Thursday Fun

It’s been a busy day so far.  Yesterday I picked up hunk of ham which I was going to save for Easter dinner but last night as I was trying to decide what to make for dinner, I decided why bother to save it- it’s just me anyway and I was really hungry for that ham.  And, since I’m on vacation I’ll have time to do some other things with the leftovers and get some meals in the freezer perhaps.  So it was absolutely delicious last night with baked potato and fresh asparagus.

Bright and early this morning I knew what I must do – make some quiche.  Ham, left over asparagus and mushrooms – a perfect combination.  So that was made and I had a thin slice as a taste test and it is yummy.  Some of that will go in the freezer and some will stay in the fridge to eat now. I was going to start some split pea soup in the crock pot but don’t have quite all the ingredients I want here so I may make a quick trip to the grocery store tomorrow a.m. and pick up a few things (like who used the last of the paprika – which I always put on my quiche – and didn’t get more! and after making pie crust the flour is nearly gone).  So some ham and split pea soup to make tomorrow and I’ve also been hungry for scalloped potatoes and ham so will have to make sure I have everything to make that this weekend.

Enough about food – it’s making me hungry again! (Oh and there was [was being the operative word] left over pie crust that just had to be baked with some butter and cinnamon sugar on it – that was my treat earlier this afternoon.)

After the baking, I headed to the sewing room.  All of my PatchKat heart border blocks are now complete and the last group just needs pressing.  Then I was looking around to find something else to work on (there’s plenty to choose from) and pulled out a basket that held several different items, one of which was this top.

DSCN4192I had taken this one down off the design wall when I needed the wall space for something else and all that was left to do was add the top and bottom sashed  border strips.  As you can see those are now on.  I need to decide if I’ll add any border around it or just leave it as is.  That decision will probably be easily made when I go look to see what fabrics I have left from this. I can’t remember if there is enough leftovers for borders.

The other item in that basket was this project – which makes me thing Spring.

DSCN4194It had these two butterfly blocks and then the HSTs below actually are simple butterfly blocks but I’m going to have to go searching to see if I have any of the background fabric I used to complete their plain corners since that fabric was not in with all the other scraps.

I don’t think the butterflies were meant to go with the rest of the project done in the same fabrics but here’s the rest that was in that basket.


It’s made from a preprinted panel that I cut the various panel sections apart on and then framed them with strips from a large fat quarter pack of fabrics I had.  The purple things are tulip shaped Post-it Notes I had pinned to them which state the size strips I needed to add to that particular block to get it to a specific size.  I finished sewing the strips on three of them so they are now all sashed as I had planned.  Obviously I had a plan for these — tho what that specific plan was from this point I honestly don’t know.  So I’m going to need to study this and the sizes I made the blocks to figure out who I might have set them all together.

And check out my lovely new Rowenta iron – which steams like a dream and does not automatically shut off.  DSCN4191And my old one used to flicker the lights when its thermostat turned on and off – this one doesn’t do that at all.  Yep I’m loving it.

Part of my batting order – some prepackaged pieces – arrived with the iron along with a restock of Best Press – so now to get some quilt backing ironed so I can start pinbasting.