Piece & Comfort Challenge by Moda

Challenge quilts from various participating quilt shops are now available for viewing (and voting!) on the Moda blog.

The challenge was to create a quilt, meeting the size requirements, and using the challenge fabrics.  There were two different fabric lines that you could use and pretty much the rest of was up to the quilter.  I’m always up for a challenge and most of my quilts are donated to one place or another, so this was the perfect opportunity to find a way to use the fabric and then in the end, have it donated to a military family.  The quilt design as actually already drawn in EQ but I hadn’t found the right fabrics to use for it.  When I saw the fabric that has the silhouettes of service people on it, I thought the design just might be perfect since I didn’t want to cut that particular fabric up much.

The quilts, when finished, were to be sent to “your participating quilt shop”.  In this case, my participating quilt shop, from where I ordered the fabric (which also happens to be my favorite online yarn shop) is over 1,000 miles away in Ft. Collins, CO.  🙂  Off to The Loopy Ewe I sent my quilt called: Diamond Formation.

loopyewequilt Sheri, owner of The Loopy Ewe (TLE), snapped this photo and posted in the Ravelry TLE fabric thread of my quilt hanging in the shop. (Yes there is a Ravelry thread for Loopy Fabric Groupies). 🙂

The second photo I snagged off the Moda blog, which I’m sure was taken by Sheri’s very talented photographer husband.

So, one quilt photo was then submitted to Moda per quilt shop for judging there.  (I lucked out – I think I was the only submission) 😉   So on to the voting on the Moda blog for the quilt you like best.  If you choose to vote for me, thanks!  It’s listed in the right sidebar of the Moda Blog as “The Loopy Ewe – Denise Russart”.  However, there are many gorgeous quilts in the submissions – some original, some not, some modern, some traditional – so much eye candy!  And if you make Quilts of Valor or other patriotic quilts — you may get some new quilt ideas.

The link to the Moda Blog is http://blog.modafabrics.com/2015/04/piece-comfort/


You can see all the quilts at that link and vote for the one you like best. Voting is open until midnight, May 6 and you can vote once a day.

Now if patriotic fabrics aren’t your thing, but quilts with flying geese in them are, I’m planning a quilt along using this same pattern.  For the quilt along, the design has been renamed Block Party Picnic (named after the fabric line I picked to use for my quilt along version (Block Party – which by coincidence is also Moda Fabric and can be found at The Loopy Ewe)  (totally unsolicited plug for TLE – I love their fabric selections and heck you earn “rewards” buying fabric just like buying yarn, what’s not to love.  It’s like getting a present when that Box of Fun arrives and your fabrics are all in tidy stacks tied up with bright red ribbons).

Anyway, here’s the EQ drawing of the version I’ll be making for the quilt along. It’s a very bright and happy quilt in those fabrics so I can’t wait to start working on it.

The Block Party Picnic quilt along is set to start on May 25 May 23 (the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.).  If you click on the button for the information page about this quilt along (button is in the right sidebar and looks like the quilt image),  you’ll find all the pertinent information to date, including downloads for  yardage and a line drawing so you can color in and plot your own unique color placement of fabrics, etc.  The shop for some fun fabrics, dig in the stash, make every flying geese a different fabric, use 30’s prints, solids, what about a dark background and bright batiks – lots of possibilities – so I hope you’ll be gathering your fabrics so you can sew/quilt along with me.



PatchKats – 2nd revision to cutting instructions

I hate this when it happens – I was working ahead on my blocks and found a second error.  Sorry – wasn’t until my pieces weren’t fitting together correctly that I realized what I had done.    So I’m going to put both corrections in this blog post (in case you missed the previous one and so that they are all together in one place ) and I will update my general Errata Page.

So the first correction, which I posted earlier today is in cutting the “Kat” pieces – see the highlighted change below.


The second change is to the background pieces labeled [J].   See the highlighted correction below.  The link to the download for March April from the PatchKats page has been updated with these two corrections.


