And on the quilting front

In case you think I haven’t been quilting (okay truthfully I haven’t in many months but that’s a whole other story), next up is to get this quilt layered and start quilting.

I pulled the top out this morning and tossed it on the floor – hence the bad photo of a wrinkly quilt top – because I couldn’t remember how big it was.


It’s my Eye of the Storm quilt top  – the large spinning star blocks are from a block swap we did shortly after Katrina.  I’ve checked the closet and yes indeed I do have batting on hand the right size so hopefully next weekend I can get this layered (if all goes well later this week in assembling the new yarn storage cubbies and I can get my sewing room back in order).



Temperature Tracker



Guess what !  Yes it’s snowing outside against this morning tho it does show it much in my photo.   The sidewalk did not have snow on it when I last looked out last night and there’s big flakes falling out there this morning.  At least they are fluffy ones I guess.   But I can safely say that I’m a bit tired of winter and snow and arctic blast cold.  It’s getting monotonous!

I’ve never really paid a lot of attention to the day-to-day temperatures other than on the days where I need to pile on many layers.  But one of the KAL projects for the ESK Yarnathon is a Temperature Tracker project.    It’s where you document, in different colored yarn, the temperatures (or some other weather-related data) in your project.   I’m using the basic Temperature Timepiece in the Round pattern for my project with a change or two.  I’m using fingering weight yarn, rather than heavier as called for in the pattern, and have cast on less stitches so mine will be a rectangular wrap rather than more blanket per the original pattern.  Super easy to make and I picked this pattern because I won’t have to bury all the ends for the color switching (which will be many to say the least!).  The ends all become fringe.

So first I picked out yarn – about half of it actually came from the stash but I had to order more colors so my project would not be boring.  I’m using Madelinetosh Dandelion, Eyre Light and a couple Tosh Merino Light mixed in.  The blends are all a bit different in these yarns but they are all single ply and they seem to be playing nicely together.

Here are all the colors I chose along with their assigned temperature increments.

temp colorsThere’s also a color not shown – light background with colored speckles that I’m using to add a section at the end of each month so I know where the month ends.

I’ve been busy working on this the past two days to get caught up and have it all done up until yesterday.



So far in January and February I’ve used every color from minus 10 and below (little did I know when I started this that I could have added more color segments if I had broken down the minus 10 and below into a few more increments for that crazy artic blast we had) all the way up to 50 degrees.   Yes those first couple of crazy warm days in January seem like they were only a dream now. 🙂  I’m knitting two rows per day of whatever color is assigned to the high temperature that day so where there are wider sections of the same color, more than one day fell into the same temperature increment.  It’s a fun project and an easy on to pick up and put down.  I don’t usually keep up every day but have a chart of what the temps were and then add several at a time (or in the case of this weekend – caught up on the past 15 days.

The first quarterly KAL for the Yarnathon is making any pattern by designer Ambah O’Brien.  I finished one little shawl for the KAL (which I still need to block) but am working on a second one, Allira.  I’m making the smaller version of this one and am just starting the second lace repeat – hard to tell in this photo because the stitches are all really squished up on the needles.


The yarn is Knit Circus – Greatest of Ease (their fingering weight) and the colorway is Kid in a Candy Store. They have some great gradient colorways and although I love the look going from lighter to darker speckles and do like the feel of it, it’s one of those yarns that in my own opinion is a bit too pricey for the yarn put up in a cake of it.  But I had store credit at the end of last year when I bought it so didn’t actually pay full price.   You can see part of the yarn cake in the photo – that is the second one. So for the first cake and start of the shawl I started with the inside lightest colors and worked to the darkest red and when I added the second one, I started with the outside to continue the red and it will get lighter toward the edge but since this is a smaller shawl/scarf I think it will end while still in the red speckles and not all the way back out to the lightest shades.  We shall see.



The Need to Buy Yarn

I bet friend Judy has been one of those people who really missed my not being able to blog on the old computer for a while because then I couldn’t tease her on the blog.   🙂

Once again both of us swore at the end of 2018 that we really didn’t need to buy more yarn.  We both had plenty in our stashes to work on the projects we want to make.  But of course, those projects change, new yarns come out, and let’s face it – buying pretty yarn is like a sickness and sometimes you just have to do it.  It would be so sad if one of us was not buying any yarn and the other was buying lots.  We keep each other company with our “bad habits” — tho buying yarn is a pretty wholesome habit, and what would I do if I didn’t have my knitting to keep my hands busy?  And, there was a special coupon code so yarn was on sale – any yarn I wanted not just a specific kind – it would be wrong to pass that up.


So I ordered the colors above for a colorwork sweater I want to make – it’s Queensland Collection Kathmandu yarn which I’ve used before and really like.

