Sunday Sewing

I’ve been busy in the sewing room so far all day and finally have all the framing sections straight line quilted – now to trim up all the threads before moving on to the free motion quilting but I thin that quilting I’ll save for another day.

Last night as I was winding more bobbins, I decided not to waste the thread on two bobbins that were left over from the last project and not the right color for this one.

DSCN4224I had pulled this block out thinking I’d made a pillow out of it and had it layered with some leftover batting waiting to be quilted.   The border is just a bunch of various random stitch patterns I was trying out, and the center has various feathers quilted on it.   I can’t take credit for the actual block – it was one I received in a block swamp many many years ago but I love the little hummingbird and the fabrics that were used in this block.

Now I think I actually need to get dressed and go outside!  Yes, I’ve been busy quilting in my pjs – appropriate since it’s a pj party weekend of quilting on The Quilting Post yahoo group.  But it is fairly sunny tho really windy since the trees are really swaying out there – but my computer says the temperature is about 70 — so I have to go really see if it’s that nice outside and perhaps open a window or door and let some fresh air in if that’s the case.