Seeing Stars – A Mystery Quilt Sew Along – January 2 and 3, 2015

seeing stars mystery



Are you ready for a mystery quilt sew along.  Your only clue as to what might be involved has been given in the name  “Seeing Stars”.  Doesn’t every love a starry quilt?   Don’t be fooled – the feathered star in the button image for this project and above  has absolutely nothing to do with the quilt design — I just think it’s pretty and had to put something on the blog button for this project. 🙂  Tricksy aren’t I? 🙂

As to the actual mystery quilt design, I do consider the design  a “modern” quilt design more so than a traditional looking one — could be the colors I colored it in EQ make it look more modern to me, could be because I didn’t put any borders on it, but I think it is also because it  has more “white space” (background) around certain elements so it not set in regular rows or sashed, which means there’s some great areas to show off your quilting.

Here are the pertinent preliminary facts:

WHO WILL BE PARTICIPATING:   Me, the gals of The Quilting Post Yahoo Group, and if you want to  play along, then you as well

WHAT TYPE OF PROJECT IS IT:   A mystery quilt sew along – all pieced, no applique or paper piecing.  The size will be 65 x 75.  You could add borders to enlarge it if you wish.

WHERE:  For The Quilting Post gals – clues will be posted in our group files as long as Yahoo is being cooperative that day and will be left up there for an extended period of time.

For blog readers who aren’t part of TQP, links to the clues will be updated on this page as they become available.  Clues will remain available until the end of January for you to download and then will be removed.

If you have never done one of my free projects before, please go to the top of the blog and click  “Copyright/Use of My Patterns”.  There is info you need there including the correct way to save the downloads posted for blog readers in order to access them later from your computer if you wish to do so.  Many people do not do this properly and are disappointed later when they cannot find their pattern files.  The links for clues will take you to the site – you do not need an account or anything to access the clue downloads.

WHEN:   Rotary cutting instructions will be posted the afternoon of Friday, January 2.  Actual sewing clues will begin posting at 6:00 a.m. CST on Saturday, January 3 and will continue throughout the day.  I haven’t finished writing up clues (heck I haven’t started yet as of my typing this) so not sure how many clues the design will be broken down into.

HOW DO YOU JOIN IN:  You simply come back to this page or the TQP files to get the cutting instructions and clues at the appointed time/date.

WHAT YOU NEED:   Your general sewing/quilting paraphernalia (rotary cutter and rulers) and yardage as follows:   You will need five fabrics.  I’m doing mine in solids.  I think the design would look best in solids, batiks, or tone on tone fabrics.   No one-way or stripes unless you don’t care that they would end up all topsy-turvy in your quilt top.  The yardage amounts are estimates generated by Electric Quilt.



Fabric 1:  3/4 yard


Fabric 2:  1/2 yard

Fabric 3: Background:  3-5/8 yard


Fabric 4:  1-3/8 yard – this includes binding yardage and is the color that will sort of pop compared to the others in my quilt.


Fabric 5:  1 yard

Updated 1/1/15:   If you are printing out the clues, they are set up to save as much paper as possible when printing. Since several clues only take up half a page of paper, the clues are spaced on the page so you can print two of them on one page in some instances.  So for instance, Clue 2 and Clue 3 will fit on one standard piece of paper.  So you simply print Clue 2, and then when Clue 3 is available, put that same sheet of paper Clue 2 is printed on back into your printer (making sure you have it oriented correctly for your specific printer) and print Clue 3 which will print in the lower blank space on the page.   The  Clues that will fit on one page are:   Clues 2 and 3,  Clues 4 and 5, Clues 6 and 7, Clues 8 and 9, and Clues 50 and 51 (okay there really aren’t 50 and 51 clues – just seeing if you are paying attention). 🙂

One important reminder – because these files are saved on (you did read the “copyright/use of my files info” didn’t you to learn how works if you’ve never downloaded from them before didn’t you??) and because there may be many people accessing them at the same time, if you get an error message that you can’t access the file, please do not immediately email me or leave a blog comment saying you can’t get the pattern.  The links are always tested to make sure they work but because of the number of people trying to access during a short period of time, occasionally will send out error messages, exceed bandwidth or some other such error that I personally can’t do anything to correct for you.  You will need to exercise a bit of patience, and try again a little later.










CLUE 8 –


CLUE 10 — the final clue!!!!!

I’m going to wait until Monday for the design wall linkup to show what my top looks like.   Feel free to load photos of your tops to the Justquiltin Flickr group – link is in sidebar.




39 comments on “Seeing Stars – A Mystery Quilt Sew Along – January 2 and 3, 2015

  1. Hi! Merry Christmas, Denise and friends!
    Thanks for another fun opportunity to start the New Year!
    Blessings and safe travels, for those who must.
    Catch y’all on Jan2, 2015.

  2. OK, I bought all my fabrics on Tuesday for this! I am excited because while I have participated in challenges before, I have never participated in a mystery quilt along. Nervous to make the cuts, but I did read the link information for downloading to save. Thank you!

    • How did you get in? I still only see the words “CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS….” and no way to get anywhere else to actually see the cutting instructions. Help please!

      • The link is not active yet – I’m busy with some other things. It simply says it will be made available in the P.M. – there are many hours left in the P.M. – I will get to it shortly. Patience please.

  3. I can’t seem to find the cutting clue. I see something about it, but it isn’t linked to anything. Am I early or what am I doing wrong?????

  4. Tks so much Denise for your efforts. Well appreciated. Everythings working fabulously…so much thought and care went into this mystery. Susan from Atlantic Canada

  5. Thank you for all you share – God has truly blessed you with a talent of making the directions so clear and the creativity to come up with new ideas

  6. Thanks for planning a mystery quilt for all of us. It makes starting the New Year with bang (well, in a way)—-okay, it makes the first few days fun. Now, could you make up a pattern of the above birds with hat, boots, and streamers for us. Love those birds! I could see a “Birds of the Month” in my future. Please think about it.

  7. I am starting to join all the blocks , the qiuilt is beautiful,as all of your designs are. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  8. Hi, I am enjoying this quilt along but can’t seem to find any pictures yet on flicker. Is there some place else as any comments on there seem to be a couple of years old. Please help me find the right place. Thanks

  9. What a great quilt! You’ve outdone yourself, but then again, you ALWAYS do!! Thank you for a wonderful pattern. Having been sick, it was nice to see each part as it was revealed. Have the perfect fabrics in mine and will be able to reduce my stash! (said with tongue in cheek).

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