3/4/12 Stashbusting Report

It’s now March and things are barely crawling along on the stashbusting front.  Again – a pittance busted – just a half yard – half of which hit the trash since I goofed up on a block I was making and the rest for a 100 Blocks entry.  Things are definitely NOT getting busted by leaps and bounds.  But next week — I have high hope for next week!

I started on the final applique block for Child’s Play – the train.

   Below is what I have done so far – the coal car and the first passenger car – minus the wheels.  I just finished cutting out the freezer paper templates for the rest of the train so I can now go pick out the fabrics.

  May plan is to get this block finished in the next day or two so that I can finally set together the rest of the quilt top.   There was going to be appliqued jump ropes in the outer border but I’m rethinking that since I think the border fabric I’m contemplating the jump ropes won’t show up very well against so there’s no point in going through all that work then.  Will have to wait and see what the final verdict is on the border fabric choice.