A start and a finish all in one day!

This will likely never be repeated again but my Sunday stitch was started on 2-5-23 (just after midnight so minutes into Sunday) and I stitched for a couple hours and then I was able to pick it back up later in the day and get it all done.  So here is Good Tidings which will be headed to the finishing box.   The middle of the star above the shepherd was charted for gold colored floss but I had some leftover gold  beads from the stockings I had stitched so added gold beads in the middle.



Good Tidings – S and F on 2-5-23

Now I’m going to have to find another new Sunday Stitch for this coming weekend.

After I finished this, I picked back up on Cardinal Points.  I have 1/4 of the border finished and have started on a cardinal but I’ll wait to show that progress when I have a bit more done.

Sunday Stitching – 2-5-23 – Good Tidings

good tidings

I started my Sunday Stitch after midnight and got some great progress.  I like the variation in shading of the shepherd’s robe.  I didn’t have the called for color so this was a substitute I picked and it worked well.  Since I’m stitching this on 14 count I’m using two strands of floss to stitch it.  Depending on what else I do this afternoon, I should be close to finishing it today….maybe.

Good Tidings


“Good Tidings” is the name of the Little House Needleworks chart I picked for my next Sunday Stitch and it will also do double duty as one of the many ornaments I hope to get done before Christmas rolls around again.  I think my goal was the eqivalent of one each month and I didn’t do one last month so I need to get cracking!   It is charted for a mix of DMC and CC but I didn’t have the DMC colors so subbed in more CC and a couple Weeks.   The fabric is one of the “ornament cuts” I previously told you about when I showed all the colors I got.  This one is 14ct Fiber on a Whim – Wheat.  So you know come midnight, I’ll be switching from Cardinal Points (which I plan to pick up after I make some dinner) to stitching on this one.

Speaking of dinner – I realized after I had put my blackberry cobbler in the oven and it was smelling so good that I had missed one ingredient   Yikes!  It’s just a simple Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Cobbler so I must have been concentrating on the three “cuppa” ingredients and forgot the stick of melted butter (which I thought was a lot for a 9×9 pan but was going to add). It still looked yummy and smelled yummy and it was too late to do anything about it.   As you can tell from the photo, there’s a little corner missing where I had to do a taste test once it cooled down.  Yum, it’s good and I’m not so sure I will add the butter in the future. Looking forward to some of that later with some whipped cream on top.


And since I’ve finished this chart it is up for FCA.   If you don’t know what FCA is or how to be considered, go to the tab at the top of the blog for more info.  Just FYI re the last two FCA kits – sorry ladies I didn’t get those mailed out last week – too much going on – but hopefully this week will be better and I can get them packaged up and in the mail.

FCA CONCLUDED 2-5-23 3:00pm..   Congratulations Eileen!


Winter Cross Stitch Camp 2023 Completed

abc christmas

My stocking ornament I chose for Winter Cross Stitch Camp got the finishing stitches this morning.  I love this one (as I love all of them really) but it’s just so cute.   Some of the letters use motifs instead to represent them – C-candycane, F-fruitcake, M- mittens, P-poinsettia (with beads in the center) and S – that snowy scene at the toe area of the stocking.  I did change color placement in a few areas.  The bird was charted as white but of course I changed that to red.  The letter A was supposed to have that flower button above the bird stitched on it but because I used a higher count fabric that it was charted for (18 count aid rather than 30 count linen) the button covered up too much of the letter so I just put a bead in the place where the button would be.


Here are all three that I have completed so far – all three of the completed ones are from the Lissie Kate Flor McSample’s 2013 stocks chart.  Three down, seven more to stitch at some point.   I need to figure out what I want my next Sunday Stitch project to be, or see if I have a Sunday Stitch WIP, but I don’t think any of my WIPS are for the Sunday Stitch theme. Which means this afternoon I need to kit up a new project.

Anyone else working on a crafty project this weekend?

Before I get back to stitching – wrangle with some laundry and mix up a quick blackberry cobbler.  I’ve been eyeing that pie filling for a week or two trying to figure out how I wanted to use it!

All Bundled Up Finished

All Bundled up

All Bundled Up – S12-11-22 – F2-1-23

I think I’m going to call this done.   This is the Sunday Stitch I’ve been working on  – started in December – and I powered thru  all that boring fill in all this week.   There is supposed to be some snowflakes stitched in the background.   As of right now I plan to leave them off.  I have some metal snowflakes I may add, depending on how I decide to finish this.  I’m really hoping the green frame I have in the stash will work for this.  It’s either going to work or it may be just a tad too small.  I think I changed up most of the colors – substituting similar and changed color placement in the flowers and took a few other liberties, rather on purpose or inadvertently but he’s a jaunty snowman.with his cardinal sidekick.    Now I’m going to have to pick out a new Sunday Stitch for next weekend.

Winter Cross Stitch Camp 2023

I’ll be joining in Winter Cross Stitch Camp with ColoradoCrossstitcher (Sheri).  You can find the parameters of the Camp challenge at her website for her shop ColoradoCrossstitcher.com at this link.  No need to buy anything – the challenges she does are always broad enough that so many things fit into them which makes it fun and I knew as soon as she announced it what I would stitch and it would all be from stash.  But go to the link for details and suggestions on various types of series because it does not need to be a series of charts like I’m picking from.  And you will also find the ashtags to use on Instagram.  She also talks about it in her latest flosstube.

