Sunday Stash Report and stuff

Ah some progress on the fabric stashbusting front since I can now add in the fabrics for my Moda Challenge quilt.

As I was adding the in something definitely didn’t seem right and last time I updated the  State of the Fabric Stash page I added in my net fabric used as the amount purchased YTD.  I knew I hadn’t bought that much new fabric!

I have it straightened out again and the numbers stand at 9 yards purchased YTD, 32.5 yards used, net busted 23.5 yds.  You can see the rest of the information – quilts started, items to top stage and I actually not have a complete finish — at the linked page above.

DSCN4173Speaking of stashes – you know you have too many yarny things in process and yarn items and patterns stashed in too many different, unorganized places when you cannot find the front of a sweater you had finished!  Yes, the search was on for a cotton top I had started last year some time.  I’ve been working on it off and on between Loopy Academy and CF KAL projects and just finished last night the elbow length sleeves I was knitting two at a time.  I had the back of the sweater in one knitting basket, and I’ve even already blocked the back, but the front was not there.  So after searching what I thought were all the logical places, I remembered the brown laundry basket where at some point I had dumped a bunch of random stuff — small items in progress I wasn’t liking and need to rip back and rewind the yarn, yarn that had mysteriously arrived in my mailbox that I hadn’t put in the proper storage containers yet, leftover bits and bobs from other projects, socks in progress, etc — a mish mash of knitting stuff.  So after trying to dig through it and making a tangled mess, I just dumped it all out.  No sweater top there (it was nicely folded and put on the shelf that attaches to the bottom of my new ironing board – I’m not used to having one with a shelf there so didn’t even notice it the first time I checked the sewing room.).  So today’s task — clean up and organize this mess, along with the other new yarn that has come in and also sort through the other various baskets of knitting scattered about the living room and sort of prioritize what I want to work on.   It’s a good day for this type of job since Mother Nature is being a nuisance!!  Gray, gloomy, very windy, low 30s and it’s currently sleeting.

DSCN4174But here is my found sweater.  I need to block the front and sleeves and I’ll be ready to stitch it together.  The first photo shows the true color – sort of aqua easter egg color –

DSCN4176but the second photo shows the lacy stitch a bit better and the bottom of the sleeves and hems of front and back are seed stitch.

I may get this blocked later this week but in the meantime, time to go sort that pile of yarny goodness I dumped on the floor.