I’ve rechecked for the millionth time the remaining pieces and all looks good — this is why I always add extra to the yardage requirements — just in case.  Now to go rip apart the section I just sewed when I noticed the background error.

Patchkats BOM — Correction to April installment

Ack!  I hate it when it happens but sometimes it just does.  As I was finishing cutting out the rest of my pieces, I realized I had left one piece off the cutting instructions for the Kats.  I’ve edited the pdf page so any downloaded as of today will have the correction. But if you’ve already printed it, here’s what you need to change.


You need to cut TWO, rather that one, piece of the [M] sections for both types of Kats.

In addition to this correction being made to the revised PDF, it is also listed on the PatchKats BOM Page, as well as listed in my general Errata Page.  Please be sure to cut out that extra section [M] or your Kats will have some very funny looking tails.

Just enough

DSCN4256 Aha!  I cut out pieces from the last three strips I thought would work well from the jelly roll and I had just enough to even out the design and fill in the half blocks down the sides  of Tiny Dancers.

These will stay up on the design wall while I work on other projects.    It’s one of those projects I need to stare at a while to decide if I want to make any blocks around or not but I’m kind of liking it as it is.  I ended up with a total of 32 different blocks, with one half block left over.

On the Needles Report and Saturday plans

DSCN4250 My CF Cardipalooza sweater is moving along.   Back is done, right front is done, and as you can see the left front is on the needles.   I’m a little concerned I may run out of yarn — but then with every sweater I’m always a bit concerned with that and so far I’ve always had extra.  So we’ll see what  happens.  This one if I remember right had 3/4 sleeves so they won’t use up as much yarn as the sleeves of my prior sweaters have so I think I’ll be all right because I don’t like playing a game of yarn chicken to find out that I lose. 🙂


It’s a windy, cold, dreary day (much like yesterday except it’s not raining yet) so I think a good day to spending the sewing room.

DSCN4251  I want to get the rest of these Tiny Dancer block sections made out of the jelly roll I’m using, and then I’ll decide if it needs to be any bigger.  I may have a few fabrics in the stash that would go well with these.  I really like that these are made has half hexagon blocks and then you simply sew the rows.  The half hexies along the outside (at top and bottom in this photo) will be replaced with something from the stash so I an put those blocks together with their made to make full hexies out of them.

DSCN4252These are the strips I pulled out of the jelly roll that I don’t plan to use in these blocks — except I may try the red and blue diagonal striped one to see if it stands out enough against my background fabric.  The other prints are too large for this project and the one smallest print would fade into my background fabric.  The large stripe/border fabric type strips remind me of kitchen curtains. 🙂

They’ll be put to use on the backing or in some other project since I still have these  left over — DSCN4254After cutting out the pieces for one block, these sections are left (they are folded in half so twice as long).  So I’ll mix the larger prints back in with these for a second project.

After I finish those few hexies I already have cut tho, I need to get back to work on this


Yes – this wedding quilt needs to be finished!!!  If I remember right I have the most putzy part done – quilting 1/4″ I from all the block framing strips – lots of stopping and starting.  So the rest should move along a little more quickly (I hope)

Stash in and stash out

There’s been lots of sewing the past two days, but only a tiny finish to add to the “used” tally of the stash busting report which does not in any way equal the new fabrics that came in for two projects. 😉  But nonetheless the stash page has been updated.

More Tiny Dancer blocks were made this morning.

DSCN4242 They are definitely very addictive to make.  I’m nearing the end of the jelly roll strips that will work for this project – some of the strips have too large a print or very wide stripe and print that I don’t think will show up well.  I can only get one block out of a strip but I think I’ve got enough left of the strips I’ve already used that I can get a half block out of them so where there are half block around the outside in some of the photo to straighten off that side, I’ll move those half blocks to create full ones and replace them with.

I think I’ve got six or seven more blocks cut and then I’ll see where I’m at.

I also pulled out some binding left over from some other project which was great for this little hummingbird.

