Five Square Quilt Borders

I decided enough cleaning – a little playing with fabric was in order so decided  to see if I really had enough fabric leftover to make the borders for this quilt out of what I used for the fussy cut squares.

  It will work – these aren’t sewn on yet – just up on the design wall.  I probably would have made the borders about an inch wider than they are cut here but this is as wide as I could do it with the left over fabric and it will be just fine.

It has been a long and busy day – time to go watch the end of Attack of the Mole People (yes I know I’m wierd – I love those old, poorly made, bad special effect black and white movies) and finish the binding I’m stitching on a quilt.



Caper arrived

When I wandered down to the mailbox earlier today – I found it stuffed! The mailman had managed to shove my yarn into it. Hmm…. good think it was squishy yarn.

Here’s the first of the String Theory Caper I ordered – yes, first, cause I picked out a few other colors.  I actually thought this order had gotten lost because I kept waiting for it to be outside my door when I came home one night.

  But it’s been raining several nights last week so I think it had been a while since I went down to the mailboxes. Sort of looks like I bought these to blend with each other but purely coincidence.   That evil Judy was saying how much she loved the Caper so I had to try it and just the feel of it – wonderful! — so I can’t wait to try it out.

Now to go make finish making dinner.

Enough for one day!

Much progress made.  Moving the one shelving unit out of my sewing room and into the closet – excellent plan. But boy I hate unloading that shelving unit to move it.

  You can only see about half the shelves since they extend ot the right into the closet but I still have empty space on those shelves for other things.  The top shelf of the closet — well I haven’t don’t anything to that yet so its a mess.

But as I was putting things back on the shelves I kept looking at those five plastic storage bins that you cant’ see stacked to the left of the hanging quilt tops — those bins are full of tops and/or swap blocks to be made into quilts.  I’m thinking I really need to stop starting new quilts and get some of those out of those bins.  I know the no new quilts will never happen but my plan for  next weekend is to layer as many projects as the batting in the closet will allow so I can get caught up on my UFO challenge projects and get some more tops done  that are in Quilts from the Crate.   I think I need to go to the quilt shop and get some new grippy fingers with all the machine quilting I want to do since my old ones are falling apart.

Anyway, I now have the iron in a place where I don’t have to keep moving it out of my way or walking around it which will be nice.

 But I’m done cleaning in here for today.  The bedroom just needs a little final straightening and then I can dust and vacuum.  But tomorrow is another day.  Got to go check my sauce which should be ready – baked spaghetti parmesan, salad and crusty roll for dinner.  Hmmm I’m suddenly very hungry.


Whew – a busy morning

I’ve most definitely earned an 11 a.m. coffee break!  I’ve been cleaning since about 6:30 this morning and made lots of progress – tho it’s a bit difficult to see due to many things being pulled out of closets and waiting to get put back in a different location.  I started in the laundry room — easy since it’s not big and has very little storage in it. :-)  But there’s a shelf high up on one wall where lots of “suff” had gotten stuck. So that’s been emptied and half of what was there was junk anyway, the empty flower pots are sitting under the table outside on the patio waiting for it truly to be warm enough to put some plants in them.  Which cleared the corner so I could move the two christmas tubs of decorations back into the laundry room.  They also are the right height to sit a laundry basket on or fold clothes on top of so the surface of the top tub does double duty and it cleared out one side of another closet.

Finished cleaning out the bathroom cabinets last night – amazing when you toss out the junk and reorganize the rest how much space you can reclaim to store other things.  Coat closet nearly empty – shelf of videos and DVDS have been pulled out of the closet and found a new home so I just have to see what’s on the top shelf in that closet – mostly extra boxes of kleenex and empty boxes in case I need to mail something I think — and I believe an elusive mitten I couldn’t find this winter may be lurking in a back corner.

The big job so far was washing the bedroom windows.  I finally figured out how to pop them out, while wondering why the top sashes were screwed in place (found out after I unscrewed them to take out to wash the outside that they tend to slide down on their own if not locked so rescrewed them in place).  Only downside, one of those windows must have had a broken seal so it’s hazy between the two glass sections so doesn’t reallly look clean but at least I know I took the layer of dirt off the outside of it).  Cleaning windows not a favorite job but they look so nice.

The window blinds – now that’s another story.  I absolutely positively hate cleaning blinds – I actually don’t really like blinds at all but that’s what the windows here all have.  They will wait to be cleaned until they turn the water back on to the hose outsides my apartment so I can go lay them on the grass and hose them down and wash them that way.  Tho I think in the not too distant future the blinds will go in the back of the closet and I’ll make curtains to go up over the bedroom and sewing room windows.  Then the only blinds I’ll have to contend with will be on the front door and window panel next to it.

Load of laundry is going, diswasher has been unloaded and a trip to the dumpster made. Whew!  But time to get back at it cause If I pause too long, I may not get going again. LOL

Those who offered suggestions for alternate donations for the quilt magazines rather than my recycling dumpster — all good suggestions but it’s different if you have a car and can easily drive those bags of things somewhere to drop them off.  I do not.  I make sure that I get clothes or other household items that St. Vincent’s can reuse to them, when I’m done reading a book I take it to work to a coworker who’s aunt is the “librarian” at the nursing home where she resides and is always estatic to get them, but do you have any idea how heavy a grocery bag of magazines is — I’m definitely not toting them any farther than the dumpster.  Besides – it will save more trees for them to be recycled than sitting in someone else’s closet. :-)

Now as I’m sitting here in my sewing room, with the pile of Madison fabrics right next to me, I’m really wanting to start cutting out that quilt and be sewing instead.  Sigh…. but I shall get back to the cleaning and in the meantime toss those fabrics in the washer so they are ready to go when I finally do get around to using them.