March 12 in 2012 Update

Three months down in the 12 in 2012 sock making challenge — so how are you doing. This is the first month I haven’t gotten at least one new pair completed  but since I’ve got eight pair done, I’m a couple months ahead.

I did manage to get one sock completed last night – the Nine to Five pattern by Nicole Hinds and the yarn is Skein Top Drawer Socks in “Spartan” – shades of gray and a hint of dark red.

And now, as promised earlier in the month — a free hank of yarn to some lucky random number generated winner.  To qualify you just had to have left a comment on my January and/or February end of month 12 in 2012 update blog post.  And I’m taking the simple way out to do the selection.  January’s post says it has a total of  22 comments.  Some of those are replies from me to comments left – I’m not going to waste my time going in and counting how many there are  without my comments.  February  has 8 – so  total of 30 and  the random number generator picks a number between 1 and 30 – if it happens to come up on a comment I left, the one following it will be the winner.

I did change the yarn I’ll be giving away from the Opal I previously had thought it would be (a friend saw it, it was the perfect color to use for the final ruffle on a shawl she was making that she had run out of  yarn for so I gave that to her).  So the giveaway yarn is Malabrigo sock and it’s sitting on my desk at work so I can’t think of the color name but it’s shades of green with a bit of a hint of blue in it.

Drum roll please…… the winner is  Nan!   So Nan, please email me ( with your mailing address.

So please leave a comment on your sock challenge progress (or lack of it as the case may be) because you never know when there could be more free yarn in the offing!

Here’s where I’m at now on the Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku — love this pattern and as it states, it is simple.  I’m not working on the heel and I like the way the 9to5 sock carries one repeat of the braid section down the left and right side of the heel so I decided to do this with the Skyp sock and repeat one pattern section down the left and right side of this heel too.  This sock is Caper Sock – Labradorite (which sounds like a breed of dog to me). LOL