DSCN4245  I just need to hand stitch the binding to the back.


A few productive day in the sewing room

My last two Kat heads are finished.  So, two month’s into this BOM and I’m still up to date — miraculous!  LOL  I now have one design wall of Kat heads and the other design wall still has the Dog Pound Pals upon it (that BOM – not so up to date and actually way behind).

DSCN4239  When I went searching in the stash I found that fabric for the head on the left.  I absolutely love that one.  I love all the colors in it and even though it has some shades of green in it – I think it make a really cute Kat  I had just a big enough piece to cut out one cat.

After having pizza delivered for dinner, I was just going to do a little cleaning up in the sewing room but spied the jelly roll of fabric and had a pattern sitting out I’ve been wanting to make so decided to see if I could use the jelly roll for it and yes, it would work.  Pulled out my handy dandy Hex  N More ruler which I love (it can cut hexagons and half hexagons and the corresponding triangles that fit on a hexagon — all kinds of shapes with blunted edges to help line them up when piecing).  Anyway – I had the Tiny Dancer pattern and I have a fabric I want to try it with using larger blocks but decided to try a smaller version with the jelly roll to see how I like it.

DSCN4240 I think these blocks could be addictive — so super simple and no Y-seams since you piece them into  rows of half hexies   But enough already since I’ve been in the sewing room all day and night (it’s now Sunday a.m. – okay just barely but I’ve spent about hours sewing – need to go find a different chair to sit in.)

PatchKats Progress

DSCN4234  I’ve been busy today.  Friend Gloria came over late morning and we spent several hours sewing.  I’ve got all except two of my PatchKats April blocks done – the Kat heads.  I think I may go looking for a gold color to use for the last two.  Then I need to go back and cut out all the other Kat block and background pieces.  I only cut what I needed for the head blocks so far.

There was a trip to JoAnn Fabrics involved since Gloria  needed more supplies and what did I come home with –


a pretty new shears – that is actually sharp unlike every other scissors here.  I’ve tried sharpening some of them but it has not worked and I  am tired of searching thru them to find one that is just as sharp nipping with the tip as it is cutting with the whole length of the blade.  I had a 50% off coupon and I had a gift card in my purse I hadn’t  used so free pretty blue scissors.

It’s been a lovely spring day here- I’ve had the windows and doors open since early this morning.  The warmer temps and sun the past couple days have the leaves starting to pop out on the trees and green grass everywhere.  Not quite time for the first grass cutting of the season but soon.  I need to wander down to the apartment garden plots because I can see rather large green clumps of something in the plot where I had my garden last year.  I want to see if it’s something that has voluntarily sprouted and is a good plant or if it is a weed since sometime before Memorial Day they’ll be coming to till up the garden plots and I’ll dig it out and stick in a pot if it’s something good that’s growing out there – tho most likely a robust weed.

On the Needles – Friday, April 17, 2015

I’ve made great progress this week.  Last week I had just cast on one of the fronts of my CF Cardipalooza KAL project and I’m about halfway through the armhole on it.   It’s sideways in this photo – the lace section runs along the button band.DSCN4229

And this week there just might have been some yarn that came to my house.  There was a post about some yarn and it was knit in to some gorgeous socks.  But I’ve been wanting to pull out my loom and start something on it and when I saw the yarn – well it was meant to be.

DSCN4225 My photo does not do this yarn justice at all.  You can see it knit up into socks at the top of Sheri’s post here.   I can’t wait to see how it looks woven into a scarf.

Now here’s the really important question — if I’m trying to “knit the stash” does it count if I buy yarn specifically to weave????   I knew you’d agree with me that it didn’t!! 😉

Okay – I’ll add it into the “stash added” numbers but hopefully I’ll get it on the loom this week so it will soon appear in the “stash used” column.


Don’t forget those of you who are doing the PatchKats BOM.  April’s installment will go up tomorrow so that means the March installment will no longer be available.  Be sure to get it before it is gone.