Pinbasting Central

That’s what my sewing room is today – pinbasting central.  Finally, my niece’s wedding quilt is basted and ready for quilting.

DSCN4201  This one is queen size.  It’s been a while since I’ve machine quilted one that large – don’t think I’ve done one since I got my new machine so the extra harp space should come in very handy working on this.  My original thought was to stitch in the ditch along all the framing sections and then free motion quilt within the blocks but I may take the easy road and just fmq a large meander over it all.  Still contemplating what I want to do.


As long as the table is clear and there is batting at the ready, I’m going to see if I can’t get a couple smaller items pinbasted today too.  Time to go play among the finished tops and see what I can find in there and go see what I can find in the stash for backing them.

I need to get some of these tops quilted — especially since I did a bit of moving around of fabrics in this EQ design and decided I liked it like this.

BlockPartyPicnic  I’m calling this version “Block Party Picnic” since it is shown in the Moda Block Party fabric line and it just looks like a happy quilt you would use on a picnic.  I grew up in a village of 500 people and I remember the block parties we used to have.  It actually included several blocks of neighbors and one of the streets would get blocked off and the Dads and boys would go collect all the picnic tables from everyone’s houses and set them up in the street right next to a neighbor who had a huge yard where baseball and other games would be played.   Our picnic quilts were usually tied quilts Granny made.

Anyway, I just may have succumbed to the calling to me of this fabric line and ordered some to make this.   Anyone else interested in stitching a version of this design? It’s super easy of course – lots of flying geese but they are large so not as putzy to make (or at least I think the smaller they are the putzier they are to make).  As shown with the borders (I made them wider/added a second one on this version so it’s a bit large than my original Diamond Formation challenge quilt), this one is, I think, I nice large throw measuring 66″ x 84″.  So if there’s enough interest to stitch along with me one of these weekends, I may be convinced to write up the instructions. 🙂  It would be great stash buster too since there’s lots of 1/4 yard fabrics or it would be even more scrappy.

Must go layer another quilt and get started quilting so there is fabric going “out” of the stash to even out the fabric that will be soon arriving. 😉





On the Needles – Friday, April 3, 2015

DSCN4199  Moving right along on my CF Cardipalooza KAL sweater.   I wasn’t so sure about the Autumn Wind yarn when I started knitting with it but I really like how this feels.

Late night planning

Since I sent off the Moda Challenge quilt to The Loopy Ewe and it will be donated to a military family after the contest, I was thinking I might want to make another version of that design in different fabrics.  I do love the fabrics in the Moda Block Party collection and I love that they make jpgs of their fabrics available for download on their website. Download them, import into my Electric Quilt program, and I can see what those actual fabrics look like in the quilt design.

blockparty  The original Diamond Formation design had all the flying geese blocks the same colors in rows across the quilt –  I mixed them up a bit more – staggering on the diagonal – and I think I like it.


Earlier today (well yesterday since it’s 2:30 a.m. and I’m wide awake as can be) I was able to find the background fabric to the missing butterflies in the stash so now all the HST butterflies (more like moths) are done.  I think they’ll be put in their own little project – need to wait until I finish the panel project first to see if there’s enough fabrics left over to make more butterflies.


It bugs me that I can’t remember what I was going to do with the panel pieces but then I looked back and I had a photo of them when I was originally working on them from 2010.  I think it’s time they were finished!  So I think they’ll end up generally grouped like this

DSCN4198spread out a bit more  and just groups of maybe 2″ finished squares to fill in where needed.     Next up tho will be getting a quilt layered – the backing is pressed and waiting – but maybe I should go to bed first. 😉