An even dozen…

That’s how many completed PatchKat  border blocks I have up on my design wall this afternoon

DSCN4158Also have the left side of the remaining ones done and on the design wall and have the other half in various stages of completion.

And check out who I spied outside my window yesterday afternoon — it’s take with the camera zoom and through my window and screen so it’s not a clear photo  – it actually looks like something printed on cross stitch fabric –  but….


yes! it is the first Robin of the season I’ve spied and he was one really fat one and very busy yanking worms up out of the yard.

I think he may be regretting being here today tho – I just opened the door to see what it was like outside and brrr – very crispy air in the 30s and chance of some mixed snow/freezing rain possible by morning.

Dinner has been ordered to be delivered – no cooking for me tonight – and I’ve got the binding stitched down on my challenge quilt and just have to whip stitch down the bottom of the handing sleeve and label.

2 comments on “An even dozen…

  1. Just got my fabric in the other day. Now I have a weekend off. I’d at least like to get the pieces cut out. Along with the border for the kniter’s quilt, come to think of it. Hmmm……… Guess I know what to do tomorrow!

    • You’ll be busy! I haven’t gotten back to my PatchKats border blocks yet but hope to next week since I’ll be on vacation all week and after a trip to visit the folks and my sister, should be able to get some sewing time in.

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