And then there was more yarn….

You knew my shopping wasn’t over yet!  The last of it arrived earlier this week.  Other than that, my week has been boring — well not boring but not a lot of excitement either.  Work, come home and putter with bits of cleaning here and there, knit, got to bed.  So the yarn arrival was the excitement of the week more or less.

  The ones that are wound into balls already are String Theory (they wind for free) :-) and the others are more Skein.  These are my two new favorite yarns.

With all my false starts on socks – not liking the pattern I was using, or the particular yarn I started with for a particular pattern and ripping out 3 or four socks I had started, this is the first time since the start of the challenge I won’t actually have a new pair finished by the end of the month – unless I knit nonstop tonight and all day tomorrow but that’s not going to happen.  Good thing I’ve got seven or eight pairs already finished. :-)

I did finally match up the right yarn with the right pattern and have two new socks in the works.

  Sock on the right is 9 to 5 pattern in
Skein (soft soft soft – have I said how soft and lovely that yarn is?)  and the one on the right is Skyp pattern in String Theory – I love how that one is turning out too.

Then as I was doing a little Ravelry surfining I came across this pattern for the Spectra scarf by Stephen West.  I think it is just the neatest looking thing.  You have to check out all the different colors the link shows – they all look so fun. So of course I ordered it and will have to go digging through the stash to figure out what yarns I want to use to make mine.  It uses sock weight yarn so I just “might” be able to find something to make it out of right?? :-)

Other excitement – well “Bob” our maintenance guy did a bang up job fixing a few things around the apartment for me this week so my bathroom vanity doors no longer sag, kitchen drawer no longer falls out on my foot (ouch), water softner no longer starts recycling at 6 a.m. – timer went bezerk –  and the clothes dryer – which the other day was so hot when I touched the top of it I nearly burned myself (and promptly turned it off so as now to burn down the place) is now in working order again.  This was the problem with the dryer (which I suspected)

  No, no birds were molting out that that is a photo I took out my sewing room window.  The vent comes out above that window but travels a good long distance to get to that point across my sewing room and part of the kitchen – and clearly the vent had not been cleaned out in a good long time.  No wonder the dryer got hot and it took forever to dry clothes! I’m lucky there wasn’t a fire.  I’m almost excited to do laundry and see how much quicker things get done!

And it’s a good thing I spent last weekend doing all that spring cleaning because in addition to cleaning my carpets for me in the not too distant future, they have offered to repaint the whole apartment since I plan to renew my lease again.  After 5 years living here walls have gotten a bit dinged up, etc. so it will be nice to have everything freshly painted. And they’ve had to repaint all the other apartments a lot more than mine since no one else in  this particular building has lived here 5 years straight – they have changed tenants nearly every year in the other apts in this building — that’s a whole lot of repainting each year!  Have I mentioned I love this place – perfect location for me and the staff, maintenance guys — all do a great job with the upkeep and improvements.  So I’m thrilled to get the offer of paint and carpet cleaning.

I’ll be busy taking things down off the walls and next week shifting furniture away from the walls towards the center of the room.  The worst room to do as you might expect — my sewing room! :-(

In order to move those fabric shelves away from the wall, I need to unload the top half of them at least (and take down the tv and stuff on top the other one).  That I’m not looking forward to. And take down the design wall and the metal hanging system I have on the other long wall for my quilt gallery.  But the upside, I always regretted putting the design wall on the wall where the window is — that whole blowing the blocks off the wall issue when the window is open.  So, after things are painted I’m going to change it to the opposite wall where I could make it even larger if I liked but don’t think I will.  And the wall where it was, will have quilts hanging on it and they can blow in the breeze all they want.

So I’ve got until Tuesday night to get things stashed out of the way and then the painting will be done on Wednesday.  I work Thursday but then I’m off Friday and Monday for a long Easter weekend so I can gradually get things back where I want them.

But for tonight, I’ll just contemplate my plan of attack (and exactly where I’m going to stash all the stuff I take off the walls — good think I cleaned out the closets because I can tuck some stuff in them for the time being) and find some dinner and go knit a while.