It starts tomorrow and the theme is “series.”   As you know I’ve been stitching the Lizzie Kate stockings.  I have two of them done and one more started.    Here’s a peak at the charts.  It was getting dark outside so I had to snap a quick shot of them to post my start tomorrow on Instagram because it will be too dark by the time I get home.

On the top chart on the left  – 2013 stockings – I have already stitched the top one (Twas the Night) and the middle one (Noel).   I also have a small start on the chart pack just under it, the middle stocking where you can see two deer.   I will stop working on that one for the time being and start a new one for Winter Camp – the bottom one on the 2013 chart called ABC Christmas which looks like a sampler with the alphabet letters scattered around on it and some motifs.

So here’s where I am tonight showing the two finishes and that third start and tomorrow when I get home I may get started on the ABC Christmas. They stitch up really quick and have till the end of the month to get it stitched so I may just continue to work on my Sunday Stitch, All Bundled Up, and its snowman of never-ceasing white fill in.  I’ve been working on filling in the snowman since Sunday and at this point I really just want to get that all done.

Or I may need to start on the stocking tomorrow night to save my sanity and get a break from the rows and rows of white on that snowman.

8″ of snow

Rumor has it we got 8″ of snow between late Friday night and this morning.    The guys who do the snow removal for the apt bldg came thru and snowblowed the sidewalk a little bit ago.   I’m hoping they come back to shovel the cement slab outside my door but they have not been real good about doing that.  I can do it – I just am having a pj day so not dressed to do it.  It looks like they remembered to do the steps that go around the side of the building so that’s more important.


Yesterday I got the quiche made in time for dinner which was yummy (ham/broccoli/mushroom/onion quiche).  Cleared out the bananas in the freezer and made banana bread – which was a little disappointing.  I normally make banana bread using butter but I was out of it (or so I thought, I found some in the back of the freezer after I made the bread) so I found a recipe using oil.  I don’t use butter for much but there are a couple things I make that I use it in and banana bread is one of them.   Recipe I used is with oil is definitely not as good as my usual one (note to self – watch for butter sale and restock).  Too much oil in it compared to flour, etc I think.  I have some quiche heating up in the oven at the moment for lunch today which is smelling good.

Here’s what I stitched on last night – got all the words finished on Three Things.  Thre’s a little arrow that goes at the end of the second line.  So I’m happy with my changes o make it just four lines of text instead of eight and how my centering turned out.  I may make one little tweak to it but will wait to decide that later.


A Snowy Saturday – 1-28-23

It’s snowing – my computer weather bar tells me “heavy snow soon”. I don’t remember what the last forecast was as to how many inches we might bet today but I think it was supposed to snow off and on all day and we could get 3″ – 6″. It’s a pretty snow to look out at but its 17 (feels like 10 with wind chill) so I’m glad I only have to look out at it and not go out in in! Brrr. I just cranked the heat up a notch.

Last night was of course my usual Friday nite, stay up really late, stitching and I finished the second of  the seven little stockings I want to stitch and got a small start on the third one.  This is Twas the Night (for obvious reasons).


Flora McSample 2013 Twas The Night Stocking – S1-25-23 / F1-27-23

I just cannot get a good photo of this fabric – is more tan over all with pretty mottling.   The kit embellishments for this chart were the red beads around the edge of the wreath and the cute little angel charm to hang in the center. Here’s a close up of the charm.


I have one more to do from this particular chart but decided I wanted to start one from one of the other charts so just have a few top of stocking border lines stitched so nothing exciting to show yet.  I’ve been asked where I got the charts and thought they might be hard to find (they were when I was looking for them) and I didn’t know if they would be restocked anywhere since they were from 2013-2017, but I got a notice from 123Stitch yesterday that at least two of them that were out of stock were restocked so if you are looking for them, you may want to look there.

Don’t know what I’ll stitch on later today – I may put the stockings aside for a bit and pull out Cardinal Points. But first, I’ve been hungry for quiche again and I think some banana bread to go with it might be tasty so I may have to get busy in the kitchen.

As I was adding the latest stocking finish photos to my 2023 finishes page, I realized that in addition to things I have stitched on but not yet finished, in January I had started and finished the stitching on these five projects.  A very good stitching month indeed; I did decide that I will finish the crow sampler in some other way rather than that frame it is shown with.


The Home chart re-adoption has ended and I have commented on that original post and emailed the lucky recipient Sherry (we have several Sherry’s that are blog readers so check your email to see if you got an email from me).  Carol, I will pass along the mailing address once I receive it.  Thanks again for re-homing the chart.

Little stocking ornaments

I came across this chart one day and instantly loved them.  What’s not to love about tiny stockings to use as ornaments, especially when they are done sampler style.  They are old charts from Lizzie Kate so I had to do some hunting to see if they were even still available since Lizzie Kate is no longer an in operation design company but I got lucky.


New stocking charts were release for a couple of years and then a random stocking in with some other smalls so I think I have the charts for all seven different stocking designs.   I started and finished the first one this week – the Noel one – and have started on the one with the wreath.  The charts each come with some little bead and button packets.  On the stocking below, there are beads in the top sections to represent the berries.  I put in a quick running stich to outline where the seam line should go when I finish it and I will use that as a general guide to make a plastic template for finishing.


I know I say it about nearly everything I stitch but this was really fun to stitch and very quick too.

Crow’s Corner finished

Here’s my finished stitch of Crow’s Corner.   I haven’t decided yet if I will put it in this 6″ frame I had on hand – it’s a wee stitch – or if I will finish it some other way, but I love all the color changes I made.

crow's corner

Crow’s Corner S1-7-23 / F1-22-23