2016 QAL – Points of View

Special thanks to Pat Anderson – her name suggestion will be used for this QAL  “Points of View.”

Instructions are now available for this project.  I have shown the first three sizes listed below in the instructions.  The sizes for the first three images  are included in the written instructions.




I have one of my starburst blocks finished and a group of chain blocks completed so feel free to join in and quilt along on this project with me.  There’s no deadline and if the button in the sidebar is removed, you will still be able to find the free pattern instructions under the PAGES section listed towards the bottom of the right sidebar on the blog – just find the name “Points of View” to access it at any time.  Feel free to share your fabric choices, progress photos and finished project in my Flickr group – you will find a link to it in the sidebar of the blog.

Below are some additional sizes in case you are interested in making a larger quilt.

The one below would finish approximately 69″ x 86″ using 20 Block 1, 12 Block 2, 14 Block 3 and 4 Block 4.


The layout below would finish approximately 83 x 103 using 30 Block 1, 20 Block 2, 18 Block 3 and 4 Block 4.


Here’s the download.    Enjoy!


























39 comments on “2016 QAL – Points of View

  1. In those colors, I’d call it Colorado Sunshine. I can easily see how those before me chose those names. It is a lovely pattern. I can also see why it’s hard to name them. Color selection makes such a difference. Looking forward to this QAL. Thank you!!

  2. I am hoping to stitch a long with others as I love this design, may even do as a QOV. How about “All Points Center”?

  3. Glad you got this fixed..I thought that “Hearts all around ” would be a good name.
    First thought Tulips but with all the different colerations the Hearts seemed to pop.

  4. The individual block itself could be thought of as an explosion. Thinking outside of the box, I would call it “breaking out”.

  5. My name suggestions are: “Blazing Pathways” or “Trail Blazing” or “Blazing Trails. ” No matter the name, it is a grand design, Denise! I do hope to join you for this QAL!

  6. Thank you so much for this QAL — Everything depends on your Point of View. I will patiently wait — trust me, I have other things going; like 44 hand-knit warm hats for Oct 1st — I’m on Hat #16!

    • I’ve got the Barn Dance QAL going on now instead – which is a quilt I need for a wedding so that QAL got moved to the top of the list. Although I think I did just figure out what fabrics I want to use for Point of View so that’s a step in the right direction – if I get the order placed for them.

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