My Patterns Available for Sale at EQ Boutique!

Below are the designs I currently have available for sale at EQ Boutique through

The format for EQ Boutique was changed mid 2014.  You now need Electric Quilt 7 in order to use EQ Boutique files.  If you previously purchased Dog Pound Pals for my 2014 BOM project (or any other Boutique file for that matter and do not have EQ7) and can no longer access the boutique file, you need to click the EQ Boutique link above and follow the info there.   The Electric Quilt gurus will check to make sure you ordered it and give you access in a different way to any files you previously purchased prior to the change over. 

Some of my designs are just block collections and some are full quilt patterns with instructions.  In the slide show you will see some ideas of what you can do with some of the block collections and some in different colorings.  Be sure you look at what you are interested in — if it’s a “block collection” it is only the blocks and not a full quilt design.

EQ Boutique is the only place you can purchase my designs.

12 comments on “My Patterns Available for Sale at EQ Boutique!

  1. Love your designs and have bought some from EQ Boutique. I was wondering if your 2011 BOM Granny’s Hankies will be offered in the boutique. I absolutely love it and just found it today. I would like to purchase the pattern and will watch for it, it it is to be for sale

    • Thanks Bobbie! not in the immediate future – it likely will be added to EQ Boutique but not within the next year since that design is being taught at a quilt shop this year and can’t go to Boutique until that class is done.

  2. Well, now that I’ve found you, I’ll keep watching for it. Thank you for your reply. I did find the Christmas Town Sampler – looks like fun!

    • Depends on your definition of “shortly”. LOL I want to use my orignal quilt for the image for that pattern on EQ Boutique but it’s not done yet.

  3. Help. On pininterest there is a picture of crayon quilt. Each time I press the picture it comes to your blog. Do you have a good crayola crayon quilt patten?

    • I don’t know where on Pinterest it is but it likely comes to my blog because I assume it is my Coloring Outside the Lines design image someone pinned (which could take me to a whole different conversation about Pinterest and people using copyrighted images which I won’t get into now) 😉 Anyway in answer to your question about a crayon quilt – it is my design but it is not yet availabe for sale. It will be sold at EQ Boutique when it is available – probably later this year.

    • I added a link back in n my EQ Boutique page but if you just type EQ Boutique in your browser and search you’ll find it too. See my latest blog post – sale is going on at EQ Boutique so be sure to put in the code to take advantage of it.

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