Spring – maybe – and random ramblings

My computer says its 71 degrees outside – I’m going to have to go see if that is true.  It’s cool in the apartment but I may need to open the door and let some of that fresh air in.

I was off early to the grocery store this morning.  I had planned to be at my parents the middle part of this week but poor Dad threw his back out the beginning of the week and hasn’t been able to do anything let alone drive the 3 hrs or so to come get me so I’ve been puttering the past two days, thinking about closets that could be cleaned out or cabinets that need straightening but opting for knitting or sewing instead.  It is a vacation after all – I wouldn’t want to do too many chores.

So after a trip to the store to get some fresh produce and the essentials like coffee and soda – I started cutting and sewing more pieces to my PatchKats border blocks since earlier this week I dumped a cup of coffee over on the sewing room table – sending a flood across a few stacks of fabric pieces in various assembly stages.  Luckily all the finished blocks were on the design wall and not on the table.  But what a mess.  Then I didn’t look at all those blocks behind me on the design wall and added one piece  before it should have been — ripped about 20 of those back off and I think I’m finally back on the right track.

I did want to get a quilt or two layered this week but that would mean another trip out to go buy batting – and the fabric store at the end of the quickest bus ride doesn’t carry what I really want.  So – heck – check out the Amazon deals (because I also have been needing a new iron for a while since my Rowenta has decided it really doesn’t want to steam) and I now have a couple sizes of batting, some Best Press, and a new purple – yes dark purple – iron that has NO automatic shutoff.  Thank you Rowenta for making one that I don’t have to keep shaking or tipping to turn back on when I’m sewing all afternoon. Yep it’s those little things – in this case a new iron – that makes me happy.

So I hope to finish sewing the PatchKat border blocks and then get the table cleared off from that mess and figure out which quilt tops to get layered and quilted next and maybe spend a day pinbasting several.  Top of my list is my niece’s, Sam’s, wedding quilt which I finally washed the backing for so now need to do some pressing (when my new iron arrives).

But I think I also stumbled across the greatest batting sale ever after I got done placing my order.  I’m sure it’s a typo but heck if it’s listed on Amazon I think they will have to honor it.  So I placed a second order.  Hmmm maybe I need to go clean out one of those closets so I have a place to store all this batting…..

I’ve been busily knitting

DSCN4188I must be about halfway to the armholes on the back of my sweater.  The lace pattern that I’m incorporating from Alenia is quite simple so this is moving along quickly.

Now quickly enough tho since I came across another stitch pattern that I really want to incorporate into a CustomFit sweater – but I will NOT cast on another one until I get some sweaters finished that are on the needles.

But I really like the front of this cardigan which was just released on Ravelry this month.  I think I might like it on a pullover rather than cardigan but we’ll see what happens when I get around to starting it.

and I also found this which I am totally in love with the look of  Mill Wrap – the neck treatment, the way it drapes, I love everything about it except for maybe the hours and hours of knitting that would go into it.  LOL  But it would be a fantastic mindless knitting project.  Wish I could try it on and see if I really like it on me.  If I started it now, maybe by Christmas I’d have it done – I am going to check the yarn boxes to see if there’s enough of anything in there to make it before I put all the yarn back away.

The other little thing that makes me happy — Easter eggs — when I was grabbing some eggs from the coolers at the store they of course had a box of PAAS egg dying tablets right there attached to the outside of the egg door.  I HAD to get some – nothing more fun than brightly colored eggs.  So enough rambling – I’m off to start some eggs on the boil and figure out what’s for dinner tonight.