Then I wanted to make a felted runner for my breakfast bar (yes there’s a ESK Yarnathon Badge for a felted project) so used that coupon code again for a second order.  I’m going to use this Manos del Uruguay – Maxima yarn to make a felted runner.  Love the colors in this.


and some of this lace yarn may have arrived earlier in the week  – this will be used for a gift tho so not really stash enhancement.


and then I ordered this – LOL – I’m hoping to get rid of one wooden shelving unit in my sewing room that is wanting to fall apart and keep my knitting works in progress in this

shelvesI also plan to pull the yarn out of the plastic storage tubs for the next few projects I want to make and keep it in this storage unit so I don’t have to keep pulling tubs out of the closet to dig through every time I want something.

So I was already sitting here planning as I was knitting my various scenarios for rearranging things in the sewing room.   If I get rid of that wooden shelving unit, do I want this new unit to go there, or on the other wall, and if I put it in that spot, then where do I want to move the TV to – and could I put the TV on the top of one of the metal shelving units I already have in the sewing room and get ride of the stand the tv is on entirely- or keep the tv stand because it’s got that extra shelf below it where the computer printer can be stored out of the way.      Yes – so many decisions/possibilities in that one, long run on sentence I just typed.   And see now I have you distracted  thinking about storage rather than all the yarn I bought. 🙂

Yarn makes me happy – what can I say!?

Cute, free patterns also make me happy.   A Little Bit of Sunshine  is a cute stranded hat pattern that is free until a certain time on Monday.  Love the design and the colors used in this hat.




Yarny Updates

I finally was able to update the 2018 Yarny Things page — button is in the sidebar to see all projects completed in 2018 – adding in all the final projects I knit in 2018.    Yardage knit in 2018 19, 503 yards — that’s just over 11 miles of yarn.

In the not too distant future I’ll get the 2019 page of yarn projects set up now that I just

added my camera software onto this computer.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been knitting/crocheting on lately.


This is a test knit but I’ve decided I don’t like my color combination now that I added in the third variegated color.  I’m going to start over once I find the right shade of green.  The variegated when hanked seemed to show the darker blue that is in it more (and could be I only looked at it in indoor light).  This photo is taken in natural light and the lighter shades of green (my favorite color) are more predominant so my plan is – ditch the tan, use the blue where the tan is, and find that perfect green solid to use in the places where the blue is.   So I’ll be on the hunt for that green because I love this pattern and it is going to be a great wrap to wear.

I throw in a few crochet projects every now and then and fell in love with the Starburst Cowl pattern and the stitch that is used in it – which is really easy (and free).

Here’s the first one I made – I still need to get a better photo outside when the snow is not reflecting so brightly because these colors are even darker and richer than shown here.  Still need to bury and end or two on this one.


And here’s the second one I started in a heavier weight yarn.  Not too far to go before this one is finished too.  I love all the specks of color in this one.


Oh Happy Days!!!!!

YES!  The new computer arrived – it started right up and as I said above, OH HAPPY DAYS I can get back into my blog again!!!!   The keyboard has a different touch on this one but it will just take a little getting used to.  I don’t have any of my other programs or camera software on this one yet but I snagged a photo from my Ravelry page so I had something to show you. 🙂


This is a test knit I’m working on for a rectangular shawl with some mosaic knitting in it but mostly lost of stockinette so a very easy knit.  It’s going to take a while to knit because man those rows are long – especially since I added 100 or so more stitches to  I get it to the length that I like for me.  The yarn is all Wollmeise and the multicolored one that hasn’t been used yet is a Harmonista, which is a yarn designed especially not to pool or stripe but make lovely blended colors when knit up.  I’m actually farther along than this photo and just another row or two before I add that Harmonista in.

And no – I did not put that yarn down on a filthy floor.  I set it outside my door one day so I could get a true daylight photo and found that my welcome mat was not very welcoming — it was iced over and frozen to the patio.  One corner was loose so I tried to pry it up but all that resulted was all those little white specks and areas of crackled ice on a mat still frozen in place.

Over the weekend I hope to get the rest of the stuff I need on this computer but in any event, I’m so glad to be able to get to my blog again.

12 Sweaters in 2019 update

Well, I still haven’t bought a new computer – not in the computer shopping mood  – since it works for everything at the moment except the blog.  Once that tax refund comes I’ll have to do some serious computer shopping.

But here’s some of the things I started knitting on in January and finished in January – and all are ESK yarnathon projects and all yarn came out of the stash (although some of it had only been stashed since December.) 🙂

The first of my 12 sweaters in 2019 challenge with friend Judy – Alouette is finished and buttons added.  I stayed home Wed and Thurs of this week due to temps being so cold and wind chills to 50 below so got a few things finished off and this was one.



I also finished a shawl for the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon 1st Quarterly Challenge.  This one still needs to be blocked to open up the lace edging.  I call it my bumblebee scarf.


And this cowl, Dissent, was finished in one of my favorite yarns to use – Crackpaca – so soft.


Of course there are many more projects on the needles but I’ll keep those for another day.

Computer issues

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that my laptop has lived a long and good life but it needs to be replaced.   I just realized it’s about 8 years old so a very good life.   But it will no longer let me get to the blog no matter what I do.

