Sunday Stitch – Third Project Start

I was digging thru the project bag of all my Sunday Stitches chart to decide what to start on next, I decided I didn’t feel like searching for lots of floss and there are several one color projects in my Sunday Stitches bag so I pulled out Love & Joy.  I also realized I didn’t have a photo of that one included on my Sunday Stitches page (which you can find in the top of the blog header) that shows the charts I have to choose from and shows the finished Sunday Stitches.   This was bought right before the “no buy 2022” moratorium went into effect.  It’s called Love & Joy and is such a pretty design.  The called for color is one of my favorite reds but I’ve got several red projects in the works and am getting kind of bored with red.  I knew I wanted a very mottled or variegated shaded thread and went to the group of Victorian Motto Floss from the variegated collection to see what I might have.

love & joy

The floss is called My Tapestry and goes from dark blue to purples and the fabric has a light purplish hue to it – Sprite by PTP.

I do kind of want to start the chart that I got to reflect the “Frosty the Snowman” song.

Frosty the Snowman

I think that is so cute.  I think I will change the word “Christmas” to “Winter” so it’s not Christmas specific or I may just leave off the words and put more swirls.  But I have the prettiest blue fabric with sparkles in it that I think will look so good.

But, I want to finish the current snowman chart I have in the works before I start another one.  both are Teresa Kogut designs and the other one, which I started last year, also fits my Sunday Stitches theme for this year.  I was working on it ab bit last night – Up on the Housetop.  Last night I finished the house color between the top row of  windows and the icicles and got a few more rows on the roof done.    I need to finish off that roof so I can get on with those three dancing snowmen on the roof.


Sunday Stitches – 1-16-22

Thanks for all the comments on the gold house – I think I’m going to like it but definitely needed a break from all that house stitching.  It’s a lot to fill in.  but the house will be easy to finish since I did tent stitch to outline where the windows are and am going back and completing the other stitch as I work my way up to a window so everything within the house and roof I won’t need to follow a chart on since it’s all outlined and ready to go.

Last night I didn’t feel like working on any of the other WIP so I pulled out my Sunday Stitches project a b it early.   I had started one of the bells from Bells of Christmas last Sunday.


Last Sunday I stitched everything except the words, little trees and snowflakes.  So last night I finished all that off.

I would change a few things if I were to restitch the bell I started with  – the one with the angel on it.

I used fabric that was slightly darker than the called for but the angel wings don’t show up as well as I would like.  They show up okay in the closeup but sort of fade away if not looking at it closely.  The dress is done in two colors and has a pattern in it.  I would just do it in one color if I were doing it again. You can see the pattern doesn’t show up well so just makes it look busy and really is a bother to stitch if you’re not going to be able to see it distinctly.  I would have preferred it in a single color.  The color for the staff I had to change because the called for disappeared into her wing color which could have been just a different dyelot issue but mine was a very yellowy color and the chart photo looks very tan.   The snowflakes are a bit hard to see too if not in closeup.  I dislike stitching things that just don’t show up well.

Peace on Earth - Bells of Christmas 1-16-22

Eventually I’m going to stitch the other bell but will put this chart away for not and work on something else.  So I need to delve into my bag of Sunday Stitches charts and see what I want to stitch on next and pull the flosses.

Saturday Slug-a-bed

I slept in so late this morning – but I hadn’t slept well all week so I guess I finally got caught up.   I’ve been puttering with various things the rest of the morning, not accomplishing much.  But some laundry is started, dishwasher just stopped and I need to go pull some hamburger out of the freezer since I think it will be meatloaf for dinner tonight.  Meatloaf, baked potato and veg – one of my favorite easy meals – and added bonus is I love leftover meatloaf sandwiches.



