Happy Friday

I’ve got a few days off work so today is laundry/tidying up day – although now that I stopped for my coffee break I think cleaning doesn’t sound like much fun but I shall persist.

Making progress on my Luftig sweater – of course all scrunched up on the needles it doesn’t look like much but I think it’s funny that this specky yarn (Madelinetosh Pashmina) looks like someone took a bunch of colored highlighter pens and marked it all up.  I love the feel of the Pashmina – it’s going to be a great feeling sweater.   Such super easy knitting.


This week was ESK Team Spirit week and there were several ways to show your team spirit – one was thru Instagram posts (I don’t do Instagram), one was thru knitting or crocheting stuffie of your team mascot (I normally don’t do stuffies but see below) and one was thru making a yarn purchase on the day assigned to your team (I don’t do yarn purchases).  🙂purple rain

So yes of course I made a purchase on Team Elephelt day which was yesterday.  I’ve been wanting some of the Madelinetosh Purple Rain colorway since it first came out and now that its a discontinued color, it was now or never.  I got it in chunky weight – either to knit scarf or maybe weave one.


As for the stuffie – well I did find a pattern that would work for some bulky yarn I had on hand.  It’s called Elephant Friendly Trophy and the light purplish/gray yarn was a good color for an Elephelt (my team mascot).   I started and finished it in one evening and was amazing to see how it went from this single piece


and with a bit of folding and seaming (complete with stealing some stuffing from an old pillow form I had in the closet since I didn’t have any poly-fil here), and a dig through Granny’s button bin to find some faceted black ball shank buttons for the eyes, became this….



It think it may become a pin cushion. The true color is somewhere between these two photos.  More purple like the flat photo but a bit darker purple.

And my Camp Loopy August project yarn has been ordered – I like that these two look like lighter/darker shades of the same colors.  Hopefully in real life they do as well – you just never really know with hand dyed yarns.


My plan is not clear yet with these yarns.  Do I just knit something with them or… I’ve been wanting to weave fabric to make a bag out of and although the weaving part wouldn’t count for camp, if I like the bag with some fall colored TLE fabrics from the stash, it should count for the sewing challenge project.

Okay – back to the laundry.


More altering of plans

So I swatched for Luftig in the lace weight yarn held double and previously showed you that.  I love that Film Noir colorway so much but after making the swatch thought what if after all that knitting I find the sweater doesn’t fit the way I want?  Always a concern but if I knit sweaters with CustomFit I know that they will fit.  This pattern, while based on my gauge similar to the way CF works, is still an unknown since I haven’t made any patterns from this designer yet.   All that knitting would be wasted and ripping out lace weight – not my idea of fun.

So, I decided to test the pattern design in a bit heavier weight yarn, which would knit up a bit faster, and if I really do like the way this pattern is designed and fits, then I would definitely want more than one sweater like this anyway.


So I started Luftig in some Madelinetosh pashmina – the colorway is called The Radness. It’s a bit slow going at the moment since it’s not joined in the round yet – it will be later – and the various increases are done differently from the way I normally do them  for right, left and whether you are on a wrong side row or right side row so I don’t have the memorized but it will get a bit faster once all is joined in the round later on.   My biggest concern for fitting is actually getting the armsycle right and whether the upper arm is large enough for my fat arms and if not, how easy it will be to make adjustments with the way this sweater is knit. So I’m kind of going into it blind but trusting in the pattern designer – we shall see how it goes.

My Q3 sweater pieces are all done  and waiting to be blocked so I can seam them.  They will wait a bit to be blocked tho until the humidity lessens a bit so that they dry more quickly.


Luftig swatching

I had previously posted about this new t-shirt type pattern I’m in love with – Luftig.


I couldn’t help myself and had to wind some of the yarn and get started on a swatch yesterday.

I definitely could not knit it single stranded lace weight – I started a swatch but I have no intention of knitting a sweater on size 1 needles and the fabric it made was just to light and clingy at that size.  So on to the second swatch which I actually did finish because I really liked the way it was feeling.  After blocking it has an even nicer drape.


The swatch is on size US3 needles so still small and will take a long time to knit all that stockinette but super easy knitting for this sweater.  I ended up holding the lace weight yarn doubled.    It will be interesting to see how the specks look when knit into long rows rather than just a 7.5″ swatch.

In the meantime, since basically all it has done is rain since I’ve had off the last three days (today’s rain being no exception) and I seem to have turned back into an insomniac the last couple of days (which comes and goes but normally doesn’t last more than a couple days) – staying inside and staying awake for more hours has been very conducive to power knitting on my third quarter sweater.  Here is the 6th day into the third quarter ESK KAL and later today I will be binding off the shoulders on the back of my sweater and then all pieces will be completed.  If all sweaters in Kathmandu yarn knit up this quickly, then I think I need more of them!

Of course there was a change of plans….

