Boxing Day

Boxing Day is an easy to piece 72 x 90″ quilt.  Large pieces make it perfect for some of those larger prints in your stash and it can easily be finished in a weekend.

The link to the instructions is below.  Due to the graphics in the pdf file, it may take a bit longer to download so be patient.

The link for a smaller version, Baby’s First Boxing Day, is also below.  It finishes at 39″ x 47″.  The link for this one contains the yardage and cutting instructions only.  If you are making the smaller version, you will still need to print the instructions for Boxing Day as the sewing and layout directions are the same for both.

At the bottom of the page, you can see the smaller version I made and also the large version (which still needs the two borders added).

Boxing Day

Baby’s First Boxing Day





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