. I do not have the software used by EQ. Just wanted a pattern to use on a cake!! The one shown without the redundant petals would be perfect to either paint onto a cake or to do up in fondant. Either way is impossible without a link for purchasing the pattern. Can payment and a large postage paid manila envelope be mailed to you, please?
        A digital jpeg file would be great for printing and enable more than a single usage. Are you willing to help with so I can complete my dream project?
        Please advise,

        • Becky – the pattern is available for sale at My EQ Boutique (go to http://www.myeqboutique.com/Shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1211&idcategory=172 ). You do not need the Electric Quilt Program software in order to buy the patterns. Read the “How It Works” page on the EQ Boutique site and there’s also a video that explains how it works. You just need to have a Windows based computer (not a Mac). A small amount of software is downloaded with the pattern that allows you to resize the pattern, print, etc. but you do not need a full Electric quilt program to use it.

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  2. thank you so much for the great birthday present, my bday is Feb 14th! I’m currently on no-buy, but might just have to see what I’m missing for this one…you can do that on your birthday, right? I will also do with needleturn!

    • Thanks Linda. I love the look of the border but I’m not particularly fond of paperpiecing but I shall have to plod along.

  3. Just like everything else I’ve seen on your site, this is beautiful. Thanks for all your “sharing”.
    Can’t hardly wait for the pattern.
    Lisa from Alabama

  4. I absolutely love the center spiral in this. Not sure what color way i will go with. My daughter loves sunflowers so i make make one for her in golds and yellows.
    I have no idea when i am going to have time to make all these wonderful designs you are creating. I really like all of them though so i guess i am just going to have to find the time .
    Thanks Denise. Will be checking back Monday night for the pattern.

  5. Just downloaded the pattern! Thanks, Denise. It is in my “to do” list. Can’t decide if it is poinsettias or mixed…….

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for your pattern.It looks fantastic I can’t wait to try to make it. I do have a lot of projects that I want to make. This will be one of them. Thank you again.

    Donna P

  7. Thank you for this pattern. I love it. I’m especially loving the blue version with bright flowers.
    Now if thinking it would just have it made .. life would really be good. Pandy

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