Scruffy has come home!

   I had totally forgot about poor Scruffy.  I made the block originally to be a Quiltmaker 100 blocks submission (which is why the block is signed), but then we decided instead to use him for photography for the sneak peak in the Quiltmaker magazine issue the month before Let Sleeping Dogs lie pattern was published.  So he’s been spending time visiting in the Quitlmaker offices and came home last night.  I was going to use him to put in my own version of Let Sleeping Dogs Lie but I think since he’s signed, I’ll just make him his own little wallhanging so I’ll have to figure out some borders for him.


And check out these lovely Granny’s Hankie blocks made by Andria Peterson.  They turned out wonderful.  She’ll be teaching this pattern at the Wild Rose Quilt & Retreat Center next summer and she’ll certainly have a lovely quilt sample to show.


February 12 in 2012 Challenge

It’s time to report in on the 12 in 2012 challenge.  Are you knitting along and making progress?  Please leave a comment below about the socks you are working on or a link to a photo of them.

I finished the first pair of Tesserae socks a couple nights ago.

  I’m currently working on a second pair from this pattern.  I hope to get them done and finish off a pair or two this month that are single socks right now.  But that might be a lofty goal with other things coming up but we shall see.  So far approximately 2,800 yards of yarn knit into socks — just over a mile and a half worth of yarn!  and a total of seven pairs done in two months!


One of those days…..

The day was busy and it didn’t start out so bad — tho I seemed to be making little progress — but it ended with a bang –literally.  I was carrying a paper box through a doorway, hit the doorway with my knuckles and gouged two of them.  Dang that hurt.  Of course it was one of those things where I could see I’d done major damage but wasn’t bleeding….yet.    Suffice it to say I now am sporting two lovely knuckle bandages on one hand.

Then, turned around and broke a nail.  Now I really am not obsessive about nails – I came home and chopped it off -but really??  And to add insult to injury – the bus was really warm on the ride home which made me drowsy.  I snoozed right past my bus stop so had a lovely six or seven long blocks home to walk. ROFLOL  Truly not a good end to my day!

At least it wasn’t too cold and the rain/sleet had stopped and the sidewalks were not slick — could have been a much longer walk back.  I’m not so sure I should venture out again tomorrow. :-)

On a brighter note, I finished off the first pair of Tesserae socks – which I love – but haven’t taken a photo of yet and here’s the second pair of Tesserae  I’m now working on.

  This photo was taken a yesterday and I’m a bit farther along than that but they are looking good.

Design Wall Monday

I took Child’s Play off the design wall so I can sew the last sashing strips in the middle so I finally stuck my February UFO Challenge project up there so it yells at me every time I walk in the sewing room to get it done! :-)

It nees to be layered and then there’s a whole lot of quilting to be done and hmmmmm…. only 2 more days left to February.  Needlesss to say, I’m behind schedule and it won’t get done in February but hopefully in early March “Texas Hill Country” will get it’s turn to be quilted.

Stashbusting Report

No news is good news??? Not when it’s your stashbusting report.  No fabric used this week, none purchased tho either.  So I’m still at a measley 12 yards busted.  But I hope to do something about that this week.

I’ve got to head into the sewing room and get that table cleared and pull out some backing fabric to press and stitch together so I can hopefully get a quilt layered this week in the evenings and start quilting — couse I’ve been planning to do that for a couple weeks now and it hasn’t happened yet.  But as soon as I get off the computer and find some lunch, I think a bit of cleaning up in there is next on the agenda.

I did get sidetracked for a little while this morning working on this design.  But no more playing in EQ today or I won’t get anything else done!

Designs for Hoffman California Fabrics

I was very busy this past Christmas season working on some new designs for Hoffman California Fabrics new fabric collections.  The patterns are now available at Hoffman Fabrics’ website. I believe the fabrics all come out at Spring Market, so they will be hitting your local quilt shop later this year.  Here’s the designs I did.  You can get a closer look at all the fabrics  in the collections by going to the website.