If you’ve read about my Camp Loopy projects from past years, it does seem I change my mind.  a lot about them.  Sometimes before I get the supplies, sometimes after – changing colors of fabric or yarn, changing patterns entirely, etc.  This sewing project is not an exception. 🙂

All the fabrics came from stash for this challenge.  I just love how the Loopy Ewe print fabric looks as the “white” fabric in my red and white flag stripe section.


And I love the yellows and light blues that bring out the blues in the other printed Loopy fabrics I used for the star section.  Here’s a close up of two of the smaller stars using the safari print Loopy.



But I don’t like the light blues/yellows with the stripes.  Rats.


So change of plans — I’ll put the stripes away for now and save those for another project.  It will probably be a flag inspired project but with darker blue fabrics — and for my Camp Loopy project I’ll just finish that star section as a wall hanging.  Just need to find some binding fabric and figure out what I want to use on the back.    I’d like to get it pin basted today so I can get the ironing board back out of my living room and then just maybe I can start quilting on it tomorrow.




I’ve been sewing!!

Yes I know – I bet you can hardly believe it!  I had to dust off my Featherweight since it’s been sitting idle so long. 

Did a bit of cleaning and a few other chores this morning and then pulled out my fabrics and got started on my Camp Loopy wall hanging.   Since I have some stuff on the sewing room table I wanted to leave there until I finished that project, I pulled the ironing board and sewing machine into the other room (mostly because I decided to binge watch a program and didn’t want to move the Firestick to the other tv and redownload the a free trial of the prime app channel I’ve been watching.   I decided a long weekend was a good weekend to take advantage of some of those free 7-day trials I can access thru Prime.  Yesterday I did Cinemax but was rather disappointed in the movie selection.   I did watch 3 or 4 movies yesterday and then discontinued the free trial because there just wasn’t anything else I wanted to watch.  But I digress…

Here is actual proof I have been sewing

My camp loopy project will be a wall hanging will be sort of a version of a flag.    This is the “blue field” star section of it and then there will be stripes off to the side and the bottom.   The fabrics are fabric rewards from past years of participating in fabric Camp Loopy – the center is the year it was pirate themed and the center of the smaller stars are from the safari themed year.

I decided to go with lighter blue rather than dark like a true flag because it went better with the light blues used in the Camp prints

I have three red fabrics, all similar shades but different prints/tonals to use for the red stripes and the white stripes of the flag will use the camp fabric from the first fabric camp.


It is a bit time consuming cutting these rows of sheep to make sure they are centered and not wasting any of the fabric since I only have a yard but I think it will be very cute in the end.  The finished size should end up being about 54 x 45 if all goes according to plan.



Happy Independence Day

I’m so confused today – I keep thinking it’s Saturday since I’m not working and had breakfast with the friend I usually do on Saturdays.  Plus I took off work tomorrow so I shall be confused for the next four days I think.  As long as I don’t mistakenly go to work one of those days – all is good! 🙂

I can hear the fireworks already this morning going off in the neighborhood – as they have off and on the past two nights but what good is it to shoot them off in daylight?  I’m glad I don’t have any traditional picnic to go to today – the lake and parks we passed on our way to breakfast were already filling up with families but it’s hot and so horridly humid outside I’m happy to be inside – plus more rain coming after last night’s storm.

My third quarter KAL ESK sweater is moving along faster than any sweater I’ve knit so far – Aran yarn, size 8 needles – soooo much quicker to knit up.  Since July 1 I’ve finished two 3/4-length sleeves and one front and the other front will be finished today and back started – if all goes according to plan.  And my plan for today into the week hours of the morning is to knit – it’s a holiday I certainly can’t be doing any cleaning today!

Last weekend I swatched for another sweater I want to make – Coracle.  It’s a CustomFit sweater pattern and just looks like one of those comfy sweaters to toss on.  I hadn’t decided what sweater I was going to make when I first started swatching so added some random texture, eyelet pattern, etc. to my swatch but decided that they wouldn’t show up well and maybe just plain stockinette stitch would be best.

But then I remembered the Coracle pattern and also swatched the lace mesh stitch for the front.

Yep – I definitely want to use this yarn for that sweater.  The colorway is one of ESK’s exclusive colors from last year’s yarnathon in Madelinetosh Pashmina.    But this sweater has gotten moved down the list this week because I saw the new Luftig pattern on Ravelry.   This seems like the perfect toss on t-shirt kind of sweater and I wanted to start it now!  I’ve been wanting to try a pattern from this designer because they are written different than most – so you can use your gauge not someone else’s specified gauge and the pattern is laid out easily to figure out the simple math needed.

The samples are show in lace weight yarn and I knew I had been hoarding some Hedgehog Lace in one of my favorites of their colors – Film Noir.  I pulled the yarn out today to wind some so I can swatch.  I don’t know that I could stand knitting this sweater with a single strand of lace weight yarn and super tiny needles so I think I will swatch it with a double strand of lace which will at least give it a bit more body on a bit larger needles.  It’s definitely not going to be a speedy knit with the needle/yarn combination I want to use but it will be a simple knit without a lot of shaping to pay attention to so definitely a good bus knitting project.  So I may try swatching this later today.

