Five Square Pattern for National Quilt Day

I decided to add the instructions tonight so I don’t have to remember to do it tomorrow morning.  Please look in the right sidebar under free pdf patterns – you will find the page for it there.  If you have trouble downloading the pdf, please try later.  If there’s a lot of traffic downloading it, it will sometimes time out for a little while if too busy.  There’s nothing I can do about that so you’ll have to be patient and keep trying if you want the pattern.  I do not email them out individually to anyone which I’m sure you can understand.

It’s really a super easy one to make and you’ll have it done in no time.  Enjoy!


The yarn commeth

The first of my yarn from my leap away from the “no buy” challenge, which is now history, arrived.  When I landed I belly  flopped into more yarn buying too.  I do nothing half heartedly! :-)  So yes, the first of what I ordered has arrived.

  These are the Opals I got half price. A bargain.  The unballed hank is one of their hand dyeds which I hadn’t tried before and the rest are all self-patterning.  Great when you need a plain quicky sock – the self patterning makes it a bit special.  Now I just have to wait for the Bugga order, the Skein, String Theory, and Socktopus (I’m anxious to see this yarn since I love the Socktopus sock pattern book and the yarns in it show great stitch definition).  I think I bought two new hanks for every pair of socks I made so far this year – or at least that’s about what it comes out too.   Hmm.. yes I think I’m well restocked for a while now and can go back to ignoring all the yarn ad emails.

It’s another lovely warm day here and supposed to continue to be that way.  Tomorrow the christmas lights come down and the patio table and chairs go back outside.  I’ll be glad to put them back out since I have no good storage at the apartment for them so the table sits in one corner of my bedroom (and ends up with junk piled up on it), one chair with it and the other chair just fits in my laundry room, tho I have to sort of reach around it to get to the washer so I’ll feel like I have much more room in those spaces when I get them back outside.

The living room is an absolute clutter fest at the moment so declutter is on tomorrow’s agenda.  A bit of a spring clean before I get to some sewing.  For tonight, I went out for dinner, got groceries so I’m all done with errands for the weekend and I shall sit and knit tonight.  There are way too many socks of various kinds on needles around here so I need to get some of them finished off before I am tempted to plunge into any of that new yarn.

And don’t forget National Quilting Day tomorrow.  I’ll be posting the pattern for the Five Square quilt.  That’s what I’ll be sewing on tomorrow.  I’ve got three blocks made and all the pieces cut for the rest except the border so I can get busy right away on it — okay the declutter and outside lights may be postponed a day in lieu of sewing but I’ll get it all done eventually.