Late night planning

Since I sent off the Moda Challenge quilt to The Loopy Ewe and it will be donated to a military family after the contest, I was thinking I might want to make another version of that design in different fabrics.  I do love the fabrics in the Moda Block Party collection and I love that they make jpgs of their fabrics available for download on their website. Download them, import into my Electric Quilt program, and I can see what those actual fabrics look like in the quilt design.

blockparty  The original Diamond Formation design had all the flying geese blocks the same colors in rows across the quilt –  I mixed them up a bit more – staggering on the diagonal – and I think I like it.


Earlier today (well yesterday since it’s 2:30 a.m. and I’m wide awake as can be) I was able to find the background fabric to the missing butterflies in the stash so now all the HST butterflies (more like moths) are done.  I think they’ll be put in their own little project – need to wait until I finish the panel project first to see if there’s enough fabrics left over to make more butterflies.


It bugs me that I can’t remember what I was going to do with the panel pieces but then I looked back and I had a photo of them when I was originally working on them from 2010.  I think it’s time they were finished!  So I think they’ll end up generally grouped like this

DSCN4198spread out a bit more  and just groups of maybe 2″ finished squares to fill in where needed.     Next up tho will be getting a quilt layered – the backing is pressed and waiting – but maybe I should go to bed first. 😉


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  1. Looks like another beauty by Denise – Love the butterflies and your panel is so cute.

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