I’ve been stitching all week on Winter Rose Manor and making some good progress (and doing a bit of ripping along the way).  You know that big pink house… well you know pink is about my least favorite color.  The called for color doesn’t really look pink (hand dyed lots can change over the years and what I have is a not so pretty beige color).  I’ve bought several shades of pink in preparation for this hoping to get a color I could live with.  Most of them just don’t show up well on my fabric and the one color, Red Pear I think it was, that would show up when I started stitching with it just reminded me of the popular mauve and blue color schemes of the ’90s and I ripped it back out.  So I decided my house would not be pink but what color to make it. Hmm.  I really wanted a green house because you know I love all things green but with the called for green shades already in the chart, I just couldn’t find a good color green to go with them, especially since it calls for 2 skeins of the house color. Thought about a peachy colored house but couldn’t find a shade I liked that would show up well on my fabric.  So I decided to try my next favorite color – gold.  So found some Victorian Motto floss in the stash called Christmas Ornament (this I had been using for my New Year Sampler christmas start project before deciding to restart that with different fabric and flosses).    And that big gold house will take a lot of stitching to fill it in but all easy stitching since I outlined all the windows and doors already.

golden house

So here’s everything I have stitched on this so far.  I will be adding little bits of this gold to a few flowers or other sections.  I don’t really love the flowers in the upper right (design or colors) but not sure I really want to rip them out to put something else there.  I’ll just leave those for last to finish and see how I feel about them then.

yellow house

I think later today, when I get back to stitching, I may put this away for a few days and pull out First Thanksgiving (or some other WIP) to do a bit of stitching on.

And note to my friend Judy — tomorrow is Sunday so remember to work on your Sunday Stitches. 🙂

Next Sunday Stitches project

I just finished pulling floss and fabric for the next Sunday Stiches project I will start which is Bells of Christmas Day by With Thy Needle and Thread.  I could see these two bells hung from a pretty wired ribbon bow, with a couple of my vintage ornaments (similar to those shown on the pattern cover) hung from ribbons of varying lengths.  They would also be pretty hanging in the middle of a large wreath but I don’t have anywhere to hang a large wreath or store one for that matter.  Won’t decide how to finish them until they are done and the mood strikes for finishing but I do like the hanging with vintage ornaments idea.  Just depends on how large they end up since mine will be slightly larger than the equivalent of the called for linen.

Bells of Christmas 1-9-22 sunday sttiches

I only had about 5 of the 12 called for colors so substituted from stash for the rest.  The fabric I’m using (which is slightly darker than in the photo – the sun is actually out today despite the frigid temps and it was reflecting off the snow when I dashed outside to get a photo before the camera lens fogged up) is from ToDyeForFabrics, 18 count, and the color is Light Khaki

Sunday Stitches – 1-9-22

Here’s where I was where I had left off on Christmas Sampler in Red prior to my picking this up to stitch on it last Sunday.

I worked on it all day Sunday and then I enjoyed working on this one so much I decided to work on it last Monday also.  So two days of working on this project before putting it away and I made tons of progress.

The thread is DMC 115 which is a a variegated thread with a bit longer spacing in the dying moving from one shade to the next.  I just pulled a thread at random letting the shading fall where it may.  I do like that both trees ended up being in the brightest red shading.    I picked this up again last night after midnight and only that the bird/boughs on the upper right and half the border to finish and got this all done before going to sleep last night.

I love how this turned out (don’t I always say that) but this is so pretty with the shading of the floss and of course it has those red birds on it.  It’s small – the stitched area is 6.5″ square.  So this is my second finished stitch of 2022 and I will need to pull out the bag of all my potential Sunday Stitches charts  (keeping with this year’s SS theme of stitches representing holiday songs) and see what I want to work on next and get it kitted up so I can make a start on it later today.

I’m waiting for a grocery order to be delivered so sounds like a good time to go pick the next chart to work on.  Does anyone else do Sunday Stitches and if so, what are you stitching on today?

Winter Rose Manor Progress


I’ve been busy this week working on Winter Rose Manor.   I did work on my Sunday Stitch both Sunday and Monday because I was enjoying it so much that I just continued on Monday.  So Tuesday I picked this project back up.  The first photo is the prior photo I took on Christmas Day.

