On the Needles Report

I forgot about On the Needles yesterday.  Not much exciting to report – I’m finally on the sleeves of my CF Deep Winter KAL sweater but since the deadline for the KAL was this past week, I didn’t make it – which only means I’m not eligible for prizes.

DSCN4152It’s hard to tell but the sleeve is all two by two rib so it’s a bit slower going but certainly not hard.  It does make the sleeve look a bit skinny tho but it is very stretchy.  I’ll continue to work on these sleeves but it’s time for the Spring Cardipalooza KAL and that one I have a far better chance of getting done timely.  Plus, I really am tired of dark colors and heavy sweaters so knitting on something more spring like will at least make it seem like the season is coming sooner.  Plus, since I’ve got my Loopy Academy projects done, I’ll have a couple months at least where I’m not trying to get multiple things done by a deadline.   So winter sweaters to the back burner and bring on the spring ones.

I do have yarn ordered  for my Cardipalooza – I haven’t decided what sort of design I want to use yet.  I know I want 3/4 length sleeves and rounded neck rather than fee – either scoop or crew neck – but I’m trying to decide if I want a little lace on it or what.  So I’ve spent too much time searching Ravelry and adding patterns to my queue so I can go back and perhaps decide which bits or bobs I want to incorporate into my sweater from them.

Here’s some in the running:

Anthea  – I love the bobbles and bit of lace along the hem.  I would make longer and was debating if I really wanted those bobbles and lace going around my hips – may not be the most attractive placement but then my hips are what they are and I’m only looking to please myself – still debating and may need to swatch them with the yarn I’ve chosen to see if there’s enough stitch definition with it.

Cinnamon  I’ve loved this one since I first stumbled across it.

Madrigal  – Another pretty lace pattern

Sweet as Candy  — actually I’m leaning towards incorporating the lace pattern from this one and I love the little rolled collar on it.

But until I get around to swatching yarn, no decisions will be made.

What I do know is my cardipalooza sweater will be in one of two yarns – depending on how I like the swatches – both of which are much more pastel looking than I normally wear but time for a bit of a change.

berroccomaya-lagoonchainette-85pima-15babyalpaca-worstedOnce choice is Berroco Maya – I’ve been wanting to try a chainette constructed yarn and this one is 85% pima cotton and 15% baby alpaca.   The color is Lagoon.

My other choice is Lotus Yarns Autumn Wind which is 90% cotton and 10%cashmere.  The color is sky and is more blue than purple.lotusyarnssky 90cotton-10cashmereDK

As  for the state of the knitting stash – nothing new  finished and nothing new added….so far…..

Enough dreaming of new sweaters – I’ve got some sewing to get done!


PatchKats BOM

The March installment download is now available for download – click PatchKats quilt image in sidebar to get to project page.

Here’s what my finished Ribboned Heart blocks will look like.

DSCN4148 The colors aren’t quite true in the photo but pretty close.


DSCN4149And here’s all the rest of my border pieces.  There are lots of Stitch & Flip corners to add this month and my suggestion is to make sure to draw the diagonal lines on the back of those squares.  I sometimes get lazy and eyeball them instead of drawing the lines but they are never as accurate since when you stitch the diagonal lines, you really should be stitching a thread or so away from that diagonal line and not directly on it to account for the fabric taken up in the seam. It may seem like such a small amount  but it can really make a difference as to how your blocks turn out.

As you can see from my little piles of pieces, I have many seams to be pressing open before I go on to the next step so I’ll be heating up that iron soon.

My only challenge with these pieces – when I was working the other night I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my background fabric – it has a light dot print on it and I had to redo several pieces that I flipped the background wrong way around on.

Feel free to share photos of your fabric choices or blocks in progress for this project through the Justquiltin Flickr group.  The link to the Flickr group is also found in the sidebar of the blog.