Just enough

DSCN4256 Aha!  I cut out pieces from the last three strips I thought would work well from the jelly roll and I had just enough to even out the design and fill in the half blocks down the sides  of Tiny Dancers.

These will stay up on the design wall while I work on other projects.    It’s one of those projects I need to stare at a while to decide if I want to make any blocks around or not but I’m kind of liking it as it is.  I ended up with a total of 32 different blocks, with one half block left over.


On the Needles Report and Saturday plans

DSCN4250 My CF Cardipalooza sweater is moving along.   Back is done, right front is done, and as you can see the left front is on the needles.   I’m a little concerned I may run out of yarn — but then with every sweater I’m always a bit concerned with that and so far I’ve always had extra.  So we’ll see what  happens.  This one if I remember right had 3/4 sleeves so they won’t use up as much yarn as the sleeves of my prior sweaters have so I think I’ll be all right because I don’t like playing a game of yarn chicken to find out that I lose. 🙂


It’s a windy, cold, dreary day (much like yesterday except it’s not raining yet) so I think a good day to spending the sewing room.

DSCN4251  I want to get the rest of these Tiny Dancer block sections made out of the jelly roll I’m using, and then I’ll decide if it needs to be any bigger.  I may have a few fabrics in the stash that would go well with these.  I really like that these are made has half hexagon blocks and then you simply sew the rows.  The half hexies along the outside (at top and bottom in this photo) will be replaced with something from the stash so I an put those blocks together with their made to make full hexies out of them.

DSCN4252These are the strips I pulled out of the jelly roll that I don’t plan to use in these blocks — except I may try the red and blue diagonal striped one to see if it stands out enough against my background fabric.  The other prints are too large for this project and the one smallest print would fade into my background fabric.  The large stripe/border fabric type strips remind me of kitchen curtains. 🙂

They’ll be put to use on the backing or in some other project since I still have these  left over — DSCN4254After cutting out the pieces for one block, these sections are left (they are folded in half so twice as long).  So I’ll mix the larger prints back in with these for a second project.

After I finish those few hexies I already have cut tho, I need to get back to work on this


Yes – this wedding quilt needs to be finished!!!  If I remember right I have the most putzy part done – quilting 1/4″ I from all the block framing strips – lots of stopping and starting.  So the rest should move along a little more quickly (I hope)