I have no desire to keep my cross stich charts once I have finished stitching them and am happy to pass them on to another stitcher, who wants to stitch a chart themself, free of any charge.

  Below is how FCAs work: FCAs can be posted any day/any time and last from minutes to days.  You must have a US Mailing address to participate.

  1. To qualify, you must leave a comment on the FCA post with the name of the chart being offered for adoption for that flash challenge, NOT the designer name, to be eligible.
  2. Random pick will be made;  I will email that person privately to let them know they have been chosen, edit the original FCA post to list who was chosen, and close the comments.
  3. The person chosen responds to my email with their mailing address.  If you type your address in the email as it would appear on an envelope (name first line, street/po next line, city /state 2 letter code/zip on third line) so I can simply copy and paste to a label that would be much appreciated.   If I don’t hear from you within a week, of sending you an email, I will pick a new recipient from the original FCA participants.  Package may take a week or two or a bit longer if life is crazy to get mailed out.
  4. Do NOT use words like “win, free, giveaway” in your comment – that just brings in people looking for free stuff, not actual blog readers – and if you do you will be ineligible/comment deleted.

Simple rules right?   If you have never left a comment on my blog before or have not left one in a long time, it will not immediately appear but will automatically be held until I go in and approve it as not spam.  Never fear, I will approve any pending approval emails that have come in prior to the close of the challenge.

Happy Stitching!

Updated to Add FAQ re “why doesn’t my comment show up”:

I always get emails asking why someone’s comment may not show up in the comment section for the Flast Chart Adoptions.   Before doing the random number generator thing for FCAs, I make sure that any  “pending approval” comments are approved.   Your comment goes into “pending” if you have not commented on my blog before, or not in a long time, or if WordPress is just messing with you for some random reason. 🙂   I read all the comments and you are always welcome to leave a comment on FCA posts even in you are not actually interested in adopting the charts.   When I go back to the comments to  pick the adopters, I do delete all the comments that are from people not including the FCA info (but I have read all those comments and appreciate them) , I also delete the comments from people who don’t follow the FCA rules and there are always a couple even tho I reminder ever time to read the rules.  So that’s how I get to my max number of participants to put in the RNG and let it do it’s thing to get the random number.