New pretties! and a surprise giveaway

  First these lovelies arrived.



and then today I found the pretties below (okay way at the bottom of the post since the sock photo popped into the wrong place) outside my door.  I told you I did a nose dive off the no buying yarn wagon. :-)  There’s still a couple more to arrive and I’m so happy in new yarn heaven! LOL

One of the hanks I received in a recent order is actually very similar in color to a previous one I received — multishades of brown/tans.  So I decided to share.  Those of you who are participating in the 2012 Challenge AND who have left comments prior to today on the end of the month updates for the Challenge for January and February will be entered into a random drawing for the brown/tan hand dyed hank of Opal.  If you previously left comments for both months then you have twice the chance of winning. Any comments added after March 19 will not be included in the drawing. So stay tuned — I’ll announce the winner on the end of the month status report for March.

I couldn’t resist the Skein yarn I got and had to start a pair of socks with it last night.  These are the 9 to 5 pattern.

  This yarn definitely gets the softness award – it feels just so amazingly soft so hopefully they hold up well.  I reverted back to a tried and true and loved pattern since I’ve spent more time ripping out socks lately.  Some of the yarns weren’t showing the stitch definition enough so why bother to do a fancy stitch if in the end you’re not going to see it; some I just didn’t like the pattern after I got started so why bother to make something I don’t like. The purple cable ones, which I resigned myself to giving to my sister since the cable made the leg too tight for me, are now going to be ripped out  I got to the foot and the foot would fit me which means the proportion is off.  The leg would fit my sister but the foot would be too wide.  Nothing worse than socks that are too  big bunching up in your shoe.  So I’ll rip it out and rethink that pattern as to how to adjust with enough stitches to make the leg larger but then decrease enough to get the foot the correct size because I do like the look of that twisty cable.  Seems like all I’ve done lately whether knitting or sewing is rip rip rip.  But I think I have both back on the straight and narrow.


I’ve decided the the Five Square quilt I’ve been working on will not get the pieced border around the edge.  If I did that’ I’d need to use those extra pieces I cut to make that border since cutting too many shorted me on the fabrics.  If I don’t use them for that, I can make a whole other quilt out of just the extra pieces I cut and be able to use all the extras I cut in both sizes rather than just one so a much better use of my mistake.

So the finish to this quilt – which I hope to get at this week some time – will just be a wide border of the flower fabric that I used to fussy cut the center blocks out of.  I think it will look nice when it’s all done.