2016 in Yarn




This is the page where all my finished yarn related projects can be seen.  I’ll be tracking yards knit again this year – it’s fun to see how may yards get knit in a year and try to surpass the prior year.

In 2015 I knit:yarn



We will see if I can surpass that this year.  I don’t count the yarn as used until the project is complete and all completed projects will be shown on this page.

Finished projects below (if you put your cursor over the image it will give you the name of it).

(1) Charlie’s Cardigan (CustomFit), (2) Turks & Caicos (CustomFit) TLE Jan. Mixer,  (3) Twilight Cowl – TLE Feb. Mixer, (4) Zen Pleats – TLE April Mixer (5) Mistakes – I’ve Made a Few Cowl  – TLE March Mixer (6) Camp Loopy Project 1 – Seashell Shawl; (7 – 9) Mistress Tippet shoulder warmer; (10)  Upwards Shawl – Camp Loopy Project 2; (11) Brickless for Strickmich Showdown (12) Man Needs a Hat (13) Summer Camp (for Miss Babs Fall 2016 Shawl-a-long and Laura Aylor Summer of the Shawl KAL) (14) Crocheted Beaded Necklace TLE July Mixer (15) Camp Loopy Project 3 – Endless Road (16) Stitchnerd Rav Grp “Sammy’s It’s All About the Red” KAL – Let’s Twist Cowl. (17) Summer Camp – The Sequel )18) Stitchnerd Rav Grp “Sammy’s It’s All About the Red” KAL – TGV scarf. (19) Whim by Laura Aylor. (20) Between Oceans Test Knit for Laura Aylor (21) Crackpaca Cowl (22) Rhinebeck Cowl (23) Antidote Cowl (24) SSC Cowl (25) Dale’s Snowblower Hat (modified) (26) Bittersweet Cowl (27) Renee’s Rolled Brim Hat (28) Modified First Point of Libra Cowl (29) Rikke Hat (30) Across the Heath  (31) SSC Cowl #2  (32) Across the Heath (at midnight) – TLE Nov. Mixer (33) TLE Sept Mixer – DaVinci Cowl double loop  (34) Lodge Pole Hat – Indie GAL 2016 (35) DaVinci Cowl (36) DaVinci Cowl too (37) KISS Cowl a Tucked Hood (38) Robin fingerless mitts – Indie GAL 2016  (39) Castle Stone Cowl test knit  (40) DaVinci Villa Borghese Park Cowl