Ounce of Flounce


Two projects down – one more to go for Loopy Academy Second Semester.  This is my “Stripe Project”, Ounce of Flounce.  Pattern can be found on Ravelry.  I made a few adjustments, made it about half again as long in number of stitches cast on and put the stripes in at random rather than strictly following the pattern.  The neck edge ends with some ribbing but this yarn was so soft it wanted to curl so I added the ribbing but then after that did a few rows of stockinette stitch so the stockinette makes a little curled edge but it only curls as far as where the ribbing starts and the ribbing now lays flat.  I picked the variegated yarn hoping it would match my butterfly shawl pin and as you can see, it picks up the colors in the wings perfectly.

Now I just have to do some shopping for my final Academy project – the “slip stitch” item.

I haven’t added this yarn useage into my knit from the stash tally yet but I’m hoping I can also add in the yardage for my Wiggle Wrap by the end of the week.  I’ve been knitting away on that and it’s nearly done!  That one used a whole lot of yardage. 🙂