Yarn Yarn and more Yarn

I did finish off my August Camp Loopy cowl project.


I really like the texture of this and the yarn colors although this is the second project I’ve made using the Dream in Color Loopy Legends line – 600 yard hanks so I love the yardage on them – but the first half of the hank varies from the second.  In both instances where I used this yarn, the first half of the hank the colors are much darker, richer, intense.  The second half decidedly lighter.  It’s not a “feature” of the yarn – like it’s advertised as doing that – it’s something with the way it’s being dyed.   I had wanted to knit a sweater out of this yarn but for that reason definitely won’t.


I can’t get a real good photo of it in the bright daylight outside but when the cowl is laying like in the first photo, one side is darker and the other much lighter – it sort of shows in the photo where I have one side folded back but not as clearly as in real life.  In this cowl – it doesn’t really matter and when I’m wearing it, no one else will notice – but I’ll have to keep this in mind if contemplating any more of that line of yarn.

I also started this week on a test knit for Mary-Ann Lammers.   I’ve made several of her patterns – and lots of Davinci Cowls – and they are always fun to do.


This test is for a rectangular wrap which has an interesting (but easy) construction.  It’s center focal strip has some miter-type squares in it.  I’ve never knit a square in the round before and it is fun to see how it comes together.  The photo above was taken earlier yesterday and I’m just about done with the first part of the focal strip and ready to start the second of three mitered squares.   This is a great tv knitting/bus knitting project.


While I was waiting or the instructions for the test to arrive (and after I had finished my cowl) I decided I really wanted to do my swatch with these lovely yarns.  I plan to make some kind of sweater – likely cardigan style of some kind – probably either one that is open front or closes with just a couple buttons – not buttoned all the way down.  Also likely 3/4 sleeves.  The colors are a bit darker and richer than in my photo and I absolutely love this combination of five yarns.  I didn’t blend them as I added in each color, just started it as a stripe which looks good but they should also blend/fade into each other well.  The Malabrigo Mechita is so soft.   Still waiting for my swatch to dry so I can play with some ideas in CustomFit to decide what type of sweater I want.  But this sweater will wait until after I’ve got the Ouzo sweater done which is moving right along.


Speaking of Malabrigo yarn, ESK had a sale buy 6 get the 6th hank free and I had a store credit just waiting for me to use it.

So there were several yarn arrivals  – the first photo has four hanks (4 from left to right) which are extra hanks of some of the yarns used in the swatch above — I wanted to make sure I don’t run out of yarn for that sweater.


The two on the left in the photo above – close up photo below – are also mechita yarn and I bought them to use together in some project – I think the specks will go well with the multicolored.


Then there were these two groups of malabrigo lace – Dusty and Pearl 10 – which will be used together in a striped sweater.


The Loopy Ewe also had a special yarn to celebrate the anniversary of starting TLE.  I couldn’t pass that up.


and (yes AND!) well there are three shops I order from and I didn’t want the last one to be left out.    Actually the Miss Babs Ravelry Group has a weave along starting soon and I have been wanting to make a bag out of the fabric I weave on my Cricket Loom.

More on that project later because it uses some other interesting (and new to me) supplies to make the bag which I’m looking forward to trying.  I don’t know that I’ll get it done within the weave along time frame but I have been wanting to make the bag for a long time and here’s the yarn I got to make it with.  I think these are just gorgeous.  They are 3-Ply yummy (sport weight) in Dusk (the purple) and Outstanding (and I think the Outstanding colorway is truly “outstanding!”


So I think I’m more than well stocked with yarn and fabric so just need to get ALL the things organized since apparently I want to make ALL the things.

First up tho – need to finish my quilt before the end of the month and then I can get back to a wedding quilt I’m working on and in knitting – I’m concentrating on the test knit and the Ouzo sweater (nearly up to the underarm on the second front of this sweater so it’s moving along.



8-12-18 Stitching Progress

Made some sewing and knitting progress this week.  (Also made a mess of things around herein the process but eventually I’ll get it all cleaned back up and things put away.)

But as for today – most of that cleaning will wait because I’m hoping to get the rows of my quilt all sewn together.  I finished off all the flying geese blocks yesterday.


