On the Needles – Friday the 13th of March 2015

I just realized it’s “Friday the 13th”.  Maybe that’s why I seem doomed that every time I take a day off work I end  up not feeling well (no, it’s not cause I miss work that much!).  I started coughing Wednesday night a bit, last night more and yeah, while I don’t feel crappy I’ve definitely got some cough/throat thing going on — but then I’ve been lucky since any given day for the last couple weeks we’ve had multiple people out sick from the office.   But then perhaps if I get some ice cream when I go to the grocery store, it will cure me.  Well I can pretend!

Anyway – it’s On the Needles Day and I have a new finished project – started Wednesday night and bound off this morning while sipping my coffee and hanging out in my jammies – a perfect Friday morning off (despite that cough).

Marshmallow Fluff pattern was my Loopy Academy Semester 2 Slip Stitch project.

marshmallowfluffslipstitchproject Since I was using bulky yarn (not as heavy as the yarn in the pattern), I used smaller needles and cast on more stitches.  It’s a very quick and easy knit.  My version of it is called Tundra Cowl since I used The Fibre Company’s Tundra yarn — which I love.  This color is Glacier.  It feels wonderful and I’m debating getting more for a sweater/jacket I want to make.  I have just enough left to do some swatching to see if it will work (or more importantly just how many hanks of yarn I need since it doesn’t take long to knit through  a hank of bulky yarn).   I generally wouldn’t wear bulky yarn sweaters but I may make an exception since I like this one so much.

So the Stash Knitting page has been updated to add in this yarn and then I added it to the knit tally also.  So to date, 5176 yards knit;  a mere 1620 added to the stash (which has all be knit since it was for loopy academy projects), and seven completed projects to date.  I’m hoping to add my vest to that finished list by next week.