Socks and Reverse Stashbusting

Finished off my second pair of Tesserae socks last night.  These will be a gift for my sister for her birthday later this month.

   The serpentine pattern stitch in this one I just love and highly recommend the pattern.  So easy to do.  I changed it a bit and just did the rib down most of the top of the foot rather than the pattern stitch.

This is my eighth pair of socks finished since the start of the year and I have perservered,  unlike some who have been shopping and I’ve been teasing mercilessly about it.  :-)  I did nearly have a moment of weakness, one of the shops was finally getting in a long awaited restock of Malabrigo sock and there’s one color I’ve been coveting for a very long time but it always sells out right away.  The Sock Challenge elves must have been watching over me because if they would have had it, I certainly would have bought it (and never heard the end of it from that “someone” who has been shopping. LOL  But, alas, it was already sold out again by the time I looked.  So no yarn buying yet – when I was in the local quilt shop today (which has a lovely selection of yarn) my eyes didn’t even wander over to that section of the shop. Whew! dodged a bullet there.

But as for that REVERSE stashbusting — fabric did come home with me so Sunday’s stashbusting report is definitel going to head into the RED.    First there was the box of fabrics I received earlier in the week from Hoffman Fabrics but since those were free fabrics, I never add them into the stash (and they will be cut up in the next day or two so not even hit the stash) BUT and that’s a big BUT — as I look at my receipt my little bag of fabric I left the shop with today held 15 yards! Hmmm…I think it was to compensate for not buying any yarn?  Or the fact that the tax refunds have been deposited and I hadn’t spent any of it yet?  Or heck — I just wanted the fabric!!

First I got this — it will be the outer border of the Child’s Play quilt – it’s a companion piece to the bright print sashing fabric I used and I think will set the whole thing off nicely with the ombre style stripes going round the border.

   Then, when I walked in the door there was this lovely group of coordinated fabrics sitting there I looked at it but then walked away, then looked at them again a little later, but what to do with them.  Then remembered the 5 Square pattern I’ll be posting the instructions for on National Quilting Day.  Hmm…. those would be perfect.  Did I have the yardage requirements with me – heck no – so of course I seriously overbrought on some of the pieces now that I look at what I really needed but they’re all lovely fabrics so the excess will get used for something at some point.

The fabric is the Clematis line by Clothworks.

  The large floral will be fussy cut for the center square of the design.  The white print will probably get used for one of the borders and the other for tone on tone will be the other four squares.  I also got  a white tone on tone for the background that’s not pictured.    My plan is to make this quilt as a charity quilt and I think it will end up being the one I make for the golf outing fund raiser auction.  And bonus – I earned tha $20 gift card for the next trip  back to the shop – gotta love that.

So the plan is to quickly get some cleaning done that I have to do and then get the instructions for 5 Patch and Madison Square Gardens ready while the fabrics are washing so I can start cutting and stitching soon.  And if the cleaning gets too boring….

 A friend was on a recent trip to Denver and brought me this lovely chocolately looking box filled with chocolates from The Denver Chocolate company.  That should keep the energy level up if I start to lag. :-)