And I don’t think I remembered to post this photo — I love the Moda Grunge lines of fabric – basic grunge, grunge dots, grunge stars, etc.   They added some new colors to their basics line recently this year so I picked up a few of the new colors for myself and to share with a friend.


More stars – 8-5-18

I thought I had made all my star blocks I needed yesterday but after giving them a press this morning and getting them up on the design wall…. well one more is needed for the bottom center.

Next up, pressing more fabric and cutting pieces for about 48 flying geese blocks.  I’m hoping to get all of those done today but do actually have some other chores I need to accomplish today too so shall see how far I get.


I’m off to a late start today – stayed up again too late knitting so slept in a bit – and its nearly lunch time and I haven’t had anything but coffee yet so some brunch is in order.

I also think I am just about finished with my Camp Loopy knitting project after last nights knitting marathon.  I need to weigh my yarn to see how much I’ve used.  I need to use at least 400 yards of the 600 yards I have.  The cowl is a good length (circumference once the edges are joined) so once I hit the required yardage if I haven’t already, I’m going to finish it off because I want to use the left over yarn to make some matching fingerless gloves.

Progress – 8-4-18

I knit until the week hours of the morning, and then some, and made great progress on my Camp knitting project.  I did forget goof at one point and added in the garter stitches sooner than I should have but I’ll just repeat it later a time or two and it will look like it was planned – which after the first time, it was planned. 🙂


I think I’m just past the half-way point.     I do love the colors in this yarn  but I’ve noticed this on other Loopy Legend yarns from the most recent dying company that they are darker at one end of the yarn cake than at the other.  I don’t know if this is something with just the more speckly yarns or if it’s true of all but I noticed in on a prior project too and others have mentioned it.  For my cowl, I really don’t care but I was thinking of getting more of this yarn for a sweater but I don’t think it will work well for that now (plus I really don’t need more yarn!).  🙂


I do really love this stitch pattern tho and definitely need to use it in a sweater.

I’m also going to be joining in the test knit of a shawl for friend and found these lovelies in the stash to use for that.


They are all Miss Babs Keira yarn and the colors from left to right, pewter, moonlight stroll, and topaz.

I’ve also spent most of this afternoon sewing and have all my star blocks finished for my Camp quilt – they just need a final press before I stick the up on the design wall so there’s no photo at the moment.  Next up after dinner will hopefully be cutting all the rest of the rectangles needed for more flying geese blocks.


A bit of knitting and sewing – 8-3-18

I gave myself a three day weekend so spent most of today going between my sewing machine and then switching to a bit of knitting.  There was a tiny bit of cleaning but since it was a vacation day after all, I simply couldn’t do too many chores.

I’ve got a good start on my Camp Loopy knitting project.  I really like how this yarn is knitting up in this pattern.  The texture stitch to the cowl keeps it interesting but really easy to knit.  It’s a perfect pattern for a wild variegated yarn.


The sun is making the colors look a bit lighter than they are in reality but they are so pretty.  The gold at the bottom is just my provisional cast on which will get taken out when I join the edges.    I’m contemplating using this stitch pattern in a sweater.

I also got some of the blocks for the center section of my Camp Loopy sewing project done too.


And the mailman brought me some lovely yarns — I ordered one of the ESK August under the sea colorways with my store credit — it’s on MadTosh Pashmina base and is lovely.


And two additional hanks of yarn I wanted to make a Never Fading shawl which is a free pattern.  I generally don’t like true triangular shawls – but this is one I’ll be using this winter to add some color to one of my winter coats so it will be wrapped more around my neck (or up over my head and neck if it’s really cold) and not really worn as a shawl around the shoulders.


This is super bulky yarn (Madtosh ASAP) and it will be knit with large needles so should be a quick project.  The two colors on the left are the ones that arrived today since I want to make it a bit larger than the pattern calls for.  I was originally going to knit them in this order from left to right but I think I will flip flop the 2nd and 3rd ones from the right.  I’ll have to wait and see how they look when they are wound into cakes  but I love each of these colors – especially those two newest ones I added.


No I’m not spending my Sunday drinking.   Ouzo is the name of a cute sweater pattern – worn open cardigan with short sleeves and a gorgeous lace panel.