Since that time I’ve of course stitched, unstitched several areas.  First I added to many of the diamond sections of the border down the left side, then one section of border didn’t meet up correctly.  Found what I thought was the error and it’s still off one stitch but that’s the way it will stay.  So here’s where I left off in the wee hours of this morning when I finally decided maybe I needed some sleep.  I was enjoying this stitch so much I just didn’t want to put it down.


I started working on the fence on Thursday night and wanted to get that finished last night and was able to and then really wanted to start on one of the cardinals so got that started.   Here’s a close up of that area.


I did change the fence color – it was supposed to be a brown shade but I wanted mine more wrought iron looking but not true black.  I found a Victorian Motto floss in the stash called Olde Blacksmith which is a very dark gray – exactly what I was looking for.  I started to add the lady cardinal’s wing but her body is stitched in WDW Sage and wing in WDW Putty with the wing appearing as a lighter shade of the body in the cover image.  Mine Sage/Putty were too close in color – when I stated the wing you wouldn’t see a difference so ripped that out and in the light of day will find a new color to use for the wing.

I’ve gotten many questions since starting to stitch a year ago about how I stitch and my answer has always been the stab method.   This past week or so I’ve been experimenting with sort of a combination of sewing method and stab method.  I can’t for the life of me find a video that shows how I do the sewing part but I’m sure I saw it somewhere.  All the videos I find are sewing  where your needle goes in from top to bottom of a stitch, making a line of tent stiches and then going back and completing them.   I always complete each X individually and sewing putting needle in at top to bottom makes my wrist hurt so I shall try to describe what I do.

Working a row from right to left:   to get started, I come up in the bottom left of corner of first stitch.  I use sewing method to go in at top right of that stitch and out at top left.   Then using sewing method again, go in at bottom right and out at left bottom of next stitch I want to complete moving to the left across the row.   Now my thread is coming out at bottom left of stitch and I just repeat sewing stitch going in at top right out at top left, etc. across the row.

Part of what I didn’t like about sewing stitch is the need to turn the work around to come back from left to right using sewing method.  All that flipping of work just took too much time.   So I tried a modified sewing/stab method for the rows where you work left to right without turning the work around.

So when starting left to right, I come up at bottom left of stitch and use the same sewing method of going in at upper right and out at upper left but to  complete that stitch by going down into the lower right, I just do the stab method because it would be incredibly awkward to do that in a sewing movement and my wrist would not like trying to use sewing method to go down in the right corner and then come up in the next stitch to the right.   So when working left to right I use the stab method to go down in the lower right corner of the stitch I’m working on.

Now this is where my description may get confusing if it isn’t already — on the working left to right across row, when I complete that first stitch using the stab method going down in lower right of stitch, I use stab method to come up in the lower left corner of second stitch to left of where I just completed the stitch (so I skip one stitch and come up in the second one lower left).   So now I’m set up to use the regular sewing method to complete the stitch I’m in (in at upper right out at upper left; in at lower right, out at lower left of the stitch I skipped, and complete that “skipped” stitch in sewing method, ending with a stab stitch on the last leg of that stitch).  So basically, when working left to right I’m skipping a stitch to work stitch to right of that skipped stitch first and in that way I’m able to do my normal sewing method for two stitches before having to end with a stab stitch, move to next two stitches.   Repeat across row.  So are you totally confused?  🙂  It works for me and is faster than the stab method but I go back and forth between the two methods depending on my mood and what I’m stitching.

I do still use a hoop when doing this – it helps hold all the excess fabric out of the way and I just don’t pull the fabric quite as taut in the hoop.  I do generally use a small (6″ hoop) so that while I’m holding my hoop in my left hand, those fingers underneath the hoop can reach to the area to help the needle go back up to the top in the sewing method.    So it kind of depends on the area I’m stitching whether I use the stab method or if I use the modified sewing method but both work well interchangeable in the same project.