While it survived the update to Windows 10, it did not like it and refused to accept the last big update 10 had.   I think that’s what’s playing havoc with accessing my blog.

Anyway — hopefully in a week or two at the latest I will be back in business with a new computer once I make a final decision on what I want and get everything set up on the new one (I hate that task).

In the meantime, I have been very busy knitting, casting on more things, casting on all the things, a new Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon started January 1 so I’m plotting planning and starting projects for that.  The Loopy Ewe has a new winter session of Knights of the Round Table, which includes a sweater KAL (which I plan to do) and a subgroup in TLE Ravelry group is doing a Wollmeise KAL, which I also plan to do.  And of course there’s my own personal challenge with friend Judy to finish 12 sweaters (I finally found the perfect buttons for the green sweater last week along with buttons for two other sweaters so I will be starting a seaming party this weekend to get some of those finished).

One of the projects for the ESK Yarnathon is a Temperature project — where you knit a project using a different colored yarn for different temperature increments. So at the end of the year you have a record in colored stripes of your temps for the year. There’s many ways to do it but I’m going to be changing color for every 12 degree increment rather than the usual 10 degree increments most people do since I’ve got below zero temps to 100+ (tho we don’t get over 100 often thank goodness) and didn’t really see any more colors in the yarn available that I wanted to add.  I’ll provide more detail later on pattern I’m using and hopefully by the time I have the new computer, will have knit some of it.  So far I’m just keeping track of the daily high temps and waiting for my yarn to arrive.  The hard part was picking all the colors but here is what I’ll use – the harder part will be deciding what color to assign to each temp range.  The bottom multicolored one will be the borders and a dividing section to show where each month ends.


And I’ll be heading back into the sewing room soon – I have projects I want to get quilted and a couple I want to start and due to some health issues I didn’t get the bosses’ holiday gifts done (they were very brave and didn’t cry that they didn’t get their gifts yet and are patiently waiting) 🙂 so I want to get those underway ASAP.  They will be much larger versions of this little tree stitchery framed.  With different wooden buttons and beads, etc.


Lots going on – so be sure to check back and hopefully before long I’ll be back up and running from a new laptop at home.



Merry Christmas

Hmmm something is not working right between my home computer and wordpress so until I figure that out, I can’t post from that computer.  Hence no updated projects etc here lately.    Happy holidays.

A bit of holiday embroidery

The Loopy Ewe had these great wooden buttons (I used the term “had” because I just went back and ordered the rest they had in stock of this particular style but they do have other styles still available here) to use as ornaments on embroidered trees and a plan was hatched to stitch up a few trees and frame them for some holiday gifts for a few people.


Here’s the first one I stitched up yesterday – very quick – still needs to be properly framed.  I used a card and a half of the buttons on this one since I wanted a ornament on every branch.  I think it turned out so cute.  I used pearl cotton to stitch it and it’s stitched on houndstooth check felted wool.  I have this print wool in several colors (bright pink, lime green and rust in addition to the blue) so they will sort of unorthodox holiday colors (which I like) and will be so cute.


On subsequent ones I’m going to add a few beads and other “findings” as ornaments among the wooden ones.   I’ve already discovered that metal ring stitch markers with the little beads on them will look like great ornaments and add a bit of  bling.  And I also plan to make a large framed version – maybe 14 x 16 as a gift for a person I was having a hard time figuring out what to make but this will be perfect.  So of course that’s why I had to order more of these buttons, plus some that are heart shaped, and some mittens and Christmas stockings.   I’m looking forward to working on the rest of these.

Progress has also been made on the striped sweater – the back is finished and I’ve got about 5″ done on the front.  It doesn’t look like much preblocking and laying on the floor so far but it’s going to be a pretty sweater.


Using EQ8 for Knitting…….

I’ve been playing in EQ a bit the last two days but not regarding a quilt design – it also works great for knitting stranded color work / fair isle patterns.

It started with this Knitspiration Hat pattern I came across on Ravelry.  It’s a very neat concept – especially if you are getting kids involved to design the colorwork section.  The designer used the pattern to make teachers gifts and her kids came up with the designs.

I set up the grid needed for the color work area and it’s much quicker painting in colors in EQ than using colored pencils and the paper grid provided in the pattern.

While two colored color work would be the easiest way to start – you know that I am an overachiever and couldn’t help adding in multiple colors.  Here’s just a couple ideas I came up with.

Design 1


Design 2


Design 3


I won’t get started on any hats for a while but I think this will be a really fun pattern with limitless possibilities.

More progress made on my striped sweater last night – I’m less than 5 rows away from starting the armhole shaping.

I didn’t get my banana bread made last weekend so the bananas are thawing and it will get made today.   In the meantime, laundry and a few other chores are getting done and I’m headed to the sewing room to get those sweater parts organized and off the floor now.

Oh and my Black Friday ESK sale yarns arrived.