Let the Spring Cleaning commence…

The grass is green, trees are getting leaves, even downtown the flowering trees popped out lovely white blossoms this week with the warm weather and the rain.  Everywhere I look in this apartment I have clutter, closets are stuffed and disorganized and I can’t stand it anymore. LOL  So the spring cleaning shall begin… closets, cabinets, shelves, no area is safe.  The bad thing is that means things always look messier before they get cleaner making piles of stuff to junk, recycle, donate or move to a different location as it gets sorted.

I started on the bathroom last night. Need to straighten out the cabinets under the sink and wash the floor – everything else has been cleaned – and then I can put up the new shower curtain, toss down the new rugs, and at last one room will be done.  But I’m not in the mood for floor scrubbing tonight so decided to tackle the coat closet.

  I never really use this closet to hang my coats in- they end up in the bedroom closet.  There was a large wash basket full of magazines I needed to sort through in there which I pulled out.  The shelf unit on the side of the closet is full of videos and dvds – that will come back out of the closet and go somewhere else –too hard to get at them in the closet — plus a bunch of them will get weeded out and gotten rid of.  So I’m thinking the plastic tubs of christmas ornaments and the artificial tree make take up residence here instead of in my bedroom and sewing room closets.  Or maybe the bathtowels and linens and the shelving unit they are on.

I keep walking from bedroom to sewing room closets thinking … if I  move this out of this closet, I could put this there, and move that over here…. you know how it goes.  Yes I see a major mess on my horizon.

However  right now here’s what the sewing room table looks like.

  Trust me there IS a work surface under all that stuff.  And that green bookcase to the left of the fabric shelves — that I would like to move out of there so I can put my ironing board in front of that window out of my way.  Hmmmm… If I move that other thing out of the closet in the sewing room, can I put that shelf IN the closet…..I think I’d better just go get a cup of coffee and contemplate my plan of attack for tomorrow while I do some knitting.

But I did get all those magazines sorted out.  I think  there’s probably only about 10 I kept and these three bags are full of the ones headed to the recycling dumpster tomorrow morning.  At least that was a job well done.

So on to the coffee and the sock and mulling over my plan of attack.

  The latest sock is coming along nicely – I’ve just started working on the heel.