I have to confess – a fallen woman

I cracked!!!  Remember that no buying yarn challenge that is part of the 12 in 2012 challenge.  Well I’m doing really well on half that challenge.  Eight pairs of socks have been finished in less than three months.  Excellent!  As for the no buying yarn…. confession time…. I could blame Judy who posted about the Opal sale at Simply Socks.  But honestly I had seen the sale ad and I love Opal since it is virtually indestructible.  And at half price, it was a tremendous bargain.  So as much as I’d like to blame Judy, I ordered the yarn all on my own. LOL  So six different Opal skeins are headed my way and should arrive tomorrow.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough right!, I remembered that the new Sanguine Gryphon websites should be up.  The old one closed and split and now two separate websites are available to order yarn. (hmmm that could be a bad thing) but I wanted to check them out and there was the coveted  Bugga I like that was always sold out at other shops as soon as they got a stock in.  So as long as I’m confessing…. three hanks from http://cephalopodyarns.com/ are coming too.  All three are Skinny Bugga in  Eurota Purple Wing, Hawaiian Bobtail Squid and Ghost Moth.  I certainly can’t blame Judy for that purchase but let’s see, I could blame the fact that I had a sore tooth, swollen mouth and was in a really bad mood.  But I have told Judy – no more stupid challenges not to buy yarn – I must have been on drugs that day!.  I will be good now and strive not to buy and keep knitting up those socks but it also was a public service — I neither Judy or I bought yarn for too long a period of time, I’m absolutely postive the economy of those yarns shops would suffer!  We certainly wouldn’t want that!!

Whew! confession is over and I can’t wait to see those new yarns! :-)