National Quilting Day approaches

Usually I come up with a free project to post for National Quilting Day (March 17) and although it sort of is sneaking up on my this year, I plan to continue the tradition.  So on March 17, I will be posting information on how to make this simple little design I call Five Square.  Here’s a couple different colorings of it.

  The first two colors just have fabrics substituted in the same placements.  The third, with the light background, has some of the fabrics placed differently – the print around the blocks and in one of the borders.

I will be posting the yardage chart from EQ for the two different versions as shown. However, I will not be posting full step-by-step instructions but if you have basic quilting knowledge, you won’t have any problem.  What I mean by that is  I won’t be telling you to cut x number of 2″ wide strips of Fabric A and subcutting x number of pieces.  That just takes  more time to figure all that out and write it up than I have right now. But you should be able to easily figure out what you need.

I will be posting the cutting and piecing information for making one of the blocks.  You will have to multiple out the number of pieces you need of each fabric depending on how large you want to make your project and then cut them accordingly.  I will also give the width and length of each of the various border/sashing pieces for the quilt as drawn.  If you make your project larger or smaller, you will need to figure the adjustment for your borders/sashing accordingly.

This quilt as drawn measures 66 x 81 including the binding.   I think the one I make will be used as a charity quilt.

So, do you plan to be stitching along?