Saturday Stuff

As usual I didn’t get to the on the needles post last night.  There’s nothing new off the needles, and nothing new on the needles — at least for the moment — with the exception of some swatches.  I don’t have the names of these yarns right handy but I know they were included in a blog post or two ago.

DSCN4163 The first swatch is a cotton/silk cashmere blend.  It felt a bit thin when I was knitting the swatch with it but it’s amazing what blocking can do to a yarn.  I really like the feel of the blocked fabric.  I’m still debating spring pullover (Folly Cove maybe )or cardi  similar to Alenia which is where the lace pattern is from, except 3/4 sleeves, definitely no belt, and maybe a bit different neckline trim.   Have to wait until the swatch is totally dry so I can measure and weigh it and plug my gauge info into CustomFit to see if I have enough yarn for what I want to do.


This swatch is also now drying – just finished knitting this one up a short while ago.  It’s cotton with a little alpaca in it and is a chainette construction yarn.  Again, I wasn’t sure I liked the feel of it when knitting the swatch but I think once it’s dried I will like it post-blocking.  It’s hard to see the stitch pattern along the right edge (not the lace but the very edge) – it’s a slip stitch pattern for a button band area that’s knit as the fronts of the sweaters are knit (rather than going back and  picking up stitches and knitting it on).  I rather like the way it’s made so may have to try that on something.  The lace pattern – not totally in love with that tho I like it on the originally pattern I got it from – I think it would look better in a woolier yarn with more elasticity.  If make a pullover out of the first yarn, I may make the cardigan out of this second yarn.

There was also a bit of Wollmeise that arrived this week – I haven’t updated any of the numbers on my knitting stash page since I can’t count that high — just kidding 😉  I’ll get it updated but enough of a coffee break – back to my laundry, cleaning and figuring out what’s for dinner.

Oh and I did actually get my Moda Challenge quilt in the Because of the Brave fabrics finished and shipped off toTLE yesterday.