PLEASANT FARM COLLECTION — “DOWN ON THE FARM”  – Chickens, chickens and more chickens — and a sunflower stripe too.  The main brown print is a scene of chickens and roosters which due to the colorings reminds of me old postcard prints.

MADISON COLLECTION – “On The Square”.   Since I live in Madison, it seemed appropriate that I work on this collection. :-)  and since I work on the Capitol Square — well you can guess how I came up with the quilt name.

Papyrus Colorway

—Blush Colorway

  My favorite print in this collection is the large butterfly print.  It’s even prettier up close – the detail and colors.  And although I normally don’t like pinkish fabrics — I absolutely love this Blush colorway.

This next pattern is not available – it’s just one design idea I was playing with but it does show the 3rd colorway of the Madison collection.


EQ Boutique Patterns

  I added a new button in the right sidebar which looks like this.  If you click on it, takes you to a page that shows the quilt patterns and block collections I currently have for sale at EQ Boutique.

I’ll be updating that page as new patterns are released and it also includes sneak peaks of my patterns coming to EQ Boutique in the near future.


Click on the button below that one, and it takes you to a page which explains some of the basics of how EQ Boutique works.

Click on the one below that, and it takes you directly to the EQ Boutique website.  Check it out – there’s tons of patterns and block collections available. :-)

Two more socks down

 The first Fa Fa Fa sock is finally finished.  And I’ve made great progress yesterday and today on the Tesserae sock – I’m on the “straight away” (foot) headed toward the toe.

Today the better part of the day was spent on the computer.  But I do have my taxes efiled so that was a job well done and I can file away the paperwork finally.

Spent the rest of the afternoon one the computer organizing some other stuff, cleaning out some files and photos, and working on a quilt design and never did get in the sewing room like I planned.  The table still needs some stuff cleared off so I can piece a backing fabric.  I may yet get a second burst of energy and go clear it off so it will be ready to go tomorrow but then again, I may just go knit.

We’ve had a very mild winter, all our snow was gone, but yesterday I opened up the door to this.

        Isn’t it pretty – a winter wonderland but I was kind of getting used to no snow.  It was really wet and a good amount melted by the end of the day so it’s no longer hanging on the trees.

Design Wall Monday

  Child’s Play is still on the design wall – I haven’t gotten those two sashing strips sew in place yet on either side of the hop scotch section due to now sewing this weekend.

I did get a lot of knitting done this weekend tho.

  The Tesserae sock just needs the toe closed.  I got out my trustly food scale and I was going to be really close on the amount of yarn so I made the toe out of a different brown I had in the stash to make sure I don’t run short.  I’ll be casting on the second one to this pair tonight.

  The Fa Fa Fa sock is on the final toe decreases too.

Stashbusting and still playing

One measly yard used this week for the backing of another tablerunner – I’m definitely not stashbusting by leaps and bounds – at least not yet.  Too many projects are still in the works that I don’t count until the tops are finished.  So 12 yards busted year to date.

I’ve still  been playing with the Round the Garden design – tweaking here and there, changing the size of the blocks to fit the space a bit better, replacing some sections — mostly minor tweaks.  I decided to try all one background color in this version but like the prior version better with the lighter background for the applique blocks.

Still don’t know that I’m thrilled with the lower right block so may do some tweaking on that at some point – it loos a bit sparse compared to the others.

For those who have asked about the pattern – I’m glad you like it – but I haven’t decided if I’ll make it available anywhere yet.


I was also playing with a larger design that used three different wreaths made from various sections of the same drawing.   Drawing is one thing – the easy part – but stitching all those pieces – I don’t think so! LOL  I do like the border on it tho and may have to use that on something else.




Here’s one final wreath I was playing with  – chicks and sheep and bunnies.  It would make a cute little spring table topper.

   But that’s enough playing with wreaths.  It’s been a lazy sort of day – a bit of cleaning here and there, a bit of laundry but mostly playing in EQ or knitting so think I’ll go back to the knitting.  I’m on what I consider the “straight away” on my sock — past the heel and all the decreases made so on the straight away of the foot until time to decrease the toes.