It had been sitting with just the back done while I worked on the two latest shawls I finished but I picked it back up yesterday afternoon.

It’s a quick knit in DK yarn, especially since I’m making it in my sister’s size (I hope it will it anyway but it’s a pretty forgiving item to wear) and trying some Queensland Savannah yarn for the first time.  It’s a silk/linen/flax blend of yarn so will be a nice little sweater over a t-shirt or tank.


This picture was taken earlier this morning.  After I had ripped back about 9″ due to not reading the instructions properly, and having reknit about 4″.   The piece on the bottom is the back of the sweater – it’s folded in half but it’s all there.  The lace is across the top back yoke section.  The fronts should to pretty fast since they aren’t very wide and I’m nearly half-way through the sleeve section on the first front now so hope to start on the second front later tonight.

A bit more tweaking on The Pinkertons Quilt

I got the extra fabric I ordered for my August Camp Loopy quilt and had to make a couple fabric placement changes in my design in order to make it all work.

The darker coral I got for the star points looks better with a different fabric in the center of the stars that plays better with the coloring.  And one of the fabrics is too close in shading to another so I had to change up the very center background color.  So the center background color got moved to the center of the star blocks and the center background becomes the brown print.

Here’s my prior imagepinkertonsfinal






And here’s my revised image with the fabric changes.  Yardage all works out with the switches so I should be good to go once August 1 rolls around.

pinkerton final

Caramel Watershed- July 2018 Camp Loopy

Caramel and Watershed are the names of the two yarn colors I used in my July Camp Loopy project.  Took it off the blocking mats this morning.  It’s 1,260 yards of loveliness in my not so humble opinion.   The Caramel yarn is one of my favorite shades of gold and it shows the lace pattern off beautifully.


I added several more repeats of the lace pattern down the center to make it longer.   I also made the outer border width a bit smaller than the original pattern since in the original the wide border seemed out of proportion to me to the center (perhaps my quilting background was kicking in).   I also added a few more rows of my gold around the border edge to bring that gold color out a bit more.

I love the way it turned out – soft and drapey and the lace blocked out so nicely.

My August project will NOT be another 1000+ project. 🙂  It will be a cowl somewhere between 400 and 600 yards.   But I’ve got a couple of says before August 1 rolls around to start on that project so I may try to get some work done on a couple projects that have been languishing.








910 yards of garter squishines

My ESK Q3 project is officially complete.  The challenge was to use one of the many of the yarn colorways dyed exclusively for ESK.  Bonus star if you used 2 exclusives in the same project.

These two colors were part of the Under The Sea colorways – the variegated is Kelp Forest and the green is Wakame – both Squoosh Fiberarts Beefcake Sock yarn.

With the submission of this project I will have achieved the level in the Yarnathon I was striving for with points and stars – MVP – so I think I will be picking up some of my WIP that have been languishing.  Some of chose could still earn me add’l badges since they are ESK yarn projects but I also have a couple sweaters I’d like to get finished.

Of course there is a badge for placing a yarn order on your birthday and since today is my birthday I can’t help but earn that badge, right?!

These are the colors I’m planning to order to make a fade-style sweater.  Since most of my sweaters are fallish colors, this will be a nice change.


Now to get a little bit of tidying up done before my grocery store delivery arrives.  The weather has finally turned nice – upper 70s and not humid – so I may see later how many mosquitoes are lurking on my patio.  I’m hoping it may be safe to sit out there and knit for a while later since I haven’t really been able to enjoy the quiet outside with all the heat and humidity and rain this summer.



ESK 3rd Quarterly KAL project

My Linus shawl is coming along.   I took this photo early this afternoon.


I have been knitting on this all afternoon – mindless knitting – while  binge watching  a mindless series from the 60s that is marionette puppets that a part of some secret government organization and the good guys save the world against undersea creatures and other dastardly organizations trying to cause chaos  (and napping a bit).  I have just another row or two before I run out of that ball of multicolored yarn so I did quite a bit of knitting today and then I just need to knit through the green ball and it will be done.  I love the squish of garter shawls, letting a simple pattern show off lovely yarns, but the other thing I really like about garter shawls — no need to block them!!  Once they’re off the needles they’re done.