Tomorrow – after a few cleaning chores – I plan to hit the sewing room.  I have a plan all figured out for my Camp Loopy sewing project that needs to use red/white/blue fabrics so I can start cutting fabrics.

Stormy Sunday

Massive severe thunderstorms have been moving through all day.  First one was before lunchtime and I suddenly noticed it was pitch black outside.  Opened the door to take a look and heard the hail starting.  I don’t think it hailed long before turning to pouring rain but we definitely got a good downpour and high winds.     Then again later in the day a second wave moved through and did the same thing.

My mood is a bit stormy too because I think I have a new neighbor upstairs (or at the very least a new dog).  And this dog has yelped nonstop all day   (okay there may have been 15 minutes here or there when it stopped but it’s been going on since 9AM and I’ve pretty much lost my patience with it now).  I do feel sorry for the dog – clearly it’s distressed – but it woke me up before 6 am at least twice last week, was still yelping one night when I got home from work, off and on yesterday and today all day.   Definitely going to have to send the building management a note.  If it’s a new dog that just moved in last week and needs a bit of time to adjust – I get that but if it’s an owner who just doesn’t give a damn – well……

I ordered some grosgrain ribbons that arrived this week to use to reinforce the back side of button bands on some sweaters I’m knitting.  I can finally get the buttons on a couple that are done now.  Aren’t these pretty ribbons – why should they be boring – a pop of color on the inside that only I will see will be fun.


Tomorrow starts the Third Quarter ESK KAL – the challenge is to use a pattern from a Canadian designer published before 2010.   I plan to make Basic Black .   Plain V-neck, 3/4 sleeve sweater with deep ribbing trim.  Mine will be royal blue and in Queensland Kathmandu yarn – an aran weight yarn – so should knit up quite quickly compared to all the fingering weight projects I’ve been working on.


I’ve got the buton band ribbon all picked out – but haven’t gotten any buttons yet.

Rosebud – Camp Loopy June 2019 completed

I finished the knitting on this  sweater a couple weeks ago and got it blocked last weekend — finally last night I added the buttons since it has to be uploaded to TLE site by July 1.  So my first 2019 Camp Loopy project is finished.  (photos look a bit foggy – the camera lens fogged up as soon as I walked outside – it’s terribly humid this morning)

The pattern is Rosebud by The Noble Thread.  Simple, easy pattern to follow and it makes for a fun, garter squishy sweater.

The yarn I used is Black Elephant Merino Singles – which I had never used before but I do like  – in Cupcake (lighter color) and Oblivious.   I’m currently in love with their colorway – Smoke on the Water – but so far have resisted buying it.


I did add a few more stitches to this pattern to make it just slightly larger and added a few more rows for length  – I was trying for the 600 yard group for camp and came in just over the wire at 620 yards knit.  All in all a very easy/beginner friendly knit.


The original pattern was made fading more colors but I just used two and I love the little bit of ruffle along the bottom.

The buttons came from my Granny’s button tin.  I’ve had her button tin for many years and my choices are getting limited but these were perfect and they even have glitter in them to make them sparkly fun.

A lot of the buttons in the tin I wouldn’t be able to use on clothing – they are old and they type of plastic made at that time melted if you got an iron close to them – but they are good for knit items and some other crafting things.

July Camp Loopy will be a sewing camp month for me rather than knitting so yes – finally – after many many months I’ll be back in the sewing room and I’m looking forward to it.












June 17, 2019

Today’s yarny photo is of the Fall Frolic I plan to add next to my weaving.  How sure how they will look together but time will tell.



The July projects for Camp Loopy were announced.  You can find all the info on the Loopy Ewe blog.    I decided I was not going to do the knitting camp for July but switch back to the sewing camp project for that month.  I know – sewing – my sewing machine is feeling sorely neglected!  I shall remedy that.


The theme for the July Camp sewing challenge is to incorporate all the colors of your country’s flag in a project.  So of course I need to use red, white and blue in my project.  I’m going to be making it from my stash of Loopy Ewe fabrics so need to so see what I can find.  I do have in mind a bag pattern that I previously about for some camp or challenge project but never made and I do have in mind a cute fabric that incorporates all the colors I need to use but (1) need to see how much of that fabric is left and (2) need to see if any of the other red/white/blue fabrics call out to me for a different project.    I need a new bag and who doesn’t need a summer bag with foxes in sailor suits on it?!

I’m thinking of using the McKenzie Bag pattern.  And the fabric is left over from a past Loopy Challenge project.


It’s the backing fabric I used on this 2016 Camp Loopy project.


Crabby McHappypants

I just love the name of the color of that yarn. 🙂  Here it is warped.


I started with 30 rows of the same warp and weft yarn but will be switching to the Fall Frolic for the weft and then put a border of 30 rows of Crabby McHappypants at the other.  Or at least that is my plan at the moment.