Yesterday’s Packages

I came home to all kinds of fun packages at my door yesterday.  Some floss, a couple charts, some pretty variegated floss that I want to turn into cording for some of finishes, one of two packages I am expecting from Owl Forest and my most favorite, the ToDyeForFabrics I had ordered.  I am so in love – the photo isn’t quite true colors but it was getting dark when I thought to take a photo.


I just realized one of the colors is missing – got hidden underneath the bottom one.  They are all 18 count aida L-R  miners dust, antique buff, pale olive drab, weathered oak, acorn top, light khaki, dried sage.  I also got meadowlark which is a pretty brown.   I can’t wait to use these.  One of those will be used to restart the Owl Forest New Year Sampler (Judy and my Christmas start) once that floss arrives.  In the mean time, I did receive my Owl Forest floss for their Red Cardinals chart which I plan to start sometime later this year and also a few other random colors of their floss because it was just such pretty colors.

Sunday Stitches – January 2, 2022

I added a separate page to track the finishes on my Sunday Stitches for this year. You can find it in the blog header but I’ll add a link here.     I’ve added images of the charts I have gathered and put all in one bag for safe keeping that fit into my Songs of the Christmas Season theme that I’ll be doing for these projects.  I have 24 charts and actually when I was looking for something else found a couple more that would fit the theme which I will add in later.

My plan is to post on Sunday where I left off last time – so for instance – this is how far I got by the end of the day last Sunday on my current project


and then the following Sunday (in this case next Sunday) I’ll show the progress I made stitching on this today before I start stitching on it next week.  So Sunday Stitches/progress will only be posted on Sunday (and how many times can I type the word “Sunday”) on one page! 🙂

So this is where I’ll be starting out today on this project but I seriously need to do a few things around here before I sit down to stitch.

jackAlso, the search for Jack the other day – who is now on display for the winter- had me thinking that since I stitched on Jack almost exactly a year ago, I should start on one of his brothers – Harry or Henry.

So I pulled out Henry — these snowmen are very dapper dressers in their seasonal sweaters!  I love Henry’s reindeer sweater and his cardinal friends.   I will pull some floss for this today and this will be my project that I work on during my lunch hours at the office.


Counting issues again

I switched back to Winter Rose Manor last night and was happily stitching along engrossed in a program I was binge watching and you see all those six little pine trees – well I was stitching the main tree parts and then when I went back to stitch the trunks realized my spacing was off on them.  Rats!


Then I got a bit rip-happy because the top one and one of the ones in the next row were correct but I ripped out five of them rather than just four.  But got them all stitched back in place.   I stitched the basket/urn type thing underneath that motif to the right of the trees but ripped it back out too.  It’s tone in the Roasted Marshmallow color (the off white color that is the background of the octagon motif) and it’s fine when surrounded by other colors but in a little basket on it’s own with blank stitches showing thru it doesn’t show up enough for my tastes so I’ll just sub some other color in there when I have more of the stuff around it stitched to decide what color I want to use.

But when I pick up my stitching later it will be back to one of my Sunday Stitches projects.

First finished stitch of 2022

I did it!  I was hoping that this little New Year’s stitch I could start and finish in a day.  I actually early this morning. It was after midnight when I started so officially January 1 and I got in about 4 hours stitching on it before going to sleep. And I put the last stitch in it about 7:30 PM this evening.  It’s a cute little stitch.

New Year's Notes - Shepherds Bush

New Year’s Notes by Shepherd’s Bush stitched in all the called for colors on 14 count Zwiegart Vintage Country Cream with 2 strands for cross stitches and one strand for backstitching.  Stitched area is 4″ x 6″.  It will be made into a little pillow I think.

Now back to my Winter Rose Manor until it’s time to work on the Sunday Stitch.  With the three-day weekend I keep thinking today is Sunday but no – another day to play tomorrow!