I have no desire to keep my cross stich charts once I have finished stitching them and am happy to pass them on to another stitcher, who wants to stitch a chart themself, free of any charge.  I was originally doing this thru Chart Adoptions on Sundays but please read below as it is now changed.  (I will be announcing the recipient of the last regular  Sunday Chart Adoption Day of  9/12/21 on Sunday 9/19/21.)

UPDATED 9-16-21 —   CHART ADOPTIONS Will NOW BE FLASH CHART ADOPTIONS.   Below is how it works: 

  1. Flash Chart Adoptions can be posted on any day of the week at any time.
  2. Flash Chart Adoptions can last from one hour to several days – you will not know how long the window is open to leave your comment (only I will know what I have chosen for the time period); every Flash Chart Adoption will last for a different time period than the last .
  3. You must have a US Mailing address to participate.
  4. Only one comment per Flash Chart Adoption post so be sure you have all the info in there you need before you hit send – proof read that comment carefully!!!  Leaving more than one comment automatically makes you ineligible.
  5. You must leave a comment on the specific Flash Chart Adoption post with the name of the chart being offered for adoption for that flash challenge (which I will either type in the blog post or will clearly be visible on a photo of the chart).   You can still leave comments on posts that contain a flash chart adoption (because normally I’m talking about additional stuff other than just the flash challenge), but only comments that include the correct chart name will make you eligible to possibly adopt that chart.
  6. When the time period has expired, a person will be picked at random to receive the chart.  I will email that person privately  to let them know they have been chosen and edit the original flash challenge post to indicate the time period has expired and that Flash adoption is over.  I will also post the recipient of the flash challenge in either that same blog post or the blog post done after the flash adoption closes.
  7. The person chosen responds to my email with their mailing address and I pop the chart in the mail to them.
  8. If you have been chosen and fail to respond to my email with your mailing address within a week from the date I sent you an email letting you know, that chart will be offered up for adoption again.
  9. Do NOT  use words like “win, free, giveaway” in your comment – that just brings in people looking for free stuff, not actual blog readers.

Simple rules right? Failure to follow them makes you ineligible.  If you have never left a comment on my blog before or have not left one in a long time, it will not immediately appear but will automatically be held until I go in and approve it as not spam.  Never fear, I will approve any pending approval emails that have come in prior to the close of the challenge